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3rd Person POV

Percy didn't know how he got into this situation. He had woken up Cabin 1 and found himself tied down into a chair. Then he saw that Annabeth and Thalia were approaching him with lust in their eyes. Percy wanted to know why they were acting this way. They seemed perfectly normal during dinner.

Except, he realized that, toward the end of the meal, they seemed a bit sick so they asked Chiron if they could skip the campfire. He gave them the OK and they headed back to their respected cabins.

After he left to go to the amphitheater for the campfire, when suddenly he was pulled into woods and was knocked out before he could find whom the culprits were. Now he knew who they were: his girlfriend and his best friend.

He saw Annabeth reached for a vial that was in her shorts, which by the way, were on the nearby bed. Oh, did he also mention that both of them were naked too?

Annabeth grabbed the vial, which was filled with some kind of pink liquid. As she walked back to Percy, she signaled Thalia to do the same. Annabeth popped open the top of the vial and poured it into a cup that was on the nightstand.

Thalia then forced his mouth open, leaning to do so, causing her C cup breasts to squish against his head. Annabeth then proceeded to pour the pink stuff down his throat. After it was emptied, he tried his hardest to spit and cough it up. But Thalia closed his mouth hard and plugged his nose. He was forced to swallow the pink liquid.

Percy then realized that a couple of Aphrodite girls poured some of the same stuff into their drinks while they weren't looking.

"Annabeth, Thalia, you have to stop this, you aren't like this. You're being influenced by a lust potion." He tried convincing them, hoping that they would snap out of their trance.

There was a bright flash and he's suddenly teleported to Olympus. He saw that Aphrodite was sitting on a couch with a bowl of popcorn on her lap.

"Sorry Percy, but they're going to stay like this until you fuck them senseless; and then some." Aphrodite said to him.

Percy POV

"What! You're kidding me! I can't do that!" I yelled at her. Aphrodite looked at me confused,

"Why not?" she asked me. Of course, she would be the only one to ask that.

"Well first off, one of them is my girlfriend!," I said pointing to Thalia, who was on the screen, "and second, the other one is not only like a sister to me, but she's also my girlfriend's best friend!," I said pointing to Annabeth, who also was on the screen, "That's why I can't do that!"

I yell at her trying to make her see what I'm getting at.

"That's even more of a reason for you to fuck them senseless. Just imagine it; Thalia underneath you, you fondling her tits, as you thrust in and out of her petite body.

I'll be watching you three." She winks at me, there's another flash, and I'm back in Cabin 1 to see Annabeth and Thalia arguing about something.

"No way you get to go first; he's my boyfriend after all. So that means I get to go first."

Thalia tells Annabeth. Are they arguing about whom I fuck first?

"Which is exactly why I should get to go first, he's going to fuck you longer than me, so I deserve to fuck him first." Annabeth counters. I was right, they are talking about whom gets to get fucked senseless first.

I suddenly feel sick and tired. Oh no! The potion is starting to affect me if I stay awake, I'll be safe. Eventually, the potion's power overtakes me and I begin to fall asleep, Annabeth and Thalia's argument fading into nothing.

I wake up, having the urge fuck nonstop. I feel someone sitting in my lap, which by the way felt very comfortable. I open my eyes and find that I'm only in my boxers.

I notice that Thalia is sitting on my lap. With her sexy body stark naked, making her look sexier than she is with clothes on, her usual raven black spiky hair now straightened out, falling along her back, and her perfect C cup tits teasing him being just out of reach.

It takes all my willpower not to break the ropes off and start fucking her like there's no tomorrow. She looks at me with her electrifying sky blue eyes, now darkened with lust.

"You ready to have an amazing sex-filled night with your sexy girlfriend, you horny boy?" she asks me seductively, while grinding me, causing me to moan in pleasure.

Thalia giggled as she felt my cock harden from her actions. She stopped, turned around, swiftly pulled my boxers down, grabbed my dick, and began stroking it.

"Wow Percy, your cock is enormous!" she exclaims as she strokes my 9 ½ inch dick excruciatingly slow.

"Stop teasing Thalia," I tell her, "it's not very ni-ooooooohhhhhh" I moan in pleasure as she put it my cock between her boobs; stroking it as she starts to suck my dick.

She slowly speeds up, her saliva acting as the perfect lubricant. About 10 minutes later, I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"I'm cumming!" and Thalia doubles her efforts, she's soon rewarded with me cumming into her mouth. She removes her mouth and swallows my load, but I wasn't done yet because I came some onto her face and tits.

She giggles before licking the cum off her tits and wipes the cum off her face and swallows it all.

"Yummy," she says to me, "You taste good Percy. Your cum tastes like seafood."

She smiles at me seductively making the feeling I had earlier come back strong. I pushed it away again. But when she gives me that look full of lust, I just lost it. I ripped the ropes off and pushed her to the biggest bed in the cabin.

