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Caroline felt shivers, moving her arms around like she was having a spasm. Finally, she settled down.

Isn't she beautiful?

Caroline shot her eyes open quickly. That was not her thoughts, it sounded.. manly. "Bonnie," Caroline cried out loud.

Bonnie jumped from her seat. "I'm right beside you! You don't have to shout!" She shot her a glare.

"Something went wrong!" Caroline panicked. Caroline might be tired, but she was not that sleepy to imagine a man's voice in her head as if it was her thinking.

"What's wrong?" the girl sitting infront of the vampire sighed. She opened her brown orbs, looking at her.

Caroline grinned sympathically—they were just performing a spell and Caroline ruined her concentration. The spell was just a tiny spell, nothing huge. They—well Bonnie, wanted to try a spell that could read into someone else's thoughts and who was a great friend that would help another? Caroline! Bonnie just popped in Caroline's house at 5, mind you, and asked, well, urged her to be the run through test. Caroline unwilling agreed, eyes still groggy. As Bonnie casted that juju magic, Caroline slowly fell asleep unil she heard that voice in her head.

"I hear some guy in my head!" Caroline screamed quietly towards the witch. "I thought I was supposed to go into someone elses head, reading their mind!"

Bonnie's eye shot open, flipping through the grimoires. Spell gone wrong? Let's make sure the saying was right!

Caroline held her fingers to her lip, walking in circles. Dang it! Caroline thought. She looked towards her witch friend.

Bonnie looked at Caroline, biting her tongue. "I don't know what happened."

Caroline looked at her friend. "Say what? No, no, no! Bonnie!"

"Hey, don't blame it on me!" Bonnie surrendered. "You fell asleep."

Caroline yelled in her head. It is soooo not her fault! It wasn't like she wanted to be the person going under a spell!

Why do I hear a girl in my head?

Caroline's eye shot wide. "Get out! Get out!" she whimpered. She flung her hands around, shaking. "I don't want to hear you!"

Bonnie stared at her like she was monster. Ah, ignore that little pun. "Who are you talking to?" she asked, eyes wide.

Caroline glared, her index finger pointing at her head. She winced.

"I should go," Bonnie said, slowly walking away. She'll let Caroline cool down, whilst she re read her spell.

Caroline flashed to her. "No! You fix this right now, Bennet!"

Bonnie giggled silently. Nervously. "Woahh, look at the time! Time calls." Bonnie quickly ran out her house and Caroline decided not to chase her down. Yet.

Helllooo? Are you still there? Caroline asked in her head.

Nope, I'm not here, the voice responded.

Caroline snickered, rolling her eyes. Right. Whoever you are, get out of my thoughts!

The voice scoffed to her. I would if I could.

Caroline hissed. Ugh. Jerk! ..Who are you?

Well, someone is a ray of sunshine, is she not? If I were you, I would mind my manners.

Caroline rolled her eyes. But you aren't me. So, no. I'll still talk as I desire… I asked, who are you!

First of all, sweetheart, you do not command me. Secondly.. please don't take this the wrong way. Or do—I don't care—I will find you and rip your heart out oh so ever slowly. Message clear, love?

Caroline arched her eyes. Sweetheart? Love? Her eyes were wide. ..Klaus? her voice was a light. It can't be Klaus.. it can't.

You heard of me? the voice seemed hungry. It was like he wanted to figure out who she was and—Fantastic.

Caroline let out a scream, waking her neighbours up. No noo! No, no, noo! Anybody besides him!

Hurtful, sweetheart. I still have a cold, dead heart, Klaus cooed.

Caroline threw her couch's pillow at the wall. Bonnie! She marched out of her house and looked around, smiling at the time. It was 7—the time that The Grill opened. Caroline pranced inside the Grill, until her eyes found the witch. It was easy finding her really, since she was the second person in The Grill. "Bonnie Bennett!" the girl yelled, eyes angry.

Bonnie quickly looked up, sighing. "Yes, my sweet friend?" Ever since Bonnie casted the dark spell, she slowly began to get.. darker. But she still was the same Bonnie—willing to do anything to save her friends when they were about to die.

"You fix this right now! I don't like having Klaus in my head!" she cried. "What if he thinks about a girl as he slowly chews out her neck or worse?" she whimpered. She learnt something today—don't be a test drive.

"Caroline," Bonnie hissed. She turned her head to the human inside the Grill, eyes wide. "Fix it," she yelled, taking a sip of her drink.

Caroline rolled her eyes, getting up and grinning. "Hello!" Before the person could reply, she stared into his eyes. "You will not remember the conversation I just had. You will finish your meal and then leave, not remembering my friend or I." Caroline then smiled, patting the guys hair. "Good day!" She walked towards Bonnie's seat, where Bonnie was gone. "Bonnie?" she asked. Awesome. She growled and looked behind the counter on her knees and palms, where the tender stared at her as he walked out of the chef's room.

"Is anything wrong, miss?"

Caroline didn't look at him as she continued to crawl around the bar. "I'm not here. Just pretend I'm not here."

The bar tender shook his head. "I'm sorry, miss, but—" The girl stopped him.

Caroline sighed. "I'm looking for a friend."

"On the floor?" the guy laughed. Mystic Falls was getting weirder by the hours.

Caroline hissed and stood up, dusting her hand. She was about to answer the man when she saw her friend. "Bonnie, there you are!" she walked towards Bonnie and sat down. "Please tell me, why do I hear Klaus's voice in my head that you performed?" Bonnie shrugged, glaring at Caroline. Fine, Caroline sighed. "I'll tell you this, Bonnie, I'd be much glad if you heard his voice in your mind, but mine?" She shook her head. "Not fair."

Bonnie pouted. "Mean." Caroline shrugged, smiling. "Fine," the girl muttered. "You really want to know?" The vampire nodded. "The reason why you hear Klaus is because you were thinking of him when I performed the spell." She smirked. "Happy?"

Caroline frowned. "I did not—" she stopped. Stupid Klaus and his dimples. Ugh. The girl hissed towards herself.

I heard that, sweetheart, Klaus laughed. I'll find you soon. Keep those hints coming.

Caroline rolled her eyes. You won't figure out who I am.

Klaus shrugged. Let's try.. Elena.. Bonnie? No. Kelly?

The vampire smirked. He sucked at guessing.

..No couldn't be. Caroline?

Her breath was caught. How did he know it was her? Who—

No, Caroline is more feminine.

Feminine? How dare he? Caroline Forbes is a tiger, if you may!

Her eyes widened. Darn that smart hybrid! She was played by cards!

Ah, Caroline. I always knew that you were a spitfire, Klaus smirked. Please tell, where are you?

Caroline tried to yell in her head. I won't ever tell you.

Oh but sweetheart, this cat and mouse game is fun. I'll find you.

With that, the doors to the restraunt and the bar shot open.

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