Of the four days that remained of school, Ty and Amy managed to keep their secret hidden and buried. Though Amy nearly spilled it when telling her parents about the trip up in the mountains once they returned. They asked Lou of her odd behavior, but all she could do was shake her head and say. "Nobody knows."

"What do you mean nobody knows?" Tim, Amy and Lou's dad asked.

Lou shrugged. "Exactly what I said. She's been acting weird ever since they went out that weekend into the mountains."

The girls' mother, Marion, raised her eyebrows, shooting a worried glance at Tim.

"Please don't tell me they did something!" She pleaded, eyes focused on Lou, waiting for an answer.

Lou smiled reassuringly. "I highly doubt that! From the way she talks about him, and from what Soraya tells me, she hates him more than ever." She saw her parents visibly relax. "That trip probably did more bad than good." She told them, stating her point of view.

Jack, who had been quiet the whole time, spoke up. "When I found out they were heading up there, I'd hoped they would've figured things out between them. Things have been pretty rough lately concerning those two. Guess I was wrong."

The others nodded in agreement.

"I guess we all were." Tim added.

"They would make a beautiful couple," Marion said, almost in a dreamy voice,

her husband inclining his head.

"Yeah, they would. He's just like his parents. Got a good head on his shoulders that one." He said approvingly.

Lou jumped in, "Not to mention a hottie!"

Jack laughed. "Lou, you already have a husband."

She sighed. "Uh, darn!" She said sarcastically while snapping her fingers.

They all burst out laughing, not noticing the extra pair of ears that were listening.

Amy slowly pulled back into her room, closing the door quietly. She laughed to herself. 'They have absolutely no idea! And they all approve of him, even dad!'

"Ty was right to keep this going," she whispered to herself, going back to the book she was reading.

"Yeah! And then dad says, 'He's got a good head on his shoulders than one!" Amy told Ty, mocking her father's voice.

It was Saturday, the first day of the winter school break, and Amy and Ty were up on Clairdale Ridge after deciding to meet for a while.

Ty laughed at Amy's mocking voice. The way she brought up her shoulders and lowered her voice was hilarious.

"So I take it your dad approves of me then?" Ty questioned, pulled her into his arms.

Amy grinned mischievously, "Yeah, without even know we're together!" She said, voice full of laughter, as she leaned in kissing his neck. She felt him quiver at the touch as they walked arm in arm beside each other.

"You know," Ty said thoughtfully, Amy pulling away to look at his whole face, "it's funny that we remember the little details from all those years ago. Now look at us. Eighteen years old, and halfway through our last year of high school. Ha! Before you know it, I'm going to be old, and in my mid twenties, working and having my own place.

Amy pulled him to a stop, wondering where he was going with this. "Come on, what are you talking about?"

Ty paused putting each of his hands on her shoulders.

"Never mind."

Amy smiled. "Kay. Hey," she whispered leaning her head against his.

"Hey," he murmured, returning the gesture.

When they were close enough, Amy threw the snowball she'd been hiding behind her back, it smacking him square in the face.

Ty grunted from the small, but hard, cold nuisance, backing away in astonishment.

Amy just stood there, waiting for a reaction.

Ty stared at her before grinning viciously. "Oh you're so gonna get it!" He lunged for her, Amy squealing and jumping out of his wicked grasp, clearing a snowdrift to get away.

Ty plummeted through it, charging after her. "I'm gonna get ya!"

Amy turned to face him while still running, "You can't catch up old man!" She started to laugh uncontrollably, causing her to slow down.

Ty caught up, grabbing her around the legs, lifting her up, onto his shoulder before spinning her around in circles, laughing as well.

Amy continued her bout of giggles as Ty tripped and fell to the ground, putting her down in the process. "No, no, no, no!"

He rolled over her on his decent, laying beside her, sighing in exhaustion.

They lay there panting for a while. Ty paused, looking up at the cloudless sky.

"Hold on", Amy looked over at him, "did you just call me an old man?"

Amy grinned at her own words. "Maybe," she said, putting a cruel look on her face.

Ty rolled on top of her, propping some of his weight on his elbows, whispering in her ear. "If I'm an old man, what does that make you?"

Amy smirked, shifting underneath him, "A full grown woman."

Ty grinned before crashing his lips upon hers in a searing kiss.

Amy responded immediately, pulling him down fully on top of her, groaning at the weight. She felt Ty's lips come into a smile as she threaded her hands through his silky brown hair.

Ty slid his hand up her thigh, it falling around her slim waist, pulling her closer to him when his phone buzzed in his pocket.

Ty didn't even acknowledge it, continuing to kiss Amy.

Amy pulled away, motioning at his pocket, "You have to get that there Mister."

He smiled apologetically, reaching into his pocket to pull out the vibrating annoyance.


"Hey man!" Ty rolled his eyes at Amy, mouthing who is it was that had interrupted them.

She rolled her eyes as well.

"Caleb, how's it going man?"

"Good dude!"

Ty waiting for him to proceed with what he wanted to say, but Caleb remained silent.

"Sooooo… Did you need anything or…?" Ty trailed off.

He heard Caleb laugh. "What, did I interrupt something?"

Ty looked at Amy. "No, uh. Not interrupting anything." She smiled, kissing his neck, but remaining silent.

"Okay Ty, you're acting weird, almost at a loss for words. Where are you?"

Ty shot a worried glance at Amy. "Uh, at home," he responded, searching for a quick answer.

"No you're not. I just called there and your parents said you weren't home."

Ty could hear the doubt in Caleb's voice.

"That's because I just got back," Ty reasoned, getting a little frustrated, but keeping his cool.

"Back from where? Ty, what's going…"

Ty cut him off. "Look Caleb, if there's nothing you need at the moment, I need to hang up. I've got stuff to do."

Caleb sighed. "Okay." He said, conquered, before remembering the situation and quickly speaking up. "Wait! Ty what's…"

Ty hung up.

Caleb sat there stunned, staring at the now disconnected phone in astonishment. 'What the heck was that about? He's not himself. But why?'