She was surprised at first but her lust came back as quick as it had left. I started to kiss her violently, my tongue invading her mouth invading hers. The best part is that instead of pushing me off, she welcomed it.

As we made out, I started to massage her tits and pinch their nipples, causing her to moan sexily. I stopped kissing her and saw that she was upset. I didn't like seeing her like this, so I began to suck and lick her left boob, while massaging her right one and rubbed her nipple with my fingers. This caused to moan in ecstasy from this. I switched and started to suck and nibble her right nipple and massaged her left tit. This caused her to moan more and scream my name.

Thalia POV

Oh my gods, Percy's amazing! I moan and scream his name because everything and anything he does is pure bliss. I wonder if anybody could hear us. It would be really bad if someone hears or even sees what we're doing. Just thinking about it turns me on more than I am already.

He stops kissing me and I whimper, missing the pleasure he gives me. He starts to kiss me on the lips all the way down my body making me moan again. Gods, this boy turns me on so much!

Percy POV

I kiss her until I reach where her pussy is and I tease her by kissing and licking everywhere but where she wants me to go.

"Who's the one teasing now?" she growls at me. I look up at her and smirk.

"Payback's a bitch, Thals." I tell her. She most likely was going to yell at me, but she threw her head back and moaned when I gave her pussy lips a long, slow lick.

She looked at me again and growled,

"You bastard, you are such a di-aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" she jumps slightly and screams in ecstasy as I put one finger into her pussy.

I began to finger her slowly, adding another finger as I sped up. As I fingered as fast as I could, I added a third finger, stretching her virgin pussy, making her scream like crazy as I hit her G-spot every time I thrust my fingers into her. I could tell she was holding it back so I thrusted my fingers one last time, as hard as I could. She screamed very loudly, climaxing all over my fingers, which were still in her pussy.

Thalia POV

Oh my gods, I can't believe he did that to me! Licking my pussy as I was going to yell at him. After I stop moaning, I looked at him and growled,

"You bastard, you are such a di-aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" I jump a bit and scream in ecstasy when as he inserted one finger into me.

He started to me making me moan like an idiot, again. As he sped up, he inserted another finger into my pussy, making me moan more. He added a third finger, stretching my pussy farther apart before he began fingering me as fast as possible.

I moaned and screamed in ecstasy as he hit my G-spot every time he thrusted. I was close to cumming and held it in for as long as I could until he thrusted into me hard making me scream very loudly as I climaxed all over his fingers. I went limp from climaxing so hard.

Percy POV

I took my fingers out of her pussy sopping wet with her juices. I tasted the juices and founded that it tasted as sweet as honey. I held it out to her

"Want some?" I asked her. She nodded her head violently. I held it to her, but just out of reach from her mouth. She looked at me pleadingly and whimpered.

"Please Percy. Let me taste it." she begged. I pitied her so I lowered it so she could taste her own juices. As Thalia began tasting her own juices, I started to suck her right breast, while massaging her left breast, pinching her nipple.

She moaned from the taste of her ejaculation and the pleasure from what I was doing to her. I stopped, got up and decided it was time for both of us to lose our virginity. I opened up Thalia's legs and placed my cock at her entrance and looked at her for permission to enter.

Thalia POV

Oh gods! Percy is so great at this! I wonder where he learned how to do this. Probably from watching porn before we got together. I don't mind that he used to watch porn. I mean, I did too, so it's a wash. Anyway, he held his fingers out

"Want a taste?" he asked me. I nodded violently, wanting to taste my juices badly.

He began to give it to me but held it just out of reach. I whimpered and looked at him pleadingly. He lowered his fingers and I tasted myself. I moaned in pleasure as I tasted myself and as he began sucking and massaging my tits.

He stopped and got up confusing me at first. Then he opened my legs wide open, and I now knew why he stopped. He probably wants both of us to lose our virginity tonight. He looked at me for permission and after some thinking. I nodded yes.

Percy POV

She nodded yes, I began to enter my 9 ½ inch cock into her and she moaned in pleasure. I was tempted to enter her faster, but I knew that this would hurt her a lot.

After a minute of pushing my cock into her and having her torture me with moans of pleasure, I reached her barrier and she flinched slightly. I looked at her again, making sure she wanted this as much as I wanted it.

She nodded kissing me on the lips and she laid back down bracing for the pain. I kissed her passionately before thrusting into her, breaking her hymen.

Thalia POV

Percy was passionately kissing me before I felt him thrust into me, breaking my hymen. I suddenly felt immense pain and I screamed in pain as I kissed Percy. I closed my eyes tightly and felt tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

I stayed like that until I felt Percy stop kissing my lips and started to kiss the tears on my face that I didn't even know had been released. I opened my eyes and saw worriedness and love in his eyes, not the sex love, but the caring love that only a person who deeply loves their partner can give. I kissed him and nodded for him to continue.

