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Ch. 1

Jacob could feel the bullet whiz past his head, inches away from grazing his cheek. He knew he was working with a newbie but really? That was a clear shot through his head, and the guy had missed. Jacob almost felt bad for having to kill him.


Without taking another breath, he stood up, pointed his engraved glock at the gunman who sucked at shooting, and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the man right between the eyes.

"I never miss," Jacob told the now dead gunman as he retrieved the USB drive from his pocket.

"Good job, Agent Black," Charlie Swan, leader of the KCR said, shaking Jacob's hand.

"Thank you sir."

"Yet again you've helped your country." Charlie said. He tossed the USB around in his hands and smiled at Jacob again. Charlie saw so much of himself in him. Just like Jacob, he was the best agent of his time and soon became leader and president of the KCR. When the time came for Charlie to choose his successor, he knew it would be Jacob. Charlie leaned back in his chair and wondered why Jacob hadn't left yet.

"No other mission sir?" Jacob asked.

"No… it's your free time Black, enjoy it." Jacob looked skeptical. He hated free time. His mother always used to tell him that idle hands were the devil's workshop. Charlie looked up from his paperwork to the still standing Jacob and sighed.

"You know Black, the one thing I regret most about my life as an agent is that I didn't stop to smell the roses enough. I didn't spend enough time with my daughter or my now ex- wife. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my wife and 2 step kids and I wouldn't trade them for the world, I just wish I figured it out sooner," Charlie explained. "Don't make my mistake Jacob."

"Is that an order sir?"

"It's advice Black. Now go home and enjoy being young. Hell, go grab a beer."

"He said what?" Edward, Jacob's best friend and fellow agent asked.

"He told me to go grab a beer," Jacob repeated.

"Chief said that?"

"Yup. I don't get it. I'm a KCR agent through and through. I can't just go home and grab a beer," Jacob grumbled. "I've got to be out there, on the go, ready to kill at the drop of a hat. What the hell are you staring at?" Edward stared out of Jacob's office window, ogling at 2 women in front of Chief Swan's office. One was pale with auburn hair and equally brown eyes. She was beautiful, Jacob had to admit, but the second one caught his eye. Her shoulder length raven's black hair, her midnight black eyes, her long curved eyelashes, her perfect pink pouty lips all enticed him. Her perfect body only made it better. She wasn't skinny, no, but she was fit. She was more than beautiful, she was goddess like. A loud bang on the window shook Edward and Jacob out of their trance. Sam, another agent, smirked at them as he walked by and kissed the girl who currently had Jacob's attention. Edward cringed.

"Smug bastard," he muttered. Jacob watched as the girl gently pushed Sam away and giggled. He was instantly turned off. Not only was she taken, but her taste in guys sucked. Any girl who fell for a guy like Sam wasn't worth Jacob's time.

"Those are the Chief's 2 daughters," A small voice said. They both jumped at the sound and turned to see Alice, a technology specialist and Edward's twin sister, standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

"Did I ever mention how mouse like your sister is?" Jacob mumbled to Edward. Alice rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Those girls you two were drooling over are the Chief's daughters," she said again "wanna know about 'em?"

"No," Jacob said.

"Yes," Edward exclaimed.

"Well, Edward, the one with the brown hair is Bella. She's 24 and currently single. She's kinda quiet though. The other one is his stepdaughter Leah. She is also 24 and as we all saw, she is not single. She also just completed her training to become an agent. Oh and get this, her shooting accuracy was 98.9%" Jacob turned to stare at Alice.

"What? She broke my record?" he asked. He was shocked. No one had come anywhere close to breaking his record in the entire time he'd worked at KCR.

"Yeah… she's pretty badass," Alice sighed.

"Got a girl crush Cullen?" Jacob asked.

"No, just admiration." She chimed.

"Oh sweet lord," Edward gasped. Bella was walking his way and he was slightly off balance.

"Hey Alice," she said in a voice that sounded like honey. Edward began to straighten himself out. Jacob gave his best friend a curious look.

"Hey Bella um this is Jacob," Alice said introducing them. He extended his hand.

"The great Jacob Black," she said smiling from ear to ear, "Dad talks about you all the time."

Alice rolled her eyes and pulled Bella away from Jacob. "And this is my brother Edward."

When Bella and Edward locked eyes, the atmosphere changed. Bella's cheeks turned a rosy red and Edward's eyes twinkled.

"Ew," Alice muttered backing out of the office. Jacob had to agree, it was disgusting. He cleared his throat to get their attention but they still didn't stop staring at one another.

"Well this is awkward," he said to himself. He reached into his desk, grabbed his motorcycle keys, and headed towards the elevator. He'd catch up with Edward later.

"Agent Black, do you mind coming into my office quickly before you leave?" Charlie asked him. Jacob turned around and entered Charlie's office. Sam noticed Jacob and pecked Leah's lips before exiting the office. Sam and Jacob exchanged a glare in passing.

"This is my step daughter Leah. She just finished her training course."

"Congratulations," Jacob said to Leah. Her lip rose up in a scowl.

"Thank you," she muttered.

"I wanted her to meet the best agent we have here at KCR," Charlie beamed. Leah scoffed. "Something on your mind Agent Clearwater?"

"No sir," she said quickly.

"Good," he said taking his seat and opening a folder. "You may go Black." Jacob nodded and stood up to leave. "See you Monday." Jacob stopped.

"Monday sir?"


"But, its Thursday."

"Exactly. 3 days to relax. You just got back from Korea. I was serious about the break. Now go." Jacob knew not to argue with Chief Swan. He nodded his head and walked out of the office and down the hall. He peeked into his office to see Edward and Bella still talking and laughing. He grimaced. He hated romance of any form. He pulled his keys out of his pocket and made his way to the parking garage. He had 3 days off. He was used to working back to back missions with little to no breaks in the middle. But 3 days was the longest he'd ever gotten. What was he supposed to do for 3 days?

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