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Dawn's POV

"AAAAAAHHHHH," falling off my bed from probably the worst awakening I've ever had, with Piplup's bubblebeam and Pachirisu's discharge, I fell off my bed onto the floor. Face first. I got myself up and just looked at my beloved pokémon. Of course to make matters even worse, my cell phone started ringing and was thrown at my face by Piplup. I answered my phone still half asleep.

"He-" I was cut off by one of my best friends, Misty Waterflower.

"PARK PLAYGROUND NOW!" Misty screamed through the phone just before the call ended.

"Great, Misty's stressed out about something." I've known Misty since the first day of grade two, when we were in the same class paired as partners for a scavenger hunt. We've been best friends since that day. I always know when she stressed, upset, angry, or completely thrilled.

I got up and walked over to my walk in closet. I had to find the perfect outfit. "hhhhhhhhmmmmmm. What to wear, what to wear..." I signed when my bunny pokémon showed up and pointed to a pink floral sundress, a pair of pink one strap sandals. Sure Bunneary was a pokémon but she had an amazing sense of style. "Bunneary, it's perfect. Thanks," I said with a smile, picking her up and hugging her. I put her down and took my silk pink night gown off and through on the sundress and shoes. I brushed through my hair quickly so I didn't have messy hair.

I ran downstairs with my pokémon following me. "Hi mom, I'm going to the park Misty called me sounding stressed." I told my mom, who was cheerful as ever.

"Okay Dawn, be back for dinner though," she said well making something in the kitchen; I'm guessing her breakfast.

"Alright," I replied as I ran out the door. I grabbed my bike and was off.

It took me about ten minutes to reach the park. Once I was there I got of my bike and walked over to my best friends, who were hanging out on the jungle gym. We may have just graduated from middle school, but we were still kids at heart.

"DAWN!" my friend May Maple called. She was wearing her usual red bandana, a red crop top, dark wash jeans, and a pair of red high-tops.

"Hey May. Alright Misty what's with the sudden meeting, we weren't supposed to meet until noon for band practice?" I asked as I dropped my bike down and climbed to the top of the jungle gym.

"Well, do you remember when we were dared to send a tape to Sunnyshore School of the Arts?" she asked me with caution. I started to feel uncomfortable about this.


The girls began their band practice hoping to get the perfect act for the upcoming talent show. Out of nowhere the instruments stopped working. Well except for Misty who was still playing away at her drums.

"MISTY!" the girls shouted at her to get her to stop playing.

"sorry," she said as she put her head down.

Leaf was examining her electric guitar, "my guitar is fine, so I don't see what happened."

A mystery voice came out from where they kept their amps, "Silly Leaf, oh my bad not silly...slutty." Leaf clutched her fist; Misty rushed up from her drum set and held her back before she killed whoever this was. "I was just trying to save you from embarrassment during the talent show by unplugging your instruments. You see me and my girls are such good singers that we don't waste our time with silly things like this show. We have just finished sending of our tape to get into Sunnyshore School of the Arts."

She was about to continue when she was interrupted by May, "Ursala, what school is that, I've never heard of it?"

Ursala was the name of the girl they hated beyond belief. She replied in a very snarky tone, "It's an exclusive school that only a select amount of people can get into; you need to have some sort of artistic talent, so you girls would never get in."


"I would like to see you try. I dare you to enter a submission!" Ursala replied being slightly annoyed by being yelled at.

"OH YOU KNOW WH-" May was cut off by her dear friend Dawn.

"We could to make it into the school. We would probably get in way easier then you and your stupid followers! Isn't that right guys?" Dawn stated, now getting frustrated by the fact that her and her best friends are being doubted.

"RIGHT!" May, Leaf, and Misty all replied together, nodding their heads.

"Let's shake on it then. If you guys get in I will tell you have talent but if my group gets in then you need to give up on this band, and never play music again." Stating this slyly and confident, Ursala held out her hand.

"It's a deal." Dawn shuck hands with Ursala, sealing the deal and hoping for the best.

End flashback

"Ya what about it?" I asked scared that we didn't get in.

Misty took an envelope out of her blue backpack. "Well...I received this letter from the school this morning. That's why I called you all to come here right away."

At this point we were all worried. What if we didn't get in; music is the only way I can stay connected with my father.

