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Summary: Welcome to book two of my Elements series, everybody! Now officially a couple, Jay and Nya's relationship continues to flourish. However a startling revelation has revealed itself… With Nya's latent elemental powers awakened, she has transcended and is now the Kunoichi of Wind. However, what about the other Elemental Masters destined to join the Nomad Clan? Will Cole and his team find them whilst ensuring that the Serpentine don't collect the three remaining Fang Blades? Read and find out!

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Chapter 1

In the dark of night, way past the hours he had sent his pupils to bed, Sensei Wu kneeled amidst candlelight and burning incense, deep in meditation. Aged features serene, he ruminated over the wondrous events that had transpired during the dusk. The brush of uncontained elemental power still strewn unbidden within his chambers, Nya's inexperience over her powers a constant reminder of the young woman's hidden ability brought to light.

The Kunoichi of Wind… Another has finally resurfaced…

The grandmaster knew that the previous Kunoichi of Wind…had been his deceased friend's wife, Kai and Nya's mother, Dao Ming. Though both had perished years ago, Ryu and Ming had left their legacies inside their children. Ryu Hayabusa, however, had been the exception. A master of the sword and an adamant follower of Bushido, Ryu had no elemental powers. But even so, Kai had clearly inherited his father's fiery spirit and devotion to Ifrit. Yes, it was only a matter of time before the gods revealed themselves to their advocates. Of this, Wu was certain.

He breathed deeply, his soul spirited away to the planes of the ether. His soul continued to wander as his mind touched upon point after point of the day's recent developments. And what of the Platinum Weapons and their mysterious attributes? His father had never said anything about them housing spirits. Perhaps even the First Spinjitzu Master did not know of their existence? Seemed unlikely, especially given his father's overly secretive and eccentric behavior back then. Wu had always felt that he and Garmadon had only been told what they needed to hear. And that there were many other words of wisdom that their father had refused to espouse.

In that case, was it right to assume that the other weapons contained a spirit as well…? If so, then the Prophecy of Phoenix may actually be more than just a myth…

Wu's hands loosened themselves from his knees. He performed the signs quick and fluid. Tiger, Ram, Hare, Bird… His brow furrowed and the corner of his lips contorted into a harsh plummet. The Prophecy of Phoenix… If there was one thing Bugenhagen had been loquacious about, it was the Prophecy of Phoenix. On most days, from sunup to sundown, he and his brother had been privy to the telling of the age old legend by their father. Boar, Dog, Serpent, Monkey… They had been told to never forget about the prophecy, that it would someday come true within their lifetime. But both had figured it was truly just a tale—a bedtime story to rouse the imagination and produce fantasy. But was it truly…? No. Not anymore…

In rapid succession, Wu's hands were a blur as he finished the signs. Horse, Ox, Rat, Dragon…! His hands stayed clasped in the final sign as his mind flashed to white. Gone was the plane of color and substance, instead…his soul had been transported to beyond the ether. Wisps of crimson and violet amalgamated harmoniously against the white, twirling and frolicking to an unknown rhythm of a practiced song. Then…they parted, and slowly began to take shape. A cry of peace and a roar of violence sounded. And from those fierce echoes, a dragon with an emerald panzer materialized. His teeth bared in a threat, and his gaze as crimson as freshly spilled blood. But the other shape was a direct and defiant contrast. The soft, delicate, and graceful features of a bird manifested—a crimson phoenix. With its wings spread wide, it bowed its lovely head in mercy and acquiescence. Amethyst jewels shined brightly in its depths, symbolizing patience and trust.

The dragon reared back his head and roared, spewing flaming fury to all that could hear. But within the ferocity, Wu could also hear something else…sorrow. And the dragon's mane…was slowly changing colors… To…a very familiar shade of platinum blond and pale yellow.

Emitting a small gasp, Wu's eyes snapped open. His heart thumped soundly in his chest as he stared unblinkingly into the shadows of his room. "Green dragon, green ninja…" he panted into the darkness. With a soft grunt, he placed a hand on his weary temple. Through the natural-born plights of the young and foolish, his students had unwittingly read the legendary scroll concealed in his pouch. And like any young bloods out to prove their worth, they initiated petty competitions amongst themselves in hopes of discovering which of them had the mettle to obtain the renowned status. A flight of foolish fancy… Wu thought, for even he didn't know the identity of the destined master of all four Natural Elements.

But that dragon from his vision lingered within his mind's eye. Amidst the roar was a scream undoubtedly human…and why was it changing color…? Wu shook his head. Was it an omen of trouble afoot? Did it concern his nephew, Lloyd? He was still being held prisoner in the Snake City of Ouroboros, which was still too heavily guarded to stage an all-out assault. Not even subterfuge was a reliable tactic to execute. Therefore, they had no choice but to leave things as they were, and wait for a window of opportunity to present itself before they could attempt another rescue. Lloyd was bright and crafty, he knew. And he prayed to the gods and goddesses of this realm that the youngster could keep his head above water for a little while longer.

And on subject with the Serpentine, just what were the machinations behind that trap sprung from earlier? Yes, there has been many in the past, but none to that extent of organization. Perhaps they wish to continue their search for the remaining Fang Blades unhindered? Hmm, well whatever the case, Wu knew the dire and lethal consequences if that scenario ever came to pass…

The white-bearded grandmaster gave pause as he could sense a mild disturbance in the room. Turning, he looked to his right where the blank partition stood. The Platinum Weapons… He stood up and ambled briskly to the back wall. And pressing the hidden switch, the wall panel rotated. Wu had to shield his eyes from the intense and blinding light, and squinted to better see the weapons. The Bo Staff of Waves was the one pulsating. A bright and beautiful shade of aqua illuminated the entire room with its glow. Intrigued, he gripped the staff nestled on its perch. This light… Could it be…? Was another master ready to be found and awakened…?

