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Chapter 1

(Same night in Sensei Wu's chambers)

(Sensei Wu's POV)

I sat on my tatami mat in the lotus position contemplating on the events that transpired over the last few days.

Nya has become the kunoichi of wind and her Platinum Weapon holds such mysterious powers, for I never knew there was a spirit residing in the Bladed Gauntlets of Tempest.

Do the other weapons contain a spirit as well?

If so, then the Prophecy of Phoenix may actually be more than just a myth…

And what of Lloyd, my nephew, he is still being held prisoner in the Snake City, Ouroboros. The city is still too heavily guarded to stage an all-out assault and even subterfuge would be near impossible to execute, we simply have to wait for a window of opportunity to present itself before we attempt another rescue. I only hope he's okay…

What's more, this trap the Serpentine set for my students today, yes there has been many in the past, but none to this extent of organization. Perhaps they wish to continue their search for the remaining Fang Blades unhindered, well whatever the case we must stop them from collecting the rest. Catastrophe must-

I could sense a mild disturbance in the room; I opened my eyes and looked to my right.

The back wall where I kept the rest of the Platinum Weapons, that's where the disturbance is emitting from.

I stood up and walked to the back wall, pressed the hidden switch, and the wall panel rotated.

I had to shield my eyes from the intense light.

I squint to better see the weapons.

The Bo Staff of Waves it was…pulsating a bright aqua-like color.

I opened my eyes fully and placed my hand on the staff.

Could this be an omen that the next master had awakened or could it be something else entirely?


I pressed the hidden switch once more to conceal the Platinum Weapons.

I walked over to my newly repaired window and peered down at the city below.

Ninjago City…

The next Elemental Master…

I'll have to take a chance.

(The next morning)

(Cole's POV)

I opened my eyes slowly to welcome the new day.

Man that was a nice dream, I thought sitting up and running a hand through my shaggy black hair.

Damn, my bangs are getting long again gonna have to fix that.

I blow them out of my eyes and glance over at the clock hanging on the wall.

6:36 AM

"Well, it's Jay's turn to make breakfast I better wake him up," I say out loud to myself.

"Don't bother," Kai's voice raises to my ears, "he never came to bed," he finished darkly.

"Huh?" I say and look over at the other top bunk where Jay usually sleeps.

It was still neatly made.

Awww, damn this isn't looking to be a good day, I think miserably.

"Cole, I think the team will be just fine without lightning," Kai continued, his voice dripping with venom, "because when I'm done with him, he's going to be spending the rest of his life in intensive care having to eat all his meals thru a straw."

I quickly throw back the covers and leap nimbly out of bed.

I turn around and look at Kai.

He was already decked out in his ninja attire, sitting on his made bed with the most pissed off expression I've ever seen on his face.

I look behind me, to the door leading to our bathroom…

"Zane's in there," Kai clarified lowly.

"Kai," I start turning back to him, "let's not jump to conclusions okay?"

The fire ninja was up and in front of me so fast; I barely had a chance to blink before I was staring at his furious amber gaze.

Unfazed by its intensity, I stood my ground and glared back.

"Jump to conclusions?" Kai growled dangerously, "Then what other conclusion is there!"

"We don't know for certain," I retorted back, "for all we know they could have stayed up all night talking."

Kai stepped back and gave me an incredulous look.

"Would you stay up all night with a girl you liked and just TALKED!" Kai yelled disbelievingly.

I could feel my face heat up at the accentuation.

"THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME OKAY!" I exploded back angrily and shaking from embarrassment.

Zane chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom and calmly make his way toward us dressed in his ninja attire. He glanced back and forth from my flushed face to Kai's angry one. His gaze settled on me.

"It's your turn to use the facilities Cole," He said politely with a smile.

I pinch the bridge of my nose to quell my own rising temper.

"Yeah, in a minute Zane, we're kinda in the middle of something here," I say, stretching my fingers to my eyelids in a vain attempt to stop the approaching migraine.

"Would your altercation with Kai happen to be about Jay and Nya?" The ice ninja asked plainly.

Kai and I both turned our narrowed eyes at him.

"Yes," Kai growled eyes flashing dangerously, "and would you happen to know were Jay slept last night Zane?"

"I did not sense his presence in our room at all last night, so I assume he never left Nya's quarters." Zane replied with a thoughtful expression.

"Zane…" I started, warningly shaking my head.

"And what do you think they were doing in Nya's quarters Zane?" Kai asked through gritted teeth.

"Giving the late hour and the sensual atmosphere the full moon provided, I believe Jay and Nya may have engaged in sexual—"

"ZANE!" I shouted, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation.

Kai let loose a feral roar, pushed past Zane and ran out the door.

"Why is Kai so upset?" Zane asked with surprise.

"Ugh, there's no time to explain, come on we have to stop him from killing Jay!" I exclaim giving chase to the red looney toon.

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