3rd Person POV

When Thalia nodded for Percy to continue, He pushed the rest of his 9 ½ inch cock into her pussy. When it was all the way in, Percy kissed Thalia deeply and with all the passion he could give as he slowly went in and out. Thalia broke the kiss and moaned

"Faster Percy! Oh gods fuck me faster!" she screamed and he obeyed her command and began pumping in her faster and faster.

Percy started to rub her clit and massage her tits causing Thalia to moan loudly in pleasure.

"Oh my gods Percy! You're fucking amazing! Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster!" Thalia yelled at him, which turned on Percy.

He began pumping as fast and as hard as he possibly could.

After five minutes of this, Thalia was unhappy that Percy couldn't go any faster, so she flipped them over and began impaling herself on Percy's cock.

"By the gods Percy! You're fucking amazing! Yes! Fuck me in my ass! Yes, so fucking good! Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!"

Thalia screamed as she came on his dick, making Percy nearly cum inside her. Percy took Thalia off of him and turned her around. Thalia sucked his cock as he came inside her mouth. She swallowed all of his cum and looked up and smiled at Percy brightly. Percy smiled right back and picked Thalia up off the floor and began kissing her passionately.

She responded with just as much passion. They pulled back and looked into each other's eyes, love shown in both of the couple's eyes. They kissed again before them saying at the same time,

"I love you"

After the confessions of love, they continued having sex all throughout the night, doing different positions every single hour. As dawn approached, they decided to go at it one last time before anybody woke up.

They decided to do it in the shower for two reasons: 1. They wanted to experiment having sex in a different setting and 2. All the beds were covered with Percy's cum and/or soaked with Thalia's juices.

As the water was heating up, Percy and Thalia had an intense make out session. When Percy deemed the water to be good, Thalia jumped onto Percy and wrapped her arms around his neck and her sore legs around his chest and began to kiss him ferociously. Percy supported Thalia by grabbing her ass.

When the two were ready, Thalia slammed down onto Percy's cock with a cry of pleasure even if Percy had fucked her all night, he was still pretty big, in her opinion.

As the two kissed, Percy slammed Thalia against the shower wall and continued to fuck her. Within 5 minutes, Thalia cried out and came on Percy's dick. Right before he came, Percy took Thalia off and came all over her face and chest.

As Percy was about to start washing himself off, Thalia pushed him down onto the shower floor, with the shower still on. Percy looked at her, one eyebrow raised

"One more time, pleeeeaaaasssseeeee?" Thalia asked him like a little kid asking their parent for a new toy or to go get ice cream.

Percy sat up and chuckled at Thalia's childness.

"Okay, but no more sex until tonight, is that understood?" Percy asked Thalia and she nodded.

Before she could finish nodding her head, Percy grabbed her and immediately rammed his cock into her ass. Thalia yelped in surprise and Percy moaned in pleasure as his cock was being squeezed at the tightness of Thalia's asshole.

When she was ready, he picked her up and took her from behind. Thalia turned sideways and began French kissing Percy as his 9 ½ inch cock was continually pounding her ass. Percy used one hand to massage one of her tits and the other to finger her sore pussy as well as rub her clit too. This caused Thalia to throw her head back onto his shoulder and moan in ecstasy.

Thalia felt the need to come but she wanted to come at the same time with Percy. She heard him grunt meaning that he was close to coming. Thalia's and Percy's lips collided and they struggled to see who would come first. Percy began rubbing Thalia's tits faster and also fingering and rubbing her pussy and clit faster.

All Thalia had to do was wait for the right moment. She felt his balls tighten and she used her ass muscles to squeeze Percy's cock making him cry out and he came in her asshole.

At the same time, Thalia had let go and she came just as hard as him. She went limp, just like her first climax. Percy pulled Thalia off of him and a bunch of Percy's cum fell to the shower floor and went down the drain. They washed each other off and got dressed for the day. They stepped out of Cabin 1 and walked towards the Dining Pavilion, hand in hand.

The love Percy and Thalia had for each other amazed the gods. Even Aphrodite was impressed, she had never felt a love this strong between a couple in all her immortal life.

Of course, Aphrodite only showed the other gods the clean parts and kept the dirty scenes for herself. No need for Zeus and/or Poseidon to freak out about Thalia and Percy having sex.

Aphrodite sighed and looked at her own personal screen watching a recording of her new favorite couple, Perlia, go at it sometime during the night. She kept her promise; she watched them the entire night, soundproofing the Cabin so they could have privacy throughout the night.

Unfortunately, Aphrodite never got to see her threesome. Annabeth only had a minor dosage, so after Percy fell asleep, the potion stopped affecting her.

But only Percy and Thalia going at it by themselves was much hotter anyway. Especially, since the potions wore off around 2:30 AM, but they kept going at it until 7:30, showing Aphrodite how much Percy and Thalia loved each other.

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