Dear Cam,

Hi from Clare and Eli! Well, mostly Clare, but Eli's beside me as I write you this cute little letter! He says his hand writing won't be as cute as mine. So I guess you get to read cute fancy writing instead of icky boy writing! (Eli says he's offended.) We're New York'd at this point. I doubt we'll ever come back! Oh, Eli says I'm insane and that we most definitely will be returning to see your cute little face! Eli's jealous again. You know how he gets. He's so silly, doesn't he know that you're Maya's? Speaking of Maya, how are you and Musical Matlin? Being adorable as ever, I sure hope! Eli says you two are 'too precious for this world.' (He's quoting Supernatural, he's obsessed with that show; it's scary.) How's the school during the winter holiday? Is it snowing? It's been snowing here in NYC, and we've been getting fresh hot chocolate every morning from the hotel, and then sometimes hot coco in central park. It's so beautiful, Cam! We're going to Coney Island tomorrow because he says he wants to ride the ferris wheel with me. What a cutie, right? And I want to get some pictures of us at the top of the world, and Eli says we're going to be taking pictures of us kissing which I will neither confirm nor deny! You probably didn't want to hear about that, though. Anyways, we hope everything's all right at home and that you and Maya aren't having too much fun without us! Oh yeah, and we also heard that you are 'kicking major ass' in hockey this season (Eli's words, not mine of course)! We'll attach some New York chocolate to this letter because it's absolutely fantastic. Okay, this letter's going to shame right about now, but just know we love and miss you! Don't forget, head up, stick on the ice!

With all love,

Clare Edwards + Eli G.

Clare smiled, licking the edges of the envelope and closing it over to seal it up. She scowled slightly at the foul taste, but it disappeared within a moment. "There, all written and nice for our little Camelot." She commented, as Eli's arms slid around her waist, and he buried his head in the crook of her neck.

"It's been nine days," Eli mentioned, bouncing his knees a little and smirked as Clare moved up and down on them. "Do you think he misses us?" Clare laughed as she tried to get up from her spot on Eli's lap, though he held her back and pressed kisses to her neck. "Don't go." He breathed.

"Of course he misses us. We're his best friends. Unless he got new ones." Clare squealed, feeling Eli's arms tighten around her waist, desperately trying to not let her go. "No, no, stop. I've got to go put this in the mail chute." Clare told him, and his arms finally released her as she jumped off his lap and down the hall towards the door of their hotel room. "I'll only be a minute!" She called.

"I'm counting." Eli yelled back, and subtly began to count down backwards from the number sixty. Right outside of the room was a small chute that led down to the mailroom, and was probably one of the most helpful parts on this trip. That… and the fact that up until yesterday there was no one booked in the rooms on either side of them. They had no need to be wary about how loud the two of them would get, and they certainly still didn't worry but Eli would gently tease her that they'd need to keep it down a little bit. "Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven..." Clare could hear him calling from inside.

As the letter fell down the chute, Clare was already quickly skipping back into their hotel room. "Hey you." She called, shutting the door behind her as she noticed Eli was still looking towards her. Like he hadn't taken his eyes off of her in the first place.

"Hey, beautiful." Eli smiled. "C'mere."

So Clare did as he asked, taking almost a running leap to get back into his big, strong arms. And the moment she had straddled onto his lap, and her legs wrapped around the back of his chair, her eyes glistened with excitement. She pressed fluttering kisses all over his lips and face, making him laugh softly at her gestures. "Eli Goldsworthy, look at how handsome you are!" Clare squealed, showering every bit of him with pecks.

"Oh, hush." Eli smirked.

"No way, mister! You're mine, all mine."

"And you're mine, Clare Edwards. All mine."

They kissed with much fervor, much like they did every night, but this time a little more-so. He kissed her as if this was their last time, and he was stealing every last bit of breath from her lungs so that he, himself could breathe. Her hands gripped his cheeks, and his were running through her hair and taking bits and pieces of her curls in between his fingers. It was still quite early in the day, in fact, Clare was still wearing her version of pajamas, which was really only Eli's over-sized Fall Out Boy t-shirt and a small pair of black underwear. Ever since losing her virginity she never found herself wearing white undergarments anymore. It was something a bit childish in her mind, and Clare was much against childish things, she loved to romanticize ideas such as these.

"It's early." Clare whispered as Eli's lips began to prey upon her neck, suckling desperately against her skin as Clare held back several moans. "We have a lot of things to do today..."

"Don't kill the mood, Edwards." Eli smirked, his teeth sinking into her flesh for a brief moment. "Let me kiss you everywhere."

"Eli," Clare slurred, it almost coming off as a muffled moan out of his name, but she hadn't meant it to be. "We have eleven more days to kiss each other."

"So desperate to see sights," Eli moved away from kissing her neck and looked into her eyes. "What's on the list for today, the Statue of Liberty? Empire State Building? Or perhaps you're going to drag me to Central Park all over again so you can reenact that one song from Enchanted like you did yesterday?" Eli teased, and Clare pursed her lips to hide a laugh.

"You're so snippy." She giggled, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. "I don't mind where we go. As long as I get to be with you all day."

"I think I'm going to leave you in the middle of New York city so that you can be all lonely all the time." Eli scrunched up his face, and shook his head. "Teasing of course. Let's go spend the day together. I'll buy you a veggie burger."

"I like that idea."

"I like you."

She blushed.

He smiled.