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Clare, Alli, and Jenna all live together in a college home (I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, I watch too much CampusPD, it's mostly just a home for students like nearby the campus not like a sorority or anything just like they rent it yeah.) and they are all 20.

Drew, Adam and Jake all live in their own college home and they're all 22.

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A squeal came from the girl as she burst through the front door, holding a piece of paper in her hands. "You will absolutely never guess where the three of us are going tonight!"

"Where?" The girl with the long, blonde hair asked, looking up from her sheet music on the coffee table. The other girl stayed silent, her eyes scanning over the book in her hands and ignoring her friend's voice.

"Well, I was walking out of the dressing hall and guess who I bumped into," she started, taking a moment to pause for some dramatic effect. "Drew Torres!" Once again, the blonde one pays attention to the first girl, and the second doesn't seem to care. "And he gave me this!" she waved the small white piece of paper in the air.

"Is it his number?"

"No, even better."

"Let me see it!" The blonde one said, moving the guitar out of her lap and reaching for the piece of paper in the air. Her eyes scanned over the paper, and a gasp fell from her lips. "You got invited to The Torres and Martin party? Oh my God, you are so lucky." She squealed.

"Jenna," the first girl said sternly, walking over to the blonde one and taking her hands. "We are so lucky. All three of us are going!" Instant squeals came from both girls' lips, and the third one only glanced up from her novel. It wasn't as if the third girl really cared so much for parties, or boys, or any of those things. To be honest, all she really cared about was reading a good book, listening to The Beatles, and graduating from university with a degree in journalism. And after that, she'd be off with her own newspaper firm, writing about whatever she wanted, and no one could tell her whether she needed to go to parties or hang out with boys. She'd be the boss and no one could tell her anything.

"What are we going to wear?" Jenna cried, looking over her own attire and shaking her head. "I cannot go in jeans and a t-shirt."

"Let's go shopping! All three of us! We'll get the cutest dresses ever... all in pink! And we can match!"

The third girl put a bookmark in her novel and glanced up at the two of them, confused. "Wait, what?" she muttered. "I'm not going to this party. You two are insane."

"Clare, you are coming with us to this party." The first girl said sternly, as Jenna crossed her arms and nodded in agreement.

"Alli is definitely right. You're coming. You need to get out more! I mean, come on, you haven't even lost your virginity yet." Jenna argued, as both of them nodded at that. Yes, it was true. Clare hadn't come close to losing her virginity yet. She wasn't upset over that or anything, in fact – she was quite proud of herself to keep her virginity to herself all through high school. When she was a little girl, she had slipped a promise ring on her finger and said that she wouldn't have sex until marriage. And, honestly? She was going to stick to that.

"Yes! Yes you need to swipe your v-card - ASAP." Alli said in a serious tone.

"You two are vile," Clare scoffed, standing to her feet and holding her book against her chest. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I like being a virgin?" she muttered, and both girls raised their eyebrows. "I mean, boys and their… their drama? It's none of my business. I have more important things to worry about."

"But you're… a child." Alli said.

"And you two also have more important things to worry about besides my virginity. Let it go." The curly haired girl rolled her eyes, and began to walk away from the two of them, putting her hand on the railing to the staircase and shooting them both looks. "You two have fun with your party tonight. I'm going to take a bath, watch Let It Be,and enjoy my solitude." She said sardonically, walking up the staircase and into the bathroom. Yes, she enjoyed the quietness of her and a good book, and yes, she also didn't want to be anywhere near that party, but there was something off about her. She was always alone. No one really ever wanted to be around Clare Edwards because all she ever spoke about was George Harrison and Sylvia Plath. Not that she really cared what anyone thought about her anyway. She'd be a millionaire, soon enough, and they could think what they wanted. They could realize that maybe they should have befriended her in university and maybe they would be just as wealthy as her. Or at least that was her plan.

"We cannot let Clare stay home tonight." The two girls muttered to themselves from downstairs. "She needs to lose her virginity. She needs to lighten up. She needs to… be normal."

"If you two were practicing your whisper voices you should work on it more!" Clare yelled from the top of the stairs, sighing softly to herself. Conversations like these actually arose quite often. About how she 'had a stick up her ass' and how she needed to 'loosen up' more, not that she honestly gave a damn. She sighed, turning on the hot water of the tub and untangling a hair tie from around her wrist. She pulled her curls back into a bun, and began to tie up her hair in a few loose wraps of the tie. She began to slip off her baggy checkered sweat pants, and dipped one foot into the water as it rose to test its heat. Perfection. Not scorching, and yet not lukewarm. That's how Clare Edwards viewed herself as a person. She wasn't a gorgeous, supermodel material, and she was not yet nerd-world ugly. She was right there in between, wearing thrift store floral dresses and carrying around a novel from way before her time.

