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Chapter 6

(Sasha's POV)

"I've only heard rumors that there have been multiple ninja sightings in Ninjago," I say as my eyes sweep over each individual, "but I thought it was just folklore."

"Well, as you can see we are all very real," Nya says, spreading her arms about motioning to her comrades.

"Yes, but why did you bring me here, you could have easily taken me to the hospital?" I ask perplexed.

"Sasha," Sensei Wu began, "I had my students bring you here in hopes you would join our team and become the next Elemental Master."

"What?" I yelp in wonderment, "Elemental Mas—look I'm sorry, but I don't have any mysterious powers."

"I didn't save Nya, this stick did!" I exclaim, lifting up the magical weapon.

"On the contrary," Sensei says, stroking his beard, "not just anyone can use the Bo Staff of Waves and did you not summon it to you?"

"I," but I can speak no more as I look down at the staff in my hands.

"It was all you Sasha," Nya says strongly.

I close my eyes briefly to ponder the occurrence with the staff.

I do recall asking it to come to me and when it did, I felt secure, confident, and able.

Nya was defenseless and I wanted to protect her.


"I am no warrior," I say with conviction, "I'm a performer, a singer, a dancer, I-," my headache returns with a vengeance, I wince and grip the side of my temple tightly.

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and I look up to meet the steady emerald gaze of Cole, the Ninja of Earth.

"Here you go," he says softly, his eyes flickering with concern as he hands me two small pills and a glass of water.

"Oh, thank you Cole," I say appreciatively.

He nods then turns to his master.

"Sensei, we shouldn't pressure her, she experienced quite an ordeal and needs her rest. I think we should continue this discussion in the morning," he concluded respectively.

"She's not the only one who needs rest," Kai says tiredly.

"Yeah, I'm beat," Jay says while yawning.

"Yes, I agree it has been a trying day for you all," Sensei Wu says, standing up from his seat beside my cot.

"Sasha, would you like to sleep in Nya's room tonight?" Sensei Wu asks, turning to me.

"Uh, sure," I reply, "If it's okay with Nya?"

"Are you kidding? Of course it's okay!" She exclaims excitedly.

"Very well then, Cole will move the spare bed to Nya's room," he states, walking to the door, "goodnight everyone."

"Goodnight Sensei," the ninja reply, bowing to his retreating back.

Zane and Kai move to exit as well.

"Well, it will be my turn to make breakfast tomorrow and it has to be something good enough to replace dinner tonight," Kai says while rubbing his hands together.

The other ninja glance at him worriedly…

"I got it!" Kai shouts with enthusiasm, "nothin beats steak and eggs, am I right guys?"

"Umm, perhaps I should assist you with breakfast tomorrow Kai," Zane says with slight worry, "don't forget the last time you attempted to cook meat."

"Hey, that was an honest mistake," Kai remarks with a nonchalant shrug.

"I don't think nearly setting the entire ship on fire can count as an honest mistake," Cole retorts, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"Or what I like to call it, Kai's Great Grease Fire Fiasco!" Jay puts in with emphasis.

"Come on guys, there's no need to bring up ancient history," Kai says, opening the door.

"Ancient history, Kai this incident occurred just last month," Zane says, walking pass Kai through the door.

"Ugh, again thank you Zane," Kai face palmed and left as well.

I gave a light laugh at the boys' camaraderie.

They all seem to be very close like brothers.

Cole turns to me with a happy grin.

"Heh, you'll get use to it, I mean if you decide to stick around that is I-," he suddenly stops and shakes his head, his long black bangs shadow his face and conceals his emerald eyes.

I feel an unexplainable urge to swipe them away.

"Uh, forget I said anything," he says turning away and heading for the door, "I have a bed to move."

My eyes follow his form as he leaves the room.

There's…something vaguely familiar about him…

I furrow my brow in thought and fiddle with Sophia's pearl.

Have I—

"Are you okay now Nya?" Jay asks worriedly from behind me.

I turn my attention to them.

"Yes Jay, I'm fine now the ointment Kai used is working wonders," Nya says, rotating her shoulder with no difficulty.

