Here it is everyone, the epilogue to Cute Revenge. Enjoy

Normal POV

"PAUL!" Dawn screamed happily, running up to her boyfriend whom she hadn't seen in months due to work. Paul opened his arms wide allowing the embrace he knew was coming. 'Awwwws' could be heard from the other girls as they walked up with their suitcases following behind them.

"Leafy! Oh I thought you died, you didn't return any calls and when I texted you I didn't get anything back!" Gary whined as he crushed his girlfriend into a bear hug from behind.

"Sorry my phone broke last month and I got a replacement, here," Leaf pulled her new phone out of her back pocket." Put your number and the other's numbers in it." Gary let go of Leaf taking the phone, following what she said to do.

"Okay everyone, the plane is waiting for us at Gate 25." Paul said. "Drew and Ash are waiting there for us." The girls followed Paul and Gary to where Drew and Ash were waiting for them to board the privet jet that Drew's parents had arranged for them to take to Hoenn.

Once they arrived at the gate Ash was sitting waiting, well Drew was nowhere in sight. "Where's Drew?" May asked with disappointment in her tone.

"He went to fetch his parents, they wanted to say farewell to all of us before we left for the cruise. He said he'd be back in a minute." May nodded in response to what Ash had said.

"I'm here to take the luggage to the plane if I may miss." A boy with short blond hair, bowed before Misty, who had a puzzled look on her face.

"Don't worry it's just Sam, he's one of the workers for our families jet." May turned to see Drew holding a little girl in his arms. She had short black hair and bright green eyes, matching that of Drew's. She looked to be maybe 6 months old and was grabbing onto Drew's hair. "Oh ya you girls haven't met my little sister yet, this is Sophia. She's named after my great grandmother who just past last year."

"Aaaawww she's so cute." May chimed playing with the little girls cheeks.

"I think that would be a great little family photo, don't you think Paulie?" Dawn whispered into Paul's ear giggling.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" Paul responded. "Just because we haven't seen each other, doesn't mean I'm going to let you call me names like that, I still hate them." Dawn puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms at the rudeness of her beloved boyfriend. If one thing hadn't changed about him over this past year, it was his attitude.

Each of the boys was fairly different then when they were still in school. Wince they were seventeen now Silver thought it would be a good idea for them to look a bit different, claiming that it was because they needed to look more like a band, and less like they were a garage band.

Drew still had the same hair, but his clothes style had changed drastically, instead of the common graphic tees and jeans he used to wear, he now sported the style of a vest with a dress shirt, skinny jeans with a pair of run down converse. May had noticed that every time she saw him it was different then what he wore when they met, but it was always the same idea.

Ash had his hair neatly combed and trimmed so that it wasn't wild and going everywhere. He no longer wore his hat but still had his trusty pal Pikachu on his shoulder when the band was just lying around being lazy or not performing. He still sported the hoddies and blue jeans like always but now, like Drew, had a pair of run down red converse.

Gary still had the spiky mess of auburn locks. He had a diamond piercing in his left ear and a silver chain around his neck. He wore a light sweater with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of cargo shorts, with run down converse like the other except his were in a dark shade of purple.

Paul was probably the most changed of the group. He had his hair cut short but still slightly shaggy, he like Gary hair a piercing, but in his right ear, supporting dog tags around his neck. He still had the chains hanging for his black jeans but had a black leather jacket with sapphire blue accents along the cuffs and zipper, which was half done up. Everyone was surprised to see that he looked so different but since Dawn helped him decided on the style of his new look, it turned out quite well.

The girls hadn't changed much other than the fact that their hair had grown out a little longer, except for Misty who kept it short and in the usual side ponytail like always.

"Everyone ready to go?" Sam asked as he took the last of the luggage to the plane. They all nodded and said goodbye and thank you again to Drew's parents before boarding the private jet.

Nothing much happened on the jet except for sleeping because it was so early in the morning and the bands were not used to being up early much anymore, but rather being up late.

Once the jet landed in Lilycove city the group hailed a cab and made their way to the yacht that they would be sailing on to Sootopolis city and then a plane would be taking them their separate ways back to work.

Arriving at the yacht everyone boarded and found the rooms that they would be staying in, each couple to their own room. The only reason for this was so that they could spend more time together before heading the separate ways that they would need to go again.

The girls decided that they wanted to go to the pool, so their boyfriends followed not arguing when they had suggested it. Dawn had been goofing around by the edge of the pool with May when Paul thought it would be a good idea to push her in the pool, causing a splash then scream. Oh how he missed that scream. "Paul! Look at my hair! It's ruined." Before anyone else could comment, another splash, except this time with Gary complaining about his hair towards Leaf.