She pulled off her shirt and let it rest on the ground beside the pants she had been wearing. She grasped her phone that she had set down on the counter of the sink and plugged it into the docking station, flipping through the music. People that had looked through her phone had often called her a hipster for listening to the most unknown bands, and being obsessed with Paul McCartney, but she brushed their thoughts aside. She couldn't care less for their unimportant opinions about her. How she viewed herself was much more important than how they viewed her.

As old sixties music filled the bathroom, bouncing off the walls and into her ears, a smile appeared on her face. Finally, something she could enjoy. An evening alone with a bubble bath and herself. She finished undressing momentarily and stepped into the warm tub. Clare let a soft sigh fall from her lips as she slid in completely, letting the water consume her and her thoughts drift away. She left the shower curtain opened ever so slightly and closed her eyes. This was what a college student needed. A nice hot bath to let all the thoughts of assignments and grades that needed to be met melt away in the warm water. It would be impossible to forget about all of her shit, of course, but she'd do her best to put it all off for the night and leave it for the weekend approaching her. Friday nights were always the best to relax, and then weekends she could get all the cluttered work that needed to be finished, done.

"Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name. Nobody came." Clare hummed along with the music. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom swung open, and Clare shrieked, reaching for the curtain of the shower to cover herself. "What are you doing?"

"We've come to a group decision," Jenna began, and gestured between Alli and her, "that we cannot let you stay home on this Friday night. We let you stay home too much. You need a social life and we're going to give you one!" Alli squealed at the idea, and Clare stared blankly at them.

"We'll go to the party, find you a hot guy – the two of you can have sex! But it can't be Drew of course. He's obviously mine." Alli said in a slightly defensive tone, earning a confused look from Clare. "Are you in?"

"Uh," Clare looked at them in utter shock. "No? No. I'm not 'in'! Are you two out of your minds?"

"No way, you're the one out of your mind. You're keeping your virginity locked up in that little silver band of yours. It's time to let loose - be you! Be… fun and exciting! Don't you remember? You were fun in grade nine!" Jenna said a trying smile on her face.

"Is that a joke? I lost my only boyfriend to you because I was the complete opposite of fun." Clare said, trying to stand to her feet and keep herself covered at the same time. "Hand me that towel." Clare ordered, pointing at the towel sitting on the toilet seat.

"Not unless you promise to come tonight." Alli said sternly.

"That's not true, Clare. KC and I just… clicked better? No matter though, that's all in the past – we're all friends now!" Jenna argued, and Clare scoffed.

"Sure we are, because friends force friends to have sex and drag each other to parties." Clare said, throwing a glare at Alli. "The towel?"

"No! You're going out tonight, and you're going to have really hot sex with some really hot guy. It can even be a girl if you want; we just want to see you come out without that damn purity ring on!" Alli said, getting almost upset with Clare now.

"Okay, wow." Clare said, giving them a fake laugh. "This has got to be a joke, right? I'm not having sex, not with a guy, or a girl – or an anything. I'm not having sex. Period."

"Yes, you are!" Both girls said in unison, almost as if this entire conversation had been planned in the past.

Clare pursed her lips, muttering something under her breath. "Can't you just give me the towel, Alli? Please?" Alli sighed, and picked up the towel, stepping up in front of Clare and looking sadly at her.

"We're just trying to look out for you, Clare. You're always cooped up in here all alone listening to… The Crickets, and –"

"Alli, it's The Beatles." Clare corrected, disgusted at the fact she would make such a mistake.

"I don't care. All you ever do is stay at home and do classwork and listen to old music and watch old movies. We feel bad for you, okay? We just want you to have fun. To have an evening out with us at a party and get drunk and pop your cherry and just be one of the girls. Is that too much to ask for? Because I guess with you it is. We've been friends since grade nine, and when have I ever asked you do to something for me?"

"A million times."

"And now I want to repay you! Just let Jenna and I dress you up in some high heels and lip stick and take you to this party. Just this once. Please." Alli begged, staring desperately at an annoyed Clare Edwards in front of her.

Clare bit her lip, staring back at the girl who wasn't going to let up. She knew that if she told Alli no now, she would never get out of it. Every time there would be a party of some sort, she would try and drag Clare to it. It was inevitable. It was just going to happen – and Clare knew it. "Just this once?" she questioned, and Alli responded with a grin and a nod. Clare groaned, reaching for the towel from Alli's hands and pulling it into the shower. "Fine. I'll go." She said with an angry undertone. Jenna and Alli responded with girly screams, both jumping up and down in the bathroom.

"Oh goodie, Clare-Bear! I'll go get the high heels!" Jenna squealed.

"And I'll go get the pink!"