The blue ninja embraces her gently and turns his face in her hair.

"That's a relief," he says tenderly.

I turn away feeling a bit intrusive and distract myself by staring at the Bo Staff of Waves.

They must be together, I think absently, touching the intricate designs on the staff.

I peer closely at the design and realize that the image I was seeing was indeed the water dragon god Leviathan. The people of my village have worshipped this god for many millennia, praying to him for plentiful fishing and calming waters.

I myself still pray in good faith to him to watch over my family and provide food and nourishment for my village.

But, is this just a coincidence…?

Why am I seeing this now…?

"Good night Nya, you to Sasha."

I look up out of my reverie and see Jay pass me, leaving the room with a small wave.

"Follow me Sasha," Nya says walking up to me, "Cole should be finished by now, let's get to bed."

I nod and stand up using the staff for mild support. My headache was completely gone no doubt thanks to the pills Cole provided for me, but I still felt a little woozy.

"Are you alright?" Nya asks with concern lacing her voice.

"Yeah, I got it please lead on," I reply, giving a reassuring smile.

We exit the sick bay and head up a flight of stairs. Nya opens a door and we enter a long hallway, on my left I see a nice size dining area and most likely a kitchen on the other side of the door that connected to it. We continue down the hall and pass three more doors, Nya then makes a left and we enter another hallway.

Wow, I wonder how big this place is.

"Here we are," Nya states as we stopped in front of a door I would assume to be her room.

Nya opens the door and heads inside with me following.

Cole was finishing making up the bed as we walked in.

"There we go and just in time," he says straightening up and giving us a smile.

"Looks good Cole," Nya comments nicely.

"Yeah, thanks Cole," I say gratefully, giving a little bow.

"No biggie, it was my pleasure," he says, walking pass me.

My world seems to tilt on its axis from his words.

"No biggie, it was my pleasure," a boy with shaggy black hair and deep jade emerald eyes says grinning at me nervously with a light blush on his face.

My eyes widen and I swiftly turn to place my hand in between his shoulder blades. The muscles in his back ripple and stiffen underneath the smooth tough fabric below my fingers as he stops dead in his tracks.


He turns to look back at me slowly.

The eyes are the reflection of the soul…

I search their depths and recognize the transition of green his eyes have…

From light jade to deep emerald.

It's him; this is the same boy that helped me all those years ago.

I open my mouth to speak when suddenly he turns away.

"Good night you two," he says quietly and quickly leaves the room shutting the door softly behind him.

I gape at the closed door and turn around wordlessly to face Nya.

What the…

I'm suddenly reminded of a certain Cheshire cat grin when I see Nya's face.

"Y-You knew," I ask, pointing a shaky finger at her.

She gives a small chuckle and says, "Yeah, he told us while you were unconscious, think fast!"

Two articles of clothing are flung my way and I catch one with my free hand while the other lands on the top of the Bo Staff.

I look at the clothing in my hand, a light green t-shirt and I glance up at my staff, simple black shorts.

"You're a bit taller than me, but they should still be comfortable," Nya remarks casually, while disrobing and putting her sleepers on.

I sigh heavily and make my way over to my bed placing the staff down on the foot of it.

How, could all this be happening, I think, reaching behind me to unzip my dress.

My life made sense up until this point and I knew what my future would hold.

I step out of the dress and remove my heels as well.

I quickly change into the clothes Nya gave me and sit on the bed.

I pick up the discarded dress and stare at it.

Is this the end of my dream...?

No, I think, shaking my head vigorously; I made a promise to my mother and to myself. I will leave this place tomorrow and return to my normal life.

I crawl under the covers facing the opposite of Nya.

I am truly grateful to them for helping me, but this isn't where I'm supposed to be.

"Goodnight Sasha," Nya calls to me.

"Goodnight Nya," I respond quietly back.

I close my eyes waiting for sleep to claim me.

But, what about Cole…?

A few loose tears slip my eyes as my sub consciousness faded.

(Sasha's dream)

Life is all about taking risk, stepping out of one's comfort zone and vigilantly facing the unknown.

