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Hermione's sleep was interrupted with Mrs. Weasley calling up the stairs for everyone to wake up, and come to breakfast. Hermione rolled off the bed, and glanced at the clock. Ten o'clock. Must be important she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She dragged a brush through her hair, and quickly braided it, then went to wake Ginny. Deciding that she would probably not get to sleep again until later tonight, she pulled on a pair of jean Capri's, and then put on Charlie's old Quidditch jersey, that she had taken to wearing on Saturdays if she had nowhere to be.

She missed Charlie, as they had grown extremely close after the war, and considered him one of her closest friends. She walked slowly down the stairs, with Ginny bouncing at her heels, obviously no longer tired at the prospect of food. They sat down at the table, and waited as Mrs. Weasley levitated the food onto it. Once Ron finally sat beside Harry, she allowed them all to eat. As they ate, they chatted, or just listened if they were too tired.

"Nice shirt, Mione." Fred and George said to her at the same time, as they did every time she wore it. She smiled. "Thanks, I got it from a friend." She answered, as always. After they finished eating, Mrs. Weasley told them to wait for a moment, then disappeared into the kitchen. Coming back in, she handed around a letter to everyone, and held another stack. Hermione read her letter.

Because of the dwindling population of the wizarding world thanks to the ending of the war, the Ministry of Magic has now set a new law. If you are between the ages of sixteen and thirty-four, you have been matched with someone who the Ministry thinks you will be compatible with. You must marry within the next four months, and must have one child before your first anniversary. After your first child, you must have three more within the next seven years. After you and your partner have at least four magical children, you may have the choice to divorce. There will be no exceptions other than if you are already engaged or married. Every pair that is matched by the Ministry is to be engaged within two weeks after getting your match. You may not change who you are to marry. Breaking this law will result in being thrown into Azkaban, and being removed of all powers.

Hermione looked up. "Molly, they can't force us to marry, can they?" she said. Mrs. Weasley was also holding a letter. "Yes, dear, they can, I'm afraid." She replied. "I have the papers that say who you are to marry here, hold on." Mrs. Weasley said, sending each one of them a second piece of paper. Harry opened his first, then sighed in relief. "Ginny, I don't suppose you would mind being forced to marry me, now would you?" he said, and Ginny grinned.

They had been dating since the war, and Hermione knew Harry had been planning to ask her to marry her anyways. "Is that what you call a proposal?" Ginny asked, before kissing him. He shook his head. "No, I guess not." He looked as if he was about to say more, before Fred got up quickly, knocking his chair over in the process, and slamming the door as he stormed out. George looked after him. "I don't think he liked his match too well. But I got Katie, if it matters." Mrs. Weasley smiled. "Good, good, I was hoping that you would be kept together." She said, gesturing to Harry and Ginny, then to George.

Ron nudged Hermione. "You or me?" he said, but she had already rolled her eyes and opened her letter. She read the name, and the paper dropped from her hands, and she paled noticeably. Ginny reached over and picked it up. "Well, who is it?" George asked, stretching as he stood up. Ginny shook her head. "It'll be okay Hermione." she said, giving her best friend a hug. Hermione looked down at her lap, and nodded. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but then another door slammed, Fred came barging back in, looking extremely frustrated.

Hermione squeaked (Even Fred, the third calmest of the Weasley clan could get angry, and now seemed like one of those times to Hermione) and she dashed out of the room, tears beginning to spill down her cheeks as she practically flew to her room. Ginny sighed. "Fred, that was dumb." She scolded before following Hermione. The others all looked at Fred. "So? Is anyone gonna say who Hermione's with?" asked George, and Fred nodded. "Me."