Walt entered his home and found his sister-in-law Marie, sitting on the couch, looking a mixture of anguished and concerned.

"Marie. How did you-"

"Spare key." she replied, flashing her evidence. "Sit down."

Walt hesitated for a moment before complying. He sat across from her and tried to look away from her piercing glare.

"There's something you aren't telling me."

Walt remained silent, slowly becoming agitated.

"It's time to tell me the truth, Walt. I'm not leaving here until I know."

Walt rubbed his forehead. He was divided. Marie was Hank's wife, who happened to be apart of the DEA. She sell him down the river in a moment.

"I can't say."

"You can. And you will."

Walt looked at her.

"I produce chemically pure methamphetamine. I have been doing so since my cancer diagnosis in order to keep Skyler and the family afloat when I'm dead."

Marie recoiled in horror.

"For a short time, I worked for Gus Fring. Until it became clear he had to be eliminated."

"That explosion at the nursing home. That was you?"

Walt nodded.

Marie stood up and looked towards the door.

"Listen, you cannot tell Hank about this."

"And why not? He is apart of the DEA. He arrests people like you every day."

"You can't because a lot of people are apart of this operation, people who find out if they been sold down the river would come after the source."

Marie looked away in disgust.

"That, and I would have to kill you."

Marie turned back shocked. "You wouldn't-"

"I would. Trust me. I had to kill off ranges of gangbangers and rival dealers just to get where I am right now. I'm not going to let my wife's sister's big mouth take me down. If I go down, Everyone around me will as well. I'll make sure of it."

"Does Skyler know?"

"Yes, she does."

Marie was now divided herself. She was loyal to her husband, but her sister as well.

"What happened to you, Walt?"

'Life happened." He walked away., leaving Marie to her thoughts.

Walt turned back towards her. "You have always been unpredictable, Marie. I cannot know for sure you'll keep this secret. So I'll find a way to make sure you do."

"Please don't. Please don't kill me."

"Kill you? No. The way to make sure you don't say anything is to involve you."

"And how's that?"

"You will help myself and my partners produce our product. I'll show you my methods. And you'll get a percentage of our intake."

"You want me, to help you make drugs? I can't."

"You will." Walt once again turned away. "We begin the cook tomorrow at 11. Be there."

Marie was lost for words as her brother-in-law walked away to his bedroom. She exited the house and entered her blue Volkswagen Beetle. She sat in it, contemplating what to do.

She pulled out her cellphone and selected the Contacts option:







She hovered over her entry for Hank. Finally she scrolled down to Hillary and dialled.

"Hell, hey Hilly. Listen, I won't be able to make it in tomorrow. No something important has come up, my uncle in Salt Lake fell ill, me and Skyler are going up to visit. Yeah. Yeah just get Justine to fill in for me. Thanks, bu-bye."

She ended the call and pocketed the phone. The morally conflicted Marie pulled out of the driveway and drove off, with Walt watching her from the bedroom window.