Misty's POV

I held in my hands my bands fate, if we didn't get in then we had to give up music, forever. I didn't want to open it, but I had to. "Alright, I think it's time we open this," I said as I began to open the envelope.

Leaf put her hand on my shoulder, "no matter what happens we will still be friends." She gave me a sweet caring smile. "Read the letter aloud please."

I smiled back at her, "okay. It says, Dear Misty, May, Leaf and Dawn. You have an amazing talent, and we would love to have you attend our school." Nothing else was important in my mind. As I read that we were accepted the girls eyes widened as did mine. I looked up from the letter and saw all the girls with the same expression. It's like we were completely in sync when we started to scream.

"OH MY ARCEUS! I CAN'T BELIVE IT, WE ACTUALLY GOT IN!" Dawn screamed as she began to jump up and down with May.

"I know! Mist when does it start?" Leaf looked at me as she picked up her helmet and skateboard.

"Um, let me check," I looked at the letter again trying to find out when school began. "It says the July twelfth is when we check in although school doesn't actually start until July twentieth."

May and Dawn just looked at me. "What?" I asked them.

They screamed at me together, "THAT'S IN THREE DAYS!"

"We need to get packing!" I looked them and realized what they meant. I quickly grabbed my skateboard. "Wait, where's Leaf?" I asked just as I said that I saw her skating right towards me with none other than Ice cream in her hand. May, Dawn and I sweat dropped.

"What did I do?" she asked us just as she took a huge bite of her ice cream cone.

The girls and I looked at her and laughed. Leaf just stood there puzzled. "We better get going. Web chat later?" I asked them as May put on her Roller Blades and Dawn got on her bike.

"Yep" was the only thing that came out of their mouths before we went our separate ways.

May's POV

As I returned home from finding out the great news, I took off my blades and walked inside. "MOM, DAD I'M HOME!" I looked around the house but couldn't find any one. I figured they were just at work, so I went to the kitchen and got a Coka-Cola. I heard footsteps so I turned to them. It was my little brother Max.

"Why are you so happy?" he asked me in the middle of taking another sip of coke.

"We got accepted into Sunnyshore School of the Arts, they only accept the most talented people," I told him "where's mom and dad ? I want to tell them the good news." He looked at me with a confused look on his face. "What's up with you?"

He shook his head, "do you really think that they'll let you? I mean being serious mom wants you to be a model and enter pageants just like her and dad wants you to run the gym once he retires. I mean those don't really have to do with music do they." I looked at him and tears started to form in my eyes; I tried to hold them back but this means too much to just let go.

"I guess you're right," I said "unless...I can convince them otherwise...i just need to think of a plan." Max looked at me strange, well stranger than usual.

He shook his head, "I don't even want to know what you're thinking." He turned around and began to walk back to his room. I walked through the mansion to the grand piano. I set my coke on the coffee table near then piano and sat in front of the piano and began to practice some of the bands songs. I kept playing until I heard the front door open.

"MOM, DAD! You'll never guess what happened today!" I ran up to them, really hoping I wouldn't slip on the tile floors. Then again knowing my luck, I slipped causing me to do a face plant into the wall. My parents giggled to themselves a bit then helped me up.

"You can tell us over dinner tonight, we are going to the Birch's house. Go get yourself all pretty, have a shower and put on this new dress I had my designer make for you." My mom handed me the dress and I went to go have a shower.

I got out of my twenty minute hot shower and put my hair up in a towel; I put my towel around me and stepped out of the bathroom. I was scared half to death by my Blaziken standing there in front of the door. He handed me the dress mom had given to me earlier and I headed back into the bathroom to get ready.

I blow-dried my hair to my signature look. I began to put my makeup on; a little bit of pink blush on my cheeks, cherry red lipstick (my favourite) on my lips and a little bit of sparkling eye shadow and mascara to bring out my eyes. I slipped on the dress; I must admit this was an amazing dress. It was red, my favorite colour, and it was a folded one shoulder design that hugged the body tight.

I went back into my room and did a couple of twirls for my pokémon. They all clapped and Blaziken went into my closet and got me my handbag. "You know Blaziken; you have an amazing sense of style." I slipped on the shoes I had picked out earlier. They were four inch black strappy heels. I completed my look with a couple on black brackets and a black pendent necklace.