"And I'll sit here miserably waiting for my demise." Clare sighed, stepping out of the bathtub and sitting down on the toilet seat. She knew deep down that no matter what happened tonight, she'd be regretting it in the morning.


"I cannot wait to see Drew." Alli said anxiously as they pulled up the street a little ways.

"Yes, Alli. You've mentioned that fifteen or sixteen times on the way here." Clare said sardonically, rolling her eyes as she looked into the rear-view-mirror. "Can we just set some rules before we go in there?" Clare muttered, turning off the car and pulling the keys into her hands. She turned around in the front seat of the car to look back at the two girls glossing up their lips excitedly. "Hello?"

"Mhmm, go ahead and set your rules, darling." Alli puckered her lips up in a small makeup mirror and applying probably a third coat of gloss to her lips.

"We've got to be back home by one, okay? And considering I'm the designated driver –"

"Sure thing, baby. We'll see you inside." Jenna muttered, both girls giggling as they got out of the car and began to walk down the street. Clare stared at both of them in shock as they left her alone in her beat up old car.

"Um, excuse me!" Clare yelled after them, getting out of her car and locking it up manually. "I wasn't finished talking!"

"Walk and talk, Clare!" Alli yelled from several feet away, as Clare longed to catch up, walking fast. Though Jenna had shown her shoes after shoes to wear, Clare couldn't help but just wear her regular black flats. And no matter how many low cut hot-pink shirts Alli had shown her, Clare had to wear a dark purple vintage blouse. Everything the girls showed her was just not her style - not her style at all. In fact, the clothes that both girls were wearing tonight almost disgusted her. The way Jenna's hips moved back and forth in a leopard print pencil skirt made her look like she belonged on Jersey Shore. And Alli looked as if she was drowning in pink. Was this how everyone dressed at parties? If so, Clare was glad she didn't go every Friday night like these two.

"If you're going to have sex, just please be protected." Clare said, catching up to the two of them who were both moving remarkably fast for two girls in high heels.

"We should be saying that to you, Clare-Bear." Jenna laughed, rolling her eyes. "We'll find you the perfect guy. Do you want to go for a bad boy type? Or sweet and innocent?"

"I'm not having sex." Clare said defensively, as both girls snorted. "I'm not!"

"You are. You came to this party, therefore you're having sex. Bad boy or sweetheart?"

"I'm not talking about this." Clare said, putting off the subject completely as they approached the front door. You could tell definitely that there was a party going on, just because the front door was left completely open and there was loud music emanating from inside. Clare already scoffed at the taste in music. Of course she had heard the songs a few times in her life because she lived with pop music addicts; but she never really realized how annoying they were playing at a party.

"Drew!" Alli squealed as the boy of her dreams approached the three of them.

"Alli, Jenna… and?" Drew muttered, holding a cliché red cup in his hand and smiling deviously at all three of them.

"This is Clare. She doesn't go out much." Jenna said, earning a punch in the arm from Clare. "You act like I'm lying." Jenna laughed, looking around the room, as if she was looking for someone specifically. "Where's Jake?" Jenna asked.

"Manning the food station until the party gets a little livelier." Drew answered, pointing his thumb backwards towards the kitchen. "You girls want something to drink?"

"No than-"

"Yes!" Jenna and Alli screeched, walking towards the middle of the room, their high heels clicking against the wood floor of the house. Clare and Drew stood awkwardly in the doorway, and a cough fell from Clare's lips.

"I guess I should go after them…" Clare whispered, and Drew stepped out of her way. There was something weird about him, and even though Alli spoke such amazing things about him, like how hot he was, and how he was such a fantastic kisser, in front of Clare he just gave her a weird vibe. Clare walked into the middle of the house, into the living room, as she scanned the house with her eyes. It was about the same layout of their college campus home. Stairs to the second floor visible from the front door, kitchen to the left, and the living space to the right. The kitchen even looked exactly the same with barstools and island in the middle of the room. "Zero points for originality." She muttered, thinking about who could have designed these houses for the students.

"Clare, Clare!" Alli said loudly, waving her over to the kitchen where there were tons of little appetizers for them to eat. Pigs in a blanket. Imitation sushi. Almost everything there was inedible to a vegetarian such as Clare Edwards. She sighed, walking towards her friends and smiling softly at Jake manning the food. She had met him once or twice. One time he was working on the back window for her sociology class, and for some reason Clare didn't think he knew what he was doing with all the ruckus he was making. "This is Jake." Alli gestured to the man who merely shrugged at Clare's presence.

"We've met." Clare said, as Jake raised his eyebrows.

"Anyway, once we find Adam –" Alli began, as a tall, fit looking guy approached the four of them standing around the island. "Speak of the devil! Adam, we need your help."