Huh, what's going on, who's there, I think hazily.

I open my eyes and sit up.

My eyes widen in amazement as I look around myself in awe.

I was sitting on a beach, the sun was setting on the horizon, and the tides of the ocean were coming in to lap at my feet gently.

It reminded me so much of home.

I look down and pick up a handful of sand and watch as it granulated through my fingers.

Do you have the courage to face your TRUE destiny, young one?

"What?" I ask out loud.

The voice that spoke was deep, feminine, and soothing washing over me like a therapeutic wave.

You are needed here, it continued steadily, as water is needed to nourish the earth.

"What?" I ask again.

Earth, does she mean Cole?

I' m suddenly thrust into darkness as the landscape around me disappears.

When my vision clears I instantly know I'm underwater.

I look up and see the sky above and the bubbles dance around me.

My hair is loose and fans out through the water, I franticly try to move my body to swim to the surface, but it won't cooperate.

A deep chuckle sounds all around me.

Calm yourself Sasha and let your mind be at peace.

I stop fighting when I realize my lungs were not burning and I could breathe normally.

I close my eyes and relish the feel of the warm water as it curled around me.

Good, now I shall propose a question to you.

What do you think would happen to the earth if there was no water?

I open my eyes and answer sadly, "The earth would wither and perish."

Correct, that is why your destiny intertwines with all of the ninja you've met thus far and the others to come.

Others? I think quizzically.

Yes, for you will play an instrumental role in finding the other Elemental Ninja and saving this land from corruption and evil.

To protect those you love—flashes of images appear before me of my family and Jasmine then fade—you must embrace your element, you must embrace me.

"Who are you?"

A bright aquamarine light flashes and the Bo Staff of Waves appears twirling rapidly before me then slows to a stop.

My kind has no name, but you may call me Waves.

I reach out and grasp Waves, hugging her close to me.

(End Sasha's Dream)

"Sasha wake up," a voice calls to me, shaking my shoulder gently.

I open my eyes to see Nya's concerned chocolate ones looking down at me.

"Are you okay?" she asks giving me a once over.

"Yeah, I'm fine why?" I ask sitting up.

"Well—," she began and I saw her eyes glance down then up quickly.

I glance down at myself as well and blush madly at what I see.

I had grasped the Bo Staff of Waves in my dream and was now still hugging it closely.

I give a nervous laugh.

"Okay, I can understand your look of concern now, but I promise you I'm not insane," I clarify looking back up at her.

She smiles knowingly and says, "I know you're not, but come on, thankfully I didn't wake up smelling smoke. So, Kai must have finished making breakfast without burning the place down."

After we freshened up and took showers, Nya helped me comb my hair out complimenting me the entire time on how beautiful it was. Once finished, I put my hair up in its usual ponytail and Nya gives me more clothes to wear. The simple black blouse she gave me was a little too small and bared my midriff slightly. I put on the dark grey pants, thankful they were comfortable if only a bit snug, and Nya adorned her ninja attire once more.

I grab the Bo Staff of Waves and we exit together then make our way towards the dining room.

"Hmmm, sure does smell good," I observe scenting the air hungrily, my mouth watering at the appetizing smell.

"Yeah, she does thank goodness Zane is there to help my brother out," she comments lightly.

"Oh, Kai is your brother?" I ask as we round the corner to the next hallway.

"Yes, he is the only blood relative I have left," the wind kunoichi says giving me a sad smile.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry," I say kicking myself mentally.

"No, its fine, um have you decided on what you want to do?" She asks with eager eyes.

Yes I have, I think resolutely, but I only give Nya a small nod.

We enter the dining room and find everyone already seated with two spots open for me and Nya to sit.

Everyone looks up at our arrival.

Storm grey clashes with jade emerald…

As water is needed to nourish the earth…

I don't know what Waves was implying when she said that, but it couldn't possibly mean THAT.

"Sensei Wu," I say as I turn to the elder at the head of the table, "I accept, I will become the Kunoichi of Water," I finish in a respectful bow.

And so it begins…

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