When we finally arrived at the Birch's, dinner was already finished and they were about to serve it. I sat down next to my cousin Brendan and we began to catch up. When my mom interrupted us, "okay May honey, what is it that you wanted to tell us earlier. You sounded pretty excited to tell us."

"Huh, oh, ummm. OH YEAH! Well a while back, the girls and I entered this contest that only the best and most talented can be accepted. And, WE WERE! WE GOT ACCEPTED INTO SUNNYSHORE SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. School start in three days. Isn't that great!" I was super exited to tell them and by the look on their faces, they weren't so happy.

"Well that is great May, but you know you can't go off to school if you are going to be working at the gym once I retire. And what about your mother; you promised her you would become a model and a pageant queen." My dad told me giving his not going to happen look.

I got up from the table; I didn't want to hear this. "Dad," "this is serious I need to act like it, I can't go and let him tell me I can't go. I need to go." "I never said I wanted to do anything you two wanted me to. I went to music because of all the stress you put on me. And Mom, this can lead to becoming famous and that means I'll do lots of photo shoots. If I can't go then the others can't go, and this would mean so much to them. I'm going no matter what you say." I've never spoke this way to my parents before, it felt...nice. I stormed off to the living room, I could tell you this, my parents are mad.

I heard footsteps coming from the dining area; they were getting louder and louder. "Great let the yelling begin" I mentally signed and saw my aunt and uncle standing there. I had a confused look on my face; I thought for sure that it would be my dad coming to yell at me.

"Your parents and Max left," my eyes began to fill with tears, "they think you staying here would be the best choice, because you don't want anything to do with them." I began to cry hearing this; my parents just disowned me because I didn't want to be forced into a career. Great. My aunt continued on her thought. "They don't want you to go to that school, in fact they told us that you were not going no matter what," I cried even harder, I've let down my parents and I'm letting down my best friends. "But we are going to let you anyways; tomorrow we are going back to your house to get your things. For tonight you can borrow some of Brendan's pajamas and I will let you wear some of my clothes tomorrow. You can stay in the guest room for tonight. Brendan should have already laid some clothes outs for you on the bed. Good night May." She kissed my forehead. I had the biggest smile on my face ever. "This is amazing I can't believe my aunt and uncle love me this much"

Misty's POV

I arrived home and went right to my room; the one and only garage. My sisters weren't home from their show yet but would be in about a half hour. I began to take things off the walls of my bedroom, when I got a little hungry. "I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. I should go get a quick snack before dinner." I set off to the kitchen and found myself some leftover chicken. I put it on a plate and into the microwave to heat it up.

As I was waiting for my chicken to heat, I heard the door open. I could tell my sisters the great news. I ran up to them, they seemed to be in a good mood. I could make them even happier; I know I could. "GUYS GUESS WHAT! I'M LEAVING!" I screamed it in happiness. I mean they don't care for me all that much and being serious they have me living in the garage. The non-vented, non-windowed garage. It gets bugs all the time. I. Hate. Bugs. They know that. They should be happy I'm leaving.

"WHAT, LIKE WHY!" Daisy screamed at me, "WE NEED YOU HERE, WHO'S GOING TO CLEAN, COOK, AND TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSE WHEN WE'RE ON TOUR?" Daisy and the others began to panic, forgetting that they had a housekeeper.

I stared at them for a minute and got a laugh in my head. "They can be so stupid sometimes, they hired a maid before I was even born so that they wouldn't have to clean or cook anything." I decided I've put them through enough torture. "I see how much you guys care about me, and you have a house keeper. Plus this I an amazing opportunity; we could get into a music career. The girls and were accepted to Sunnyshore School of the Arts. Only the most talented can get in." Their faces lit up.

"I like can't believe that you actually have a talent. This is amazing you might be able to be a sensational sister, but in your own way." Lily was delighted to say.

Violet looked at me and hugged me. "Let's go help you pack I hear the school starts soon."

"Okay, and it starts in three days to be exact" I replied. "I can't believe that they are showing me respect for once...something's up with them. Probably just happy I'm leaving."

Leaf's POV

I arrived at my current home, to find my stuff all packed up in my room. I went to find my foster parents. My real parents died when I was really young so I don't remember a whole lot about them. Anyways I found my foster parents in the basement after searching the rest of the house. "Hey, I'm home. Why is all my stuff packed up?" I had a concerned tone to my voice I knew I did. I felt like I was going to be moved again.