Hmmmm… Wu pressed the hidden switch once more to conceal the Platinum Weapons. He walked over the still-broken window (at least the glass on the floor had been dealt with) and peered down to the city below. Regardless of night's hand casting its darkness, Ninjago City was still enamored with the day's hustle and bustle and refused to relinquish its excited frivolity, bright lights illuminating its skyscrapers and strumming its populace into never-ending activity.

Was the next Elemental Master somewhere down below…? He would send his Ninja to find out.

No… He would send his Ninja and his kunoichi to find out…


Groaning and stretching like a cat, I open my eyes slowly to welcome the new day. I lay prone for a while, liking to ease my body and mind to alertness and mobility each morning. It was a little counter-productive for a ninja to behave in such a way, sure. But hey, childhood habits were tough to break, especially when a person makes no effort to do so. Head buried in my pillow, I squint through my bangs in order to read the clock hanging on the far wall.

Half-past six… My mind numbly kicks into gear, going through the process of finding any urgency within the weekly schedule. Training…? No…today's Sunday… I yawn and roll back over onto my back. I stare blearily at the ceiling whist debating whether or not I should actually make the effort to sit up. My eyes drift shut again of their own accord as a smile plants itself onto my mouth. Had a great dream. Can't remember a damn thing about it, but I can easily recall the feeling it gave me. I had felt like I was floating—blissful and unaware of anything else. There were sounds too, like waves lapping against the shores of a beach. It was all so soothing and quiet. Mmm…good times… When was the last time any of us kicked it at the beach anyway…?

Despite the sluggishness of my thoughts, I finally decide to sit up. I run a hand through my shaggy hair on instinct, pushing aside my bangs and taking in their elongated length. Tsk…time for another trim… Without looking, I call out to my best friend on the neighboring top bunk. "Yo, Jay, wake up, fratello. It's your turn to make breakfast. I vote pancakes and sausage."

"Don't bother." Kai's low growl rises to my ears. "The blue-eyed piss stain never came to bed last night."

"Huh?" My gaze slides over to the other top bunk where Jay usually sleeps. It was still neatly made. I pinch the bridge of my nose, feeling the pressures of the day already on the rise. Oh shit. Not this…

"Cole…" I can hear Kai crack his knuckles. "…I think the team will be just fine without lightning, because when I'm done with Jay, he's going to be spending the rest of his life in intensive care having to eat all his meals through a straw."

Cursing again under my breath, I quickly throw back the covers and leap nimbly out of bed. I turn around and look at Kai. He was already decked out in his DX ninja gear, sitting on his made bed with the most pissed off expression I've ever seen on his face. I look behind me, to the door leading to our bathroom…

"Zane's in there," Kai clarifies shortly.

"Kai," I start, turning back to him, "let's not jump to conclusions now, okay?"

The fire ninja was up and in front of me so fast that I barely had a chance to blink before I was staring into his furious golden- amber gaze. Unfazed by its intensity, I stand my ground and glare right back.

"Jump to conclusions?" He hissed. "Then what other conclusion is there!?"

"Well we don't know for certain, do we?" I retort back. "For all we know they could have stayed up all night talking."

Kai clicks his tongue and gives me an incredulous look. "The hell man? Would you stay up all night with a girl you liked and just TALKED?"

Okay, in hindsight that did sound kinda stupid. It'll be hard for any guy with a working libido to just abstain without trying. But this was considerate and bashful-in-front-of-girls-Jay here. And in any event, weren't they two consenting adults? What business of theirs was ours to butt into?

"Not about me," I counter, nonplussed. "Plus, it really isn't any of our or your business."

Before Kai could bare his fangs further, Zane chose that exact moment to emerge from the bathroom. He calmly makes his way toward us dressed in his own white battle gi. Hazel eyes glance from me to Kai minutely, and then settle on me. "It's your turn to use the facilities, Cole."

I fold my arms over my chest. "Yeah, in a minute, Zane." I really don't want Kai jumping off the handle and causing a ruckus. It's too early for nonsense. "We're kinda in the middle of something here."

Blinking, Zane's gaze shifts to Kai. "Hmm…is there an altercation at hand?"



I frown at Kai's belligerent scowl. "And would this altercation have anything to do with Jay and Nya?"

We both react instantaneously. Does he know something…? "Yeah," Kai's falsely civil tone betrayed his ire, "and would you happen to know were Jay slept last night, niichan?"

Zane's expression turns thoughtful. "I did not sense his presence in our room at all last night, so I would assume he never left Nya's quarters."

"Zane…" Oh please, fratello, if there was ever a time for you to pick up on normal, social cues now was it! I try to warn Zane with a discreet shake of the head.

And Kai, still playing his charade, smirked wolfishly. "Cool, cool. And uh…what do you think they were doing all night in Nya's quarters, niichan?"

And Zane, with all his intelligence, plays right into his hands. "Hmm… Well, given the late hour and the sensual atmosphere the full moon had undoubtedly provided the night prior, I believe Jay and Nya may have engaged in sexual—"

"Che cavolo! Zane!" I shout, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation.

Refueled by Zane's opinion, Kai lets loose a feral roar and pushes pass us both to run out the door. Zane teeters on his feet. "I don't understand. Why is Kai so upset? Isn't it perfectly natural for a male and female to couple during the night?"

"Ugh! The guy doesn't know what two plus two is right now, Zane! Now c'mon, we have to stop that crazed looney toon from killing Jay!"

A/N: Wow, I used to be so light-hearted back in the day.


Niichan (big brother) a playful and familiar way of saying it.

Fratello (brother)

Che cavolo! A more polite way of saying "what the fuck!" I use this a lot at work.