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Chapter Five: Crazy Talk

Buffy responded to what Spike had just said relatively well. She laughed in his face.

"So," she began to speak in between laughs, "you mean to tell me that you're here..." she continued to laugh, "from the future?" She exploded into laughter again.

"It's the truth," Spike exhaled with agitation in his voice. "In about five and a half years from now, there will be a devastating apocalypse that will take out all of Sunnydale. And when I say "take out", I mean there's nothing left. I died in that apocalypse, but instead of going to Hell like I expected, the Powers That Be offered to send me back in time to prevent that entire apocalypse from happening. Along with others."

"Fine, I'll bite." Buffy slowed down the laughter. "Who're these Powers That Be?"

"The Powers are these bloody annoying…" Spike was trying to find the right words, "forces that meddle with our lives. They're like Gods or something."

"And they just sent you to me? And Angel?"

"Yes, they sent Angel while you were still living in Los Angeles. He followed you here because those freaks convinced him that you could be his redemption."


"For his soul. The Poof has been moping around and brooding for nearly a hundred years. The Powers recruited him as their champion to fight alongside you. Only they made a mistake. There's a loophole in his curse. Instead of fighting with you, he'll be against you. The Powers asked me to prevent that."

"Angel's going lose his soul?" Buffy could hear the fear in her own voice. Angel fighting against her? She had never thought about that. At least not since Darla was alive. "What loophole?"

"The curse says that Angel will keep his soul so long as he's broody and mope-y. But if he experiences a moment of pure happiness, he will lose his soul."

"A moment of pure happiness?"

Spike raised his eyebrows and gave Buffy a look that made her blush, "Oh." Buffy cleared her throat and tried to get past the awkwardness in the room. "Does Angel know about this loophole?"

"Not right now. But in the meantime, don't do anything stupid," Spike gave Buffy another eyebrow look that made her turn away. "I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing Angelus again. He's a right bastard and he will try to pull off an apocalypse. So as long as he keeps his cursed soul, we should be good."

"Is that the apocalypse you died in?"

Spike looked at the younger version of his old love. How much should he tell her? Would she really want to know about all the horrors that his Buffy went through? He smiled softly and answered, "No, luv. The party trick Angel tried to pull off is nothing compared to the First."

"The First?" Buffy felt Spike's change in mood. She all of a sudden had the understanding that the vampire in front of her had seen a lot more than he was letting on. She saw the pain in his eyes when he looked at her just then. His body may not have been covered in obvious battle wounds, other than the one on his eyebrow, but she feel the emotional scars in waves.

"The First Evil. The source of every demon on this Earth. They raged a war against us and tore us up, inside and out." Spike looked off as if he was daydreaming. "I have no idea if we even won…"

"We?" Buffy asked. "Do we fight together?"

"In a matter of speaking, yes. We fight. We argue. We're a hell of a team," Spike grinned at that last sentence. Buffy got the impression that she and Spike in the future had a lot of differences, but that they still managed to work together.

"What about Angel?"

Spike sighed. "Angel," he began slowly, "doesn't live in Sunnydale in the future. After he got his soul back, you two tried to give it another go, but I guess things never sorted themselves out. He moved to Los Angeles and you stayed here."

"So I never leave? That's kinda disappointing," Buffy looked at the stake on the table. She considered being a Slayer in Sunnydale for another five years.

"But your friends stayed here with you. You had the whole Scooby gang to help you. You had me to fight alongside you, if we weren't bickering at each other. You'll never be alone even during the low points." Spike looked down at his hands for a moment. He thought of Buffy's death and how hard her transition had been. He remembered how each when her friends were able to throw her out of her own house, she still had him to hold her through the night. He was there for her until the very end.

"Spike?" Buffy brought him out of his reverie. "Where'd you go?"

Spike chuckled, "You were actually the last face I saw when I died." Spike's mood changed, "I made you leave because I wanted you to live. So you could finally live again." Spike continued to look down at his hands in his lap. He couldn't make eye contact with her.

"Live again?" Buffy was confused.

Spike looked up at her. He knew it was hard for him to say it, but it was the entire reason for him being there. He needed her to know so that he could prevent it. "You died. And then you were brought back to live by magic. But you were never the same."

"I died?" Buffy's voice cracked.