"May's aunt and uncle called to congratulate you on making it into the school. We found out before you could tell us but we are really happy for you. We thought we would pack your stuff for you and so you're ready for your trip earlier. We called the orphanage, they are going to let you stay there until you need to leave be-" I had to cut my foster mom off, I've heard this before; many times. I'm too much of a handle because of my music and emotional break downs from time to time. They were going to send me back to the orphanage today no matter what.

"You were leaving me there today anyway, I know it. This is just an excuse to make it seem like you actually cared about me. Just take me there now I'll go grab my stuff." I walked off to upstairs and grabbed my instruments and clothes. I then walked out the car loaded the stuff and waited to be left yet again.

I'm now sitting on the bed at the orphanage. Last time I was here was about two months ago. "I can't wait until I'm 18 I can finally get out of this place for good. But hopefully by that time we'll be famous." I continued on my thoughts of being famous and just dozed off.

I was awakened by my iPhone going off. I was a text from Misty.

To: Leaf

From: Misty

Well my sisters are happy im leaving

They help me pack all my stuff

Since I had nothing else to do I lied down on my temporary bed and just replied.

To: Misty

From: Leaf

Cant be as bad as my fosters parents

Or should I say ex-foster parents

They found out and packed all my

Stuff dropped me off at the orphanage

I knew she would ask if I wanted to stay with her, but these stupid rules don't allow me to do that. I continued to talk to Misty, for hours. She's always there for me and the other girls; mind you we are always there for each other.

Dawn's POV

I arrived home at put my bike in its usual spot by the side of the house. I ran inside so fast I swear I could've left skid marks. I was looking for my mom. I found her in her bedroom reading a book. She hadn't noticed me yet so I decided to jump on her bed. "hey mom!" I said this with the biggest smile my face could practically form. My mom just stared at me.

"DAWN HIKARI I KNOW I HAVE TOLD YOU TO NOT DO DRUGS OR DRINK ALCOHOL, YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A SMILE ON YOUR FACE THIS BIG! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WIT MISTY MAY AND LEAF I DEMAND TO KNOW THIS INSTANT!" there she goes. I know moms are supposed to be protective of their children. But ever since my dad had died, my mom freaks out if there is a slight change in my behavior.

"mom calm down I did do anything illegal, and you know the girls they wouldn't do that and if they did they wouldn't make me do it to. But I have huge news for you." I said this hoping to calm her down I didn't want her to be super mad or anything when I told her the bands great news.

She breathed deeply for a few seconds then began to speak, "sorry honey. I know they wouldn't do that I just get worried sometimes." She placed her book down; it looks like she was reading an Artemis Fowl book. Ive never understood the series personally I always got confused. Anyways my mom continued now with a big smile on her face, "what is this huge news you have for me?" she tilted her head a bit to the left I guess just questioning me (with emphasis maybe? I don't really know).

"well the band entered a contest to get into this huge arts school a couple months back. Its super exclusive you can only attend if you are accepted. And , well, WE WERE ACCEPTED!" my mom face just lit up when she heard that.

"oh Dawn I'm so proud of you. We should go get your things packed up then have a special dinner for celebration. When do you need to be at the school?" she was proud I believe my dad had attended a music school and that's how he got famous. Maybe that's why she's super happy about this. We left her room and went to mine where we began to pack my clothes for the long school year ahead of me. "I can't wait for this school to begin".

We finally arrived in Sunnyshore. The plane had just landed and we were waiting for our luggage. Once it finally came around on the belt we scooped it up quick. May had already taken what seemed to be a million pictures but then again, I probably would be doing that to if I actually knew where I was going. We were all walking in silence, following Misty who seemed to know just where we were headed.

Leaf got tired of the silence I guess and took her sucker out of her mouth, "Mist, do you know where how we are getting to the school?" she put the sucker back In her mouth and wiped her hand off on her ruffled green skirt, it reached just above her knee, with the skirt she wore a strapless black top and a pair of green flip flops. She was also wearing her white hat that had the pink design on it.

We all looked at Misty, who was wearing a skirt like Leafs except it was sky blue instead. With it she wore a white baggy t shirt that was tied back with an elastic so it was tight and showed off her stomach, and white flips flops. She had her hair in her usual side pony tail. "There is a car that is supposed to take us there, just keep a look out for our names."

