"What the hell", Lightning deeply sighed over today's shocking events. Lightning had been sitting on the beach of Valhalla along side Odin (in horse from), pouting. "That idiot never cease to amaze me", she said, her knees pulled to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs, face buried in her knees. She shutters at the thought and sight of one man in her mind... Caius. She swore under her breath at him for being an idiot. Why was he an idiot you ask? (You probably didn't ask but i'm gonna tell you anyway)
-Flashback- Oerba, 200 AF. "Caius, don't drink so much...", Yeul said in concern for Caius. He had been drinking today, a lot in fact. He was all wobbly and he tripped over everything (even air), his words were slurred. That's to be expected after seven cans of STRONG beer. "I'm ffffine Yeul, I cannon handle ttthis", Caius slurred. This was his happy hour day and he was determined to enjoy it. "Caius, your going to get sick if...", Yeul was cut off. "I'm going toooo annoy Lightning today ash usual, stay here", Caius said tripping over his feet and falling on his face. He let out an amused chuckle. "Cai-", Yeul was cut off again when Caius placed a finger on her lips. "Sssshush, dear child", he said smirking. He's gone completely out of it. Yeul tried to sit Caius down but he wouldn't budge. He was in a drunken daze before he notice Yeul pushing him. He lightly poked her in the stomach, causing her to back away then he went for another beer. Yeul tried to take the can from him and throw somewhere but no such luck. Yeul was annoyed at him behavior and was about to lecture him when he flipped over something, causing him to fall on his face again. Yeul smacked her palm against her forehead. "What am I to do with you", she said, rolling her. Caius hopped up, dusted himself off and marched toward Valhalla with a flushed face and a big smirk, still in a drunken state. In Valhalla, Lightning and her army was waiting for Caius and his army. To her surprise, he came alone and looked stupid. She raised an eyebrow and carefully tired to approach him. One of the Eidolon tried to sneak up behind him for a surprise attack. "Farrooon, how is ya love", he asked Lightning, raising his hands in the air, smacking the Eidolon in the face in the process. Not paying attention to the person behind him, Caius tried to walk toward to Lightning, Lightning then put her guard up only to see him tripping and falling on his face... yet again. Lightning's eyes widened as she tilted her head to the side in shock along with everyone else. Caius sprang up from the ground, pointing at Lightning, "Give me beer wench" he said with a grin. Lightning realized that today was Caius' happy hour day (every second Friday of every month). Caius grabbed her hand, pulled her close and started dancing. Blushing, Lightning forced herself out of his grasp, only to find him singing a manic. Lightning thought he's gone mental. Next thing you know, Caius was right next to Lightning with an arm around her shoulder, his gaze meeting hers saying, "You know... i've always wanted a pony". Lightning's mouth opened in confusion. Caius suddenly turned his gaze to Odin, who was in horse form. Caius appeared in front of him in a flash. Freaked out, Odin started running, Caius following. "The hell kinda drugs is he on", Lightning tsked going after the two. Out of nowhere, Caius stopped and turned around. Lightning crashed and bumped heads with him. Caius was unaffected while Lightning was holding her head in pain. Caius then (still drunk), smacked her in the face. Rage and anger told over Lightning, she balled her fist, about to strike when Caius grabbed her waist, pulled her closer and place a soft, passionate kiss on her lips before falling on the ground unconscious, snoring. Lightning just stood there in shock, flushed, jaw dropped.
-Flashback ends-
The kiss replayed over and over in her mind. Disgusted, yet pleased. She cursed herself at the thought of tasting Caius again as she touched her lips. She got up and headed toward Etro's palace, shaking her head in shame with Odin following his master. "Ballad, next time, you'll learn your place", she vowed, still pouting.