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Tsunami woke up in her bed at Sora's house. She looked at the end of the bed and saw Sora smirking at her.

"So your awake Tsuna. I will tell your friends. You passed out after that contest and when Yamamoto touched your breast." Sora said and walked out of her orange room to get her friends.


A few moments later…

"PRINCESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Gokudera yelled and in the room.

"Tsunami!" Yamamoto came right after.

"Dame-Tsunami…" Reborn walked in.

"Tsuna-kun!" Enma ran in and fell on her bed.

"Enma-kun!" Tsuna said worriedly.

Soon the room was filled with people. His guardians, Varia, Byakuran, Shoichi, Acrobaleno excluding Yuni, Ken and Chicksa, Spanner, and Sora.

"Ano…What are all you guys doing here?"

"To see you of course, kora!" The rain acrobaleno yelled. He and everybody else (that hadn't seen Tsunami yet) just heard of the transformation and wanted to see for themselves.

"T-Thank you?"

Cololenall blushed and got on the girls bed.

'Crap…I'm falling for her…what do I tell Lal?Kora!' He thought.

"Your blushing? How cute!" Tsunami squealed, cursing her girl mind for this, and hugged the infant. Ignoring the jealous guys once again. There was a bright light and when it dimmed she was hugging a grown blonde man.

"HIIE!" Tsunami squeaked and let go.

"What happened, kora!?"

"It's an effect from the bazooka." Reborn answered.

"Gyahaha! Dame-Tsuna is a cross dresser!" Lambo yelled.

"Shut up." Reborn kicked Lambo lightly, because that is all it takes.

"HOLD…IT…IN…I CAN'T HOLD IT IN!" Lambo yelled and took out the broken bazooka and was about to go in when it slipped out of his hands hand engulfed Fran. Pink smoke filled the room. A few gasps. The smoke cleared and in place of Fran was a girl with short green hair tied in pigtails, holding a frog hat.

"Fran?" Bel frowned. The girl looked up and nodded making people blush.


-insert sweat drop-


( I feel bad for Bel so Im going to have a Fran x Bel couple to!)


With Varia…

Bel had stopped throwing knifes at Fran once he turned into a female. When ever he looked upon the girl his heart would beat faster, just like when he sees Tsunami.

Instead for being able to remove curses like Tsunami. Fran couldn't talk.

Bel went over to Fran and sat down right next to Fran and took her cold hands with his warm hands. Fran blushed from his now girl brain. Her heart pumped faster. Bel smirked.

"Ushishishi. Fran. This was a surprise. But when I laid my (covered) eyes on you. Well…you could say that I fell in love with you."

'W-What?' Fran thought when Bel kissed her making her blush even more. Fran had also fallen for Bel. Damn that girl brain. Light filled the room and Bel looked and moved away from Fran. He was now looking at Fran who was now a boy. Bel scowled and remembered that Reborn told everyone that to get them back to normal they had to fall in love with each other. Bel frowned and walked away from Fran in annoyance.




Enam asked Tsunami if she wanted to go on a date with him. Tsunami answered yes and now is walking with Enma hand in hand, blushing, to the park.

'Eh? Tsuna-kun is actually a guy! Why do I love him (her) so much?' Enma thought. But Enma then figured out that Tsuna is the only one that Enma will become gay for. (Yaoi fangirls unite!)

"Enma-kun?" Tsunami asked. Enma whipped his head around to see a blushing Tsunami.


"Ano…Enma-kun…Uh…I-I love you…" Tsunami then kissed Enma on the lips and a bright light formed around them. In place of the female was a male. The regular form of Tsuna. They pulled away and then they both smiled at each other and they went back in to kiss each other again. Ignoring the fact that they are in a park filled with kids.

"Mama! Those guys are making out with each other! Gay!" (no its called yaoi kid!)

"Don't look!" the mom of each child said together and covered there children's eyes.



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