"How can I help you lovely ladies?" Adam asked, a sly grin across his face as he tried to lean against the island – only resulting in him tripping slightly over his own feet. Jenna giggled.

"This is our friend Clare, and we need to help her swipe her v-card tonight." Alli said, as Clare pinned her eyebrows together in almost an angry manor. Alli ignored it. "You know, like, everyone on campus. Can you help us out?" Adam nodded and snapped his fingers.

"Can I help? Miss Bhandari, I know just the man for your friend! He's quite the charmer; you'll love him, Miss Clare." Adam told her, as Clare stared nervously at everyone in front of her. She honestly didn't think they would make her go through with this, anyway. Clare had come to the party, and wasn't that all that they wanted? She blushed slightly and shook her head.

"Wait," Clare said, holding up her hands in protest while Jake poured drinks for everyone. "Don't I even get a say in this? I don't want to sleep with a total stranger." Everyone ignored her. Alli took a sip of her beer, and Jenna leaned against Jake in an attempt to get him to like her. It wasn't working. "What, has everyone here lost their virginity to a stranger?" Jenna shrugged, and Alli only blushed. "Well, great." Clare groaned. "What if I get an STI or something?"

"You won't, believe me." Adam reassured, flashing Clare a generous smile. "He'll probably even take pretty good care of you considering you're a virgin."

"See, Clare? It's not that big of a deal!" Jenna said, taking the cup from Jake's hands and taking a long sip. "We'll find you a hot guy - probably whoever Adam is talking about – force you two into a room, and presto! You come out de-virginified. Plan is simple. Plan is easy. Plan is go."

"Plan is a go." Clare corrected, suddenly covering her mouth.

"Goodie!" Both girls screamed, as Adam hid a laugh. "None the matter though, let's go dance!" Jenna squealed, grabbing Clare by the hand and dragging her out to the dance floor – which was just the living space of the house along with a sheet spread out on the floor. The environment was completely new to Clare. It was an understatement to say she had absolutely no idea what was going on, or how to react to the sudden people dancing against her backside all the time. Especially considering all Clare could do was stand there and take it while they did so. She was at a party. If she was going to turn around and slap the person for being so inappropriate she might as well just leave – which wouldn't float well for Jenna or Alli. Her heard was still racing nervously waiting for said mystery guy to appear out of nowhere, drag her into a bedroom, strip her of her innocence and let her go back into the crowd feeling cold and alone. She was dreading this. She was honestly dreading this.

Without warning, Alli had dragged her across the room to Adam and a darker looking fellow standing in the corner. His skin wasn't dark or anything, only his demeanor. The way he stood, the way he dressed – the way he looked at everyone there was this dark undertone that made Clare shudder with fear. It was obvious; this was going to be the guy.

"Hey!" Alli said over the loud music, dragging a nervous Clare behind her. "This is Clare, and –" Her voice was muffled by the loudness of everyone else, and Clare honestly didn't bother trying to listen to anything they were saying. She knew what was happening. Alli was trying to set her up with this guy, and it was about to happen – for sure it was about to happen. "What's your name?"

"Uh-" the guy stuttered, earning a squeal from Alli.

"Good enough! You two have fun!" Alli yelled, waving Clare off as she grabbed onto Drew's arm and disappeared somewhere into the crowd. Clare eyed the man in front of her and her heart practically stopped. She really didn't know how she felt about this. About this confrontation, about what Alli had prepared for her – about all of it. It all seemed like it was going to be a big mistake that she was going to regret the next morning. No, she knew it would be a big mistake she would regret in the morning, no matter what happened between her and this nameless fellow. Clare wondered why Alli hadn't asked for his name, anyway. She found it incredibly rude, and now Clare would be giving herself over to a total stranger!

She suddenly noticed that Adam, who had been standing beside the man, had completely disappeared, leaving the two of them alone.

"So?" the guy tried to make conversation over the loud music, and Clare almost went into somewhat of a panic. She smiled awkwardly at him and looked around the crowded room full of party goers.

"S-So." She said in response, noticing a room to one of the bedrooms off to the side. Her heart began to beat fast in her chest, though she had absolutely no reason to be. She couldn't… she wasn't really going to have sex with this total stranger, was she? Well, it sure seemed that way by the way she touched his arm and swallowed. "I think there's a bedroom over there. Let's just… let's just go." She said quietly, starting to walk backwards towards the room she had seen. Clare was so nervous that her feet seemed to trip over themselves, and she bumped into someone behind her, and almost fell down onto the floor – except the tall dark stranger had reached for her arm just in time, saving her before she had hit the floor completely.

"You okay?" he asked, a smirk curling onto his lips. "Be careful."

"Y-Yeah. I'm fine." Clare blushed, her hand reaching for the doorknob, as they were only several feet away from the room. "Let's just… let's just… come on."