I could tell May spotted it the second she started jumping up and down. She bolted in the direction she saw it and we all followed her as fast as we could.

The man put our luggage in the trunk of the car and escorted us to sit in the back and Misty got shotgun because she called it first.

It only took us a about twenty minutes to reach the school. Let me tell you this school was huge. Apparently each different type group got their own area, so bands would be in one area and dancers would be in another. Painters, sculptors, and sketch people would be in different areas.

We walked into the foyer of the school and were greeted by a girl that looked around our age. "Hi, I'm Iris. I'm was accepted here for my dancing, the only dancer here to be exact." She was enthusiastic and friendly, I knew she could be a great friend just from her smile.

"Hi I'm Dawn and these are my best friends." I said with a friendly smile gesturing towards my friends.

"I'm Misty"

'I'm May"

"And I'm Leaf"

"I hope we can be great friends. I need to go see my friend he's supposed to be here too. Bye" Iris said as she dashed away.

I turned to my friends, "we should go check in and get our room." My friends nodded In agreement and we went off to find the check in desk.

Once we located to check in desk we had to wait in a bit of a line but eventually we made it to the front. We were greeted by Nurse Joy. "Hello, could I have your names please." She was a cheerful as ever. Misty did the honours of checking us in.

"I'm Misty Waterflower, and this is Dawn Berlitz, May Maple, and Leaf Green."

"Alright, you are the band, you will be sharing your dorm with the other band, chef and, dancer they are just over by the front entrance. Your room is M-26. Here are your keys. We'll see you in the welcoming assembly later in the auditorium." Nurse Joy handed Misty the keys and she gave one to each of us.

We decided to go meet our roommates, so we walked over to the entrance where we saw Iris and 5 cute boys. One had raven black hair and a Pikachu and in shoulder. Another had green hair and emerald green eyes. He seemed to be flipping his hair when I first glanced at him. There was another green haired one but this seemed to be taller and look more mature. He the two green haired people looked similar, but not like brothers. The next had spiky brown hair, he looked very muscular and I must say he was the hottest there but was followed up by the purple haired boy next to him. The purple headed one seemed to be the most muscular but not by, much. All in all these boys were cute.

My thoughts were interrupted by Iris coming over. "Guys were going to be sharing a room isn't that great!" we all nodded our heads. "Let me introduce you to the others." Before we could say anything Iris pulled May and Leaf by the wrist with me and Misty running behind to keep up.

Once we reached the boys Iris introduced us. "Hey guys these are the other girls that are staying in the dorm." The boys introduced themselves after staring at us for a few moments. I'm not sure if they were checking us out or what.

The Raven hair coloured one spoke first, "hi, I'm Ash Ketchum and this is my partner Pikachu." The Pikachu on Ash's shoulder seemed to be happy.

Next was the brown haired boy was next, "the names Gary Oak. But you," he was gesturing towards Leaf, "can call me anytime."

Leaf glared at him. "One, in your dreams and two, don't hit on me or I will hit you." Gary backed away feeling that he might actually get killed.

"Okay, don't mind Gary he likes to flirt with pretty girls. My names is Drew Shuu, it's a pleasure to meet you." That was the shorter green haired one.

The Taller green haired boy spoke next, "I'm Cilan, and you girls look like the perfect combination of flavors. Drew here is my younger cousin I'm in 10th grade. But I will be staying with you" he gave us a smile and we smiled back.

"-hmph-" was all the purple headed boys only sound. He seemed like the bad boy type buy yu could break down that barrier and become friends.

"Don't mind him. He's like that at first but he's better once you get to know him. He's Paul Shinji." Gary was the one that spoke for Paul.

"Well we better introduce ourselves," I said. "I'm Dawn Berlitz. It's great to meet you all"

"I'm Misty Waterflower. I hope we can be good friends."

"May Maple. It's an honour to meet you."

Leaf took her sucker out of her mouth to make it what she said super clear. "Leaf Green's the name. I'm going to make one thing clear," she pulled out a giant bag that had every type of candy you could imagine in it. May, Misty and I sweat dropped. "You do not touch this bag and you do not take anything from this bag. Got that Oak?" she glared at Gary to make sure he understood. He just nodded, looking kind of scared to me. "Good. Now since that is out of the way. Great to meet you all" she just smiled and put her sucker back in her mouth.

I could tell one thing, my life would be anything but boring this year.

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