Spike looked up and saw the fear in her eyes. Here Buffy was, sixteen years old and not as tired of being a Slayer as the Buffy he left behind. He exhaled loudly, "Yeah, luv. You died in an apocalypse, protecting your friends and family. A true hero, " Spike smiled. Buffy could see that he was proud, yet sad at the same time. "But when you were brought back, everything was different. You were different. And then the First came. Apparently, the First only had the power they did because you were brought back from the dead. The Powers That Be said that that will never happen if you are never brought back to life."

"Wow, my brain hurts. This is not what I expected when you said you had something important to tell me."

"I know it's a lot to take in, but those things will never happen. That's why I'm here. I'm going to prevent all that," Spike smiled.

"Okay, so you're from the future, you have a soul, and you know all of us. Alright, I think I'm putting everything together," Buffy smiled. "Hey wait, you promised to tell me exactly who you are. Like about you being a bad guy and all that. How exactly do I know you? From your past."

"Oh, right. Well you see, I came into town originally to heal my sire, Drusilla, from her illness. I thought that bringing her to a Hellmouth would help," Spike started. "Finding out that a Slayer was in town was just a bonus. You see, back in the day, I was known as William the Bloody, the Slayer of Slayers."

"You killed Slayers?" Buffy asked. She eyed the stake on the desk, just in case she needed it.

"Yes. Two in this century. One during the Boxer Rebellion in China and one in New York during the 1970s. Killing Slayers got into my system, and when I learned of you, I got excited," Spike said as he smiled. "You were already starting to become big in the underground. When I heard that you killed old Bat Face, I knew that were you going to be a good fight. Turns out, you became a project for me. I spent months analyzing your fighting techniques, your weaknesses, who you were, your life, but I never beat you."

"And I obviously never beat you," Buffy said. "So how did we originally meet?"

"It was actually the same night we met, but at the Bronze. I figured out who you were and set you up in a fight with a vampire in the back alley. I watched from the shadows and after you staked him, I introduced myself and told you that I would kill you on Saint Vigeous."

"Which didn't seem to work out apparently."

"I never attacked on Saturday," Spike said. "I got impulsive and crashed your parent-teacher night with a crew of vampires." Spike started to chuckle. "Your mum hit me over the head with an axe. That woman was crazy, but she was always protective of you. I've always respected her."

"Well, thanks for not attacking tonight this time around. I got in enough trouble as is," Buffy huffed.

"So this Saint Vigeous thing is kinda a big deal?" Buffy asked.

"It's like Christmas for vampires. Extra strength and everything. But I'll doubt you'll have much of a fight this Saturday."


"I've started to put myself in charge of the Master's old gang. That Annoying One is gone as soon as I get back. I'll order everyone to stay in that night, and if anyone puts up a fight, they'll be gone too."

"You can do that? Just show up and take over?"

"I'm a Master vampire with an infamous reputation. And on top of that, I'm part of the Master's direct blood line. Any vampire would be stupid to confront me," Spike stated.

"Like Darla? She was connected to the Master, wasn't she?" Buffy asked.

"Bat Face sired Darla, who sired Angel, who sired Drusilla, who sired me."

"You're all related? I didn't think that Angel would sire someone…"

"You don't know all that much about Angel's past, do you?" Spike asked. "The four of us, Drusilla, Darla, Angel, and I traveled all over together the world for decades, bringing mayhem wherever we went. We all did horrible things, including Angel. I don't blame him for not telling you, but I don't want to be that secretive with you. I tell you these things because I don't want you to be surprised by the things Angel and Rupert say about me. I know that you'll tell them about me, and they'll probably tell you the worst things about me."

"Wow, okay then. I still have so many questions. So, how do we start fighting together? What else happens in the future? What other apocalypses are there? What else―"

"Woah, slow down," Spike interrupted. "First off, us working together didn't just happen. After Dru and I broke up, I came back to Sunnydale pissed off and I wanted to kill you. One night when I was following you on the UC Sunnydale campus, I got nabbed by these soldiers. Turned out that they were working for an underground organization called the Initiative that collected and experimented on demons. They put a chip in my head that prevented me from hurting or biting people. After I discovered that I could still hurt demons, I began doing my own patrols. We didn't always work well together. We fought all the time, but eventually, you realized that I could be an asset to you and you trusted me by your side."

