I hate him. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! Whenever I'm around him, or even hear his name, I feel like I'm getting suffocated in the fiery depths of Hell itself. That's he's torturing me like no one else ever could. When I hear that name, I cringe in anger, hatred, and fury. I swear, his number one mission is to get on my nerves somehow, someway. And that's not even the worst part. It's the way he does it.

He acts so full of himself. So smart, popular, and comes back with an even better insult that the one you threw at him.

Now, if he had pimples, a mushroom cut, and glasses with tape in the middle, this story wouldn't be an issue. But no, that's not the case here. This young man just so happens to be the hottest guy I've ever met. With his messy dark brown hair that would look horrible on anyone else but on him, is perfect. It pulls over his right eye, going down to the nape of his neck. He's thin and athletically muscled, with perfectly toned skin, and a 6'1 frame, making any girl struggle to stay on her feet when he saunters by.

And then there are those emeralds. Those orbs of his were a striking emerald green that would imprison you until he released you from his heated gaze. Just his eyes alone could have any girl after him thirty seconds after laying eyes on them.

Being his neighbor doesn't help either. Yep, his family owns the ranch right next to ours. They have for over thirty years. Which means, that yes, we've known each other since we were very, very little. And we've never gotten along.

When we were toddlers, he would pull my hair until I was screaming my guts out. Five year olds, where he would steal my crown of flowers right off my head and make me beg for mercy to get them back. Not to mention when we were twelve and he pushed me into the pond when I was wearing my summer dress, saying it was an accident. Sure!

Now, here we are. Full grown eighteen year olds in our final year of high school, and things are no better off than when they started all those years ago. I would like to be friends! But he has to stop being a jerk and make an effort to be.

Okay, yeah, so I'm the only girl in the entire school who isn't drooling over him. Many of them say I have issues and need to get my brain checked. For the last two years I've heard rumors that he was after me. That I was, and I quote, "The hottest little thing he has ever seen." I have to admit, I'm not half bad looking. I've got long dark blonde hair that comes to my shoulder blades. Sky blue eyes that stand out on my tan face; from all the years working on my families' horse ranch, Heartland. Slim and athletically muscled, my height coming to about 5'7, which I was happy with, so, I wasn't 'short' or 'tall.' Overall, I was pretty decent. Or. According to him I was pretty decent.

You're probably wondering who this him I've been yacking about is. And more importantly, who I am. Well. His name is Ty Borden. And me? I'm Amy Fleming. Lots of people are telling me that the phrase 'Amy and Ty' go's well together; that we'd be an amazing couple. Pffft! Like that was ever gonna happen…