Hello peeps! So I know what you are probably thinking. Aren't you writing like three other things on here and should be getting out the next chapter of "Mrs. Walker?" Well yes I probably should be but I want to write more Tup! So this will be where I will write some prompts (probably in the format as "LaurWalk prompts"). Submit any type of prompts you want me to write, as I'll try to write them up to all of your expectations! Can't wait to hear from you all very soon! xoxo Cait

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After a long mission the crew of 15-A2 felt like they finally deserved a break. Despite Taz arguing and saying that they should start training instead, all of the members flew down to the beach for the day. Taz sat in the drop pod with a scowl on her face, refusing to move, but was soon carried out by Up. No matter how hard she hit and yelled at the commander he did not let go of her tiny body. Up ordered Krayonder to lock the pod so she could not escape. Once he was certain that it was locked, Up placed Taz on the ground.
"Now Taz, at least try to have some fun. For me, please?" Up begged her giving her a puppy dog look. He knew it wouldn't work in her but it was worth a try.
"Leave me alone idiota." She sighed and laid back in the sand looking up at the sky.
Up shrugged and removed his shirt to go swimming. Though he did have a robot side made of many wires and other electrical elements, the Galactic League made sure that they were water proof in case any missions he went on consisted of traveling through swamps or other bodies of water. As he did remove his own shirt Taz took notice of it.
She tried very hard not to stare but it was difficult. His abs were absolutely perfect and you could barely tell that he had ever been cut in half. She watched as he ran in the water and started splashing around, it made her even want to go in, but she couldn't. Taz had a point to prove and she would if it was the last dead-god damn thing she ever did.
After a few hours Taz finally was starting to get hot. The summer sun was pounding down on her and the water was so close to her. Eventually she gave in and got up from her spot in the warm and grainy sand. Since she was so stubborn this morning she did not even think of packing a suit. "Oh well." She thought to herself. Taz was not one to easily get embarrassed so she removed her shirt and pants, leaving her in just a sports bra and a pair of boyshorts, which happened to be quite lacy and rode up a bit in the back. She could care less, all she wanted was to get in the water. Taz took her time walking over which happened to give the boys something pretty hot to look at.
"Woah! I didn't know Taz had a fucking sexy body." Krayonder said to the people around him.
Up who was not gazing in the direction of Taz looked at the boy strangely. "What are you talking abou-" His question was soon answered as he turned his head over to see the Hispanic beauty walking toward him. "...I didn't know either, Krayonder." Sure Up has seen Taz like this before when she changed in his room to stay the night, but he never really got a peak of how great she actually looked.

Taz soon swam over to them, not even noticing their glances at her. "Hola." She said to Up, not really caring about anyone else who was there at the moment.
"Hiya Taz."
Soon they both heard that stupid ass Krayonder yell out, "Get some, Up!" Taz turned bright red in anger and started muttering random curses in Spanish at him. "I will kill jou!"
Up grabbed her and pulled her back toward him as she went to attack the boy. "Hey now. Calm down. He was just joking."
"I know dat." She mumbled still obviously pissed off.
Up offered her a hug, figuring she would reject it, but instead she accepted it happily and wrapped her arms around his neck. Up was surprised for her to be wrapped around him but he made the most of it and kept her nice and close to him for the remainder of their day at the beach.