"What about your soul?" Buffy asked.

"I didn't get that until about a year ago in my time," Spike said. "I deluded myself into thinking that the chip was enough to make me a better person, but after I hurt someone I really cared about, I knew that I needed to change. I traveled halfway across the world and went through trials to get my soul back."

"Just like that?"

"No, not just like that. The trails were long and excruciating, but they were worth it in the end. I got my soul and eventually, I was able to get the chip removed because of you." Spike smiled at Buffy. Even though she smiled back, Spike knew it was just a reaction to his smile. She had no idea the horrors the two of them experienced to get to the point where Spike decided to win back his soul.

"What about other things in the future?" Buffy asked.

"The Powers weren't really too specific about what I should and shouldn't tell you. I'm not really sure how much to reveal." Spike took in a breath and looked down at his hands. He looked back up in Buffy's eyes. "You have a sister in the future that's not your real sister."

"What do you mean I have a sister that isn't really my sister?"

"Dawn, your future sister, is actually a ball of energy known as the Key. The Key has the power to tear down every wall between every single dimension there is. In a few years, a hell god called Glory will try to get her hands on the Key to try to get to her home dimension. A group of monks tasked with guarding the Key will hide it from Glory by turning it human, sending her to the Slayer, and manipulating the memories of all your friends to think that you've always had a sister."

"My sister is...a key. And I don't know she's not my sister?"

"You figure it out, but you still love her and you sacrifice yourself in order to save her from Glory," Spike clarified.

"So that's the apocalypse I die in, huh?" It was phrased like a question, but Buffy said it flippantly, as if her death was a normal topic of conversation. "Was she okay, though?"

"Dawn was fine. She had the whole Scooby gang to take care of her," Spike said as he smiled.

"So in the future, I have a sister, I die, and I come back to life. How exactly do I come back to life by magic again?" Buffy asked.

"Red. She's a scary powerful witch in the future." Spike answered.

"Willow? She's so sweet and smart. I can't see her becoming a witch…" Buffy trailed off.

"Your friends are very different in the future. They've all seen and been through a lot living on the Hellmouth."

Buffy inhaled slowly. "I have no doubt of that." She rubbed her eyes and looked at the nightstand alarm clock The glaring red characters read '3:07 AM'. "Oh wow, I didn't realize it was that late."

Spike pivoted from his spot on the bed to read the clock. "I didn't mean to keep you here this long. I meant to just tell you I was from the future and that I was sent here to help you. I forgot that you could be so curious sometimes."

Buffy stood up from her seat and tucked the stake she left on the desk back into her waistband. Spike rose from the bed at the same time and walked over to the open closet. He reached into one of the pockets of his duster and produced a small black object. He turned around and held it out for Buffy. "This is for you."

"Is that a cell phone?" Buffy asked as she glanced at the object in the vampire's hand.

"Yeah, I got one for you just in case. My number is already programmed into it."

Buffy reached for the phone and gave it a closer inspection once it was in her hand. "Well I guess it's a step-up from a pager," Buffy slid the phone into her jacket pocket. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Spike said. He inhaled and exhaled loudly. "Look, Buffy, I hope that you believe everything I said tonight. I really just want to help you." He smiled. He hoped that it would reassure her that he was being truthful and that he could be trusted.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I believe you," Buffy said. "You know I have to tell Giles about you now."

"I figured," Spike said. He smiled at her. "Anyways, get home and get some sleep. I shouldn't keep you any longer that I need to."

"Okay," Buffy said. She headed towards the door. Spike beat her to it and held the door open for her. She turned around and gave him a small nod in thanks. He returned the nod and closed the door behind her.

Buffy started to make her way home, though she wasn't as careful to take an indirect path back to her house. The air was considerably colder now since when she had been outside earlier. She pulled her coat closer to her body and swiftly made the trip home.

Once Buffy was safely back in her room, she returned all of her weapons to her blue weapons chest and got undressed. The blonde took the phone out of her jacket pocket and looked through the phone. Just as Spike had said, his number was already listed under contacts. She hid the cell phone in her top nightstand drawer and got into bed, unaware that a dark-haired souled vampire watched her through her window from her front lawn.

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