"Fine then I'll just spend time with Gary in the pool then." Dawn flaunted grabbing Paul attention before swimming over to Gary. Paul and Leaf looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before walking to where everyone else was seated.

"Really! Don't give a care about me, harsh Leafy."

Misty and Ash had made their way to the hot tub with May and Drew following behind and Leaf had joined Dawn and Gary in the pool, leaving Paul by himself to lie on his towel that was placed on the deck, not too far from the pool. His hair still had the effect of covering his eyes as he lied on his stomach with his black Ray bans protecting his eyes from the sun as well. he had a pair of black Beats placed over his ears listening to music. He had dozed off slightly when he was awoken by a poke to the shoulder, flipping over and taking off his headphones to sit around his neck, he saw dawn kneeling next to him. "Whatcha listening to?" she asked him, with a grin on her face.

"Right now some One More Time," he said before having her run off to her bag. She returned grabbing his phone and unplugging his headphones and plugging it into the speaker that she brought over. "Why'd you do that? Seriously no one else will like this."

"Well to bad," She hit play and the song Ballroom Blitz began to play. "I love this band"

"You know that they aren't even living anymore right?"

"Yes I know that, this is my dad's band. Why do you think it is my favourite?" Paul smiled at her recalling how much Dawn's dad meant to her and how upset she was whenever someone brought him up. "I don't have much of their stuff though, I wish I had more."

"Eh I still wanna listen to them, I miss my dad playing me guitar." She smiled back at him, although he knew something was off and it wasn't her missing her dad. She wasn't telling him something and he would find out what.

Before long the day had ended and soon after that it was their last night on the large boat. Drew's parents had planned for there to be a small little ball for the passengers and the bands, so that they could have a nice night together. The girls were all wearing a stunning dress that Dawn had designed for them. The boys were wearing black suits that Drew had received from his mother for them to wear.

Dawn had been escorted by Paul and they were sitting at the table reserved for the bands, waiting for the others to arrive. Soon enough, everyone had arrived and ate the dinner that they were served. The girls had dragged the boys to dance with them on the dance floor soon after they were done eating dinner. Each couple dance a few songs before a slow song came on, in which the girls got pulled in close to their boyfriends.

You know I'm going to miss you, we won't see each other until Christmas." Paul said to Dawn, holding her close to his body, never wanting the night to end. "Are we going to go to your house this year? You said that you wanted me to get to know your mom better, so I thought I could have Reggie come to-" Paul was cut off by Dawn placing her lips on top of his.

"You know that's so far away, let's focus on now and not what's going to happen. I want to spend my time focusing on us well we can," Dawn said putting her head against Paul's chest. "Oh I never told you how hot you look with your hair like that." She added with a cute smile causing Paul to blush slightly and give her a small smirk in response.

The clock had just struck 1 o'clock in the morning and people were still enjoying the ball, including the boys although, they began to be confused by the actions that the girls were doing. They had gone away from the guys and were nowhere in sight, unlike what had happened all night.

"So the flight leaves from the airport in how long?" Dawn asked Lyra over the phone, the sound of disappointment on her voice, and the look of sadness on each of the girls faces. "Okay, I understand, we'll see you there around 10 tonight I guess, bye." Dawn said hanging up the phone and hugging the girls. Deciding to go back to the boys they did, pulling each one in another direction.

Boy's POV

She pulled my away from the other to spend some time alone again I guess. Looking over my shoulder I could see the other member of the band. Huh, why are we so far away from the others? I thought to myself before being pulled into a hug. I hugged her back, looking down at her eyes. I knew there was something wrong just by the look on her face.

She smiled at me and pulled me close, giving me kiss on the cheek and then a passionate kiss on the lips. Not like I was going to object to this, why would I? She cupped my face with her hands leaning her forehead against mine. I put my arms around her waist holding her against me. And let go for one second to cup her face as well. She looked at me with tears building in her eyes. "I-I love you."

Before I could say anything back, she was gone. I searched everywhere in the large hall and nothing. I ran as fast as I could back to the room we shared, calling her cell phone. No response. Reaching our room I slammed the door open. Her stuff was gone; nothing of hers was left behind. I slammed the door shut, leaning my back against it, before calling her again. Still no response. I slid down the door slowly as the tears began to flow from my eyes.

And that is the official end of Cute Revenge. I am actually forcing tears not to flowing down my face right now. I didn't think it would be so hard to finish a story but for everyone wondering. There will be a sequel to this most likely after Legends is finished.

And to all the Paul lover's out there. I'm sorry I cut his hair but picture his with shorter hair that is still shaggy...like gold in the manga just not super long in the front...I imagined it very awesome.

But seriously. Thank you to everyone that has reviewed it means a lot to me and I can't wait to star the sequel to this. It will be great I promise you.

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