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Caroline jumped, her hand on her chest. "Elena! You scared me!"

Elena walked over to their table and sat down. "You're a.. you know what. You shouldn't be so scared," she teased. Caroline gave her a look. It was like Elena was trying to make her sound like she was Voldemort. "Besides," the brunette added, "we like, almost come here every morning."

Caroline pouted in defeat as they began to ask for their food. Halfway through the trio's breakfast, Caroline felt as if the air turned different. "Do you guys sense something?" The witch looked at her and shook her head no. Caroline let out a sigh, poking her food.

Roses are red, violets are blue, Caroline is naughty, I'll catch you.

That was the worst rhyme Caroline ever heard, which meant much since it was an original that said that. Go away, idiot, the vampire growled towards the hybrid. When she didn't hear any retorts, she took it as the original obliged. The blonde looked back up, letting the metal fork fall on the table with a clang clang making her friends look at Caroline, jumping out of their skin. "I have to go," she said, not explaining.

Bonnie smirked at her, like she knew why she had to go. The guts! Caroline would have choked her by the throat if Bonnie weren't her friend. She ran out of the Grill before she could act.

The vampire walked back home, thumping on the stairs. She opened her room door and threw her black purse on the chair, jumping when the presence of the one and only, Klaus, laid on her bed with a smirk.

Klaus's hands were behind his head, his feet crossed over together while he lied on her bed, Damonstyle. Caroline opened her arms, surprised. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I think I'm lieing down," he answered nonchantly. If she would have known better, she would've thought Damon and Klaus went to the "Annoy all girls at Mystic Falls" school.

"In my room?" she growled, going on her bed