Summary: I am a vampire. But I can love. I can certainly hurt. And I can feel.

Disclaimer: FAN-fiction. FAN.

Victoria's P.O.V.

I am a vampire. When you hear that word, you don't think of someone who can love. Or hurt. Or feel. Particularly not the 'bad' vampire.

But I can love. I loved James. James was my soul-mate. I never truly loved someone before I met James. Perfect, handsome, sweet, caring James. James who would do anything for me. Just as I would for him. We were perfect for each other.

I can certainly hurt. My heart may not beat, but it can still break. My eyes may not cry, but sobs still shook me when I saw James. Broken. Torn into pieces. My soul mate – dead.

And I can feel. I felt more anger in that moment then most humans will feel in a lifetime. I felt so much sadness I wished I was lying beside him.

I hate Edward Cullen for making me feel that. So he will suffer the same way I did – even if it kills me.