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AN: I've been getting into drabble challenges lately on the Heart of Camelot site, and I thought it'd be fun to expand on that here...and to not only share those challenges with you but to take prompts as well. They will be as random as they come. :)

Speaking of random...I should explain the title of this collection. I seriously spent far too long wracking my brain for a title, and I finally settled on "Rabbits and Bathroom Breaks" because of the last two series' trailers of Merlin, which were both intensely dark trailers - so dark that it made the rather random humorous scenes in those trailers (the "peeing" scene and the "caught-in-a-net" scene) all the more funny to me. Since it's scenes like these that really show how "diverse" this show is and that balance out the darkness, the angst, and the drama, I thought it very fitting.

Please note that these aren't meant to be works of art. They're for giggles, and they give me a chance to experiment with stuff I wouldn't do on my own. Know that all of these ficlets will be kept within the 100-500 word range.

So...let us get started :D

Prompt: "Sunshine and Rainbows": write something cute that'll put a smile on our faces.

Characters: Merlin and Arthur.

Ratings/Warnings: Post-Reveal fic.

Word Count: 340


"You can't be serious."

His warlock's stormy eyes, half concealed by his dark blue cloak, hardened obstinately, and he folded his arms. If Arthur hadn't known Merlin, he might have been intimidated by the stubborn, determined stance. In fact, he had seen others—from the mightiest of sorcerers to the most rigid, stuffy of nobles—cower before it.

It must be the damn cloak. Arthur should never have given him it—not only did the idiot have an unhealthy love for it, but it made him far too confident about himself.

The King, blinking away the rainwater dripping from his hair into his eyes, saw Merlin's jaw clench from under the shadows of his cowl. "I am."

Arthur's voice rung with finality, and the exasperation was all too clear. "No, Merlin."

"And why not?" Merlin demanded.

Pursing his lips, the King's eyes shifted to Merlin's feet. "Because, Merlin, I refuse have one of those in my castle."

The fluff-ball of black and white fur, which happened to be weaving its lanky body around Merlin's legs and snuggling with him, stopped in its path and mewled reproachfully at him.

Merlin groaned. "C'mon, Arthur! Sunny won't—"

"Sunny? You did not name it!" Arthur hissed.

"Her," Merlin corrected, scooping up the bright-eyed kitten into his arms. "And yes, I know it's an unoriginal name, but honestly, it was all I could think of after this long week of damned rain."

"That thing's a menace! It almost made me impale myself on my own sword!"

Smirking, Merlin said, "And that's exactly why I want her."

Arthur glared at the cat, and as it, oblivious to the King's irritation, cocked its head toward him so far that it unintentionally flipped over onto it's back in Merlin's arms, the warlock, smiling goofily, laughed at it and tickled its belly.

"Please?" Merlin entreated childishly.

And this was the same man who had singlehandedly killed a basilisk last week?

"Fine," Arthur said, hiding a small smile, "An idiot cat for an even more idiotic master. How fitting."

AN: Hehehe, I know this's been done before, but I hope you liked it.

This'll be updated whenever an idea hits me or whenever I take to a certain prompt/challenge, so with that in mind, don't be afraid to leave me a prompt. :D You might actually get another one tonight... we'll see. ;P

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