"Mom!" Amy screamed at the top of her lungs as the truck surged off the road.

"Hold on Amy!' Came her mother's voice, trying to reassure all in a split second that everything would be okay.

Amy heard the horse's distant screams over the deafening sound of the truck colliding with the trees.

The young girl eyed down the animal circling around her, fighting with every breath to get away from the person who had caused all of this. The one who had done all of this to him.

Amy jumped away from his blaring rage as he lunged for her, seeing the lacerations all down his neck and across his face.

He took off again around the ring.

"I know that you blame me!" She screamed at him, her throat grinding wildly in protest. "But we were just trying to help you! It's not my fault. It's NOT MY FAULT!"

Amy shot up, immediately rounded on by excruciating pain in her head. She lay back down, trying to open her eyes. Trying to free herself of the needle like forces burrowing into her brain.

'Grey. All I see is grey.' She thought.

Her vision was blurred, everything seeming no different compared to anything else. Testing her mobility skills, she lifted her right hand slowly, up to where she thought her face was.

A peach colored blur stood out amongst the eye watering grey. She laid her hand back down, the movement causing severe pain in her right shoulder. She hissed in agony, closing her eyes. 'Why can't I see?' She quizzed to herself. 'Did I get kicked by a horse?'

Amy suddenly heard the loud crash of a metal door being opened. The sound echoed throughout the room, sending her ears ringing.

Using what vision she had, Amy cracked her eyes open, squinting into the gloom. Now she not only saw grey and peach, but greens, blacks, and dark blues as well.

"Well, well, look who's awake," came a deep voice.

Amy flinched at the power in it. She didn't know this voice. It wasn't Dad, Grandpa, Ty, Caleb, or even Jake.

A million questions ran through Amy's head. She wondered where her family was, and why she was hurting so much. Who this man is and why she wasn't at home.

The voice returned.

"Sorry about the effects. I put too much chloroform on the rag. You should be fine in a couple of hours."

He had a deep southern accent. 'We don't speak like that around here. Where was this guy from? Chloroform? What's he talking about?

Amy opened her mouth to speak, stopping when nothing came out but a crackle.

She coughed. Her throat felt like sandpaper. Screaming for water. Even the tiniest drop of any liquid would help. She tried again.

"Where?" Her voice raspy. "Where…am I?"

She saw the colors coming closer, the footsteps ringing against the walls.

"You're in Calgary."

'Calgary? What the heck am I doing in Calgary?'

"Wh…Why? Who are you?" She asked. Her head was all foggy, making it impossible to think straight. This is just a dream right? But you just had a dream. About the accident. 'Maybe it's like Inception. A dream within a dream.' She thought.

She sure hoped so.

Her mind came back to the present. Or what she hoped wasn't the present.

"Who I am doesn't matter. The reason why you're here does," came the voice, the colors not moving even the slightest.

Amy's mind fuzzed with what she was just told. 'None of this makes sense. I'm in no mind state for riddles.'

"Is this a dream?" She asked, her eyes closed, praying that it was. That when she reopened them, she'd be lying in her bed, safe at home.

A deep laugh was released, one that seemed humorous, but could become deadly at any second.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Amy opened her eyes, utterly devastated that the same vision was there. 'This isn't a dream, this is reality.'

" What do you want?" She sighed, her head feeling like a load of bricks. A very heavy load of bricks.

The footsteps started to echo though the room again. "What everyone wants nowadays."

Amy slapped herself mentally. 'Money. Of course.' "Do I look like a bag of money to you? What does this have to do with me?"

Amy saw the colors move to the left and start to descend in what she thought was him sitting in a chair.

"Well, let's see. It's fairly simple really. I kidnap Amy Fleming, she's reported missing, I get a whack of cash for returning her." Amy tensed, feeling unprepared for what she was about to hear.

"The Fleming-Bartlett family runs one of the largest ranches of the equine industry in Alberta. They'd do whatever it took to get their precious daughter back."

Amy flinched. This man was one of those sick minded, does what ever it takes to get what he wants kind of guys that her parents had warned her about when she was little.

She listened to his poisonous voice as he continued.

"And not only are they good friends with the owners of Big River Ranch next door, a family of equal wealth and power, but their daughter shares a romantic relationship with the Borden's young son."

Amy froze in horror. 'How did he know that?! My FAMILY and BEST FRIENDS don't even know!' Even though she was alarmed at this piece of information, she couldn't let him know more than he already did. She did her blest to play it smart and plaster an emotionless mask on her face. She couldn't let this man delve into her true feelings and strong emotions.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she countered as strongly as she could.

That sick laugh of his filled the room again.

"Oh really? Then I guess it wouldn't matter if he were to just…say…be found dead in the ditch of a remote road in the middle of nowhere. Would it?"

Amy jumped in her chair with fear, pain surging through her body, but she paid it no attention.

"NO! Please! Don't hurt Ty!" She begged, knowing her emotional barrier had been broken. But she didn't care. She couldn't let this wretched man lay a finger on the love of her life. She wouldn't have it. Not for her sake.

She saw the colors of the man shift in what she believed was him standing again, his footsteps resounding painfully off the walls.

"Ahhh. So there IS a relationship there. I knew there was. Well! Maybe if you're a good little girl, I might not kill the innocent young man…yet."

Amy screamed at the top her lungs until she thought they were going to burst. Pleading, begging for this insanity to stop.

The man moved forward, filling her entire vision when she felt a hand getting slammed into her face with unbearable force. Cold blasts of ice shot up her spine, driving their way into her skull, all in a split second, until her screams were silenced.