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Jacob always hated funerals. Ever since he was a kid and his mother had died, he'd hated funerals. Then again who could honestly in their right mind say that they enjoyed funerals? It was just a constant reminder that someone you cared about was dead. Jacob looked around at the familiar faces. Sue's eyes were swollen and red, her face stained with tears. Charlie held onto his wife, rubbing her arm slowly. Occasionally he would make eye contact with Jacob, showing obvious signs of pain. He had to be strong for the rest of his family. Just because they'd lost one of their family members, didn't mean that they wouldn't be able to move past this. Bella was being held up by Edward, her head resting on his shoulder. She sniffled, wiping her nose on a napkin. A clap of thunder sounded as Jacob heard someone clear their throat. Everyone turned to face the speaker at the funeral.

"Hi. Um, for those of you who don't know me? I'm Leah Clearwater, Emily's cousin and when I was asked to speak at her funeral… I didn't know what to say. Anyone who knew Emily and me, they knew that we were like oil and water. I was fire, she was ice. But… no matter what we went through and no matter how many insults and cruel words were exchanged between us, we were family. At one point in time, she was my best friend. She was like my sister," Leah looked down at the podium and sobbed lightly. She took a breath before speaking again. "Emily didn't deserve to die the way she did. She just was caught up in something bigger than her and I wish I had spent less time hating her, and more time talking to her. I wish I could have kept her away from a world that she had no business in."

Jacob watched in awe as Leah spoke. She ran her hands down the simple black dress she had on.

"I remember when Emily and I were about six or seven and I told her I wanted to be a G.I. Joe instead of a princess. She told me only boys could be G.I. Joes. I just remember being so hurt that I refused to play with her for about a month. But that month was probably the worst month of my life because I didn't get to talk to my best friend every day. I say this because, I have no idea what it's gonna be like not to hear Emily anymore. Even the comments that drove me crazy, I'm kinda gonna miss that."

"Emily, I'm gonna miss you so much. I'm sorry the last few months of your life, we drifted apart. If I could take it back I would. I'd take it all back. I love you, Em… soul sister forever," Leah said, wiping her face and stepping off the podium. She fell into Jacob's arms, enjoying the feel of being protected.

"That was beautiful," he whispered into her ear.

"Thanks," she said back. "For everything."

Jacob nodded, catching her double meaning. If it weren't for Jacob, Leah wouldn't be alive and the Clearwaters would have had to bury 2 family members. After Leah had blacked out, Jacob carried her to the car and drove to the closest hospital he could find. The entire time, Jacob was running on pure adrenaline fumes. Leah had to live, for him. And she had said she'd answer all the questions honestly and she never responded so she owed him that. Because he owed Leah everything. She had saved his life in more ways than one and for the first time in years, Jacob felt alive.

14 hours. 14 hours of surgery later, and one shameful phone call to Charlie, and Leah was alive. The doctors told him if it weren't for Jacob's quick action, Leah would have died of blood loss. Jacob still remembered Leah waking up after being unconscious for so long. He had refused to leave her side the entire time, spending over 72 hours in the hospital, and sleeping in their uncomfortable chairs.

"You look like shit," Leah had said groggily, her eyes barely opening. Jacob's head snapped up. He grabbed her hand, and kissed it before smiling at her. She was right, he did look pretty rough. Dark circles accented his blood shot eyes and stubble covered his chin.

"How are you feeling? Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah… while you look like shit, I feel like shit," she said, laughing but coughing a little. Jacob got up and reached for a cup of water bringing it up to Leah's lips. She drank the water but glared at Jacob.

"What's going on?" she asked. "Are you gonna be all nice now because I almost died?"

"No," Jacob said, shaking his head. "I'm gonna be nice because I love you."

Leah stared at Jacob, astonished by his declaration. "What did you say?"

"You heard me," he said, smirking.

"Not sure I did, Black," she said.

"Yeah, you did," Jacob said. "Watching you, die before my eyes, it was like torture." Jacob's face twitched into a scowl of pain. Leah touched his face softly.

"Well, because of you I'm alive. So stop with the sad crap, okay."

"Okay," Jacob said, nodding his head.

"Youre welcome," Jacob said back to Leah, smiling solemnly down to her. She gave a weak smile back before walking into her mother's arms hugging her softly. Sue wiped at her own face, sighing deeply. Charlie, Leah and Jacob never told any of the other family members that Leah had been shot. It was a secret they agreed would only cause more pain for her family.

Jacob felt a strong hand grip his shoulder and he turned to face his boss.

"Thank you for being here for Leah, Black. Youre a good friend for her," he said. Jacob tried not to flinch at the word friend. Jacob saw Leah as more than just a friend. Way more. But now wasn't the time to talk about that.

"Thank you sir," he responded.

"Amun is still out there," he said.

"I know sir," Jacob said, clenching his teeth.

"He still needs to be dealt with," Charlie said suggestively.

"I know sir," Jacob repeated.

"Good. I'll see you at work next week Monday. You and Leah deserve a break," Charlie said before walking away and wrapping his arm around his wife.

"What was that about?" Leah asked, lacing her fingers in Jacob's.

"We get a vacation," he said.

"Really? Well then what shall we do Agent Black?" Leah said.

"I dunno about you, but the beach is calling my name," Jacob said smiling wickedly before rubbing his thumb over the roughness of the ring on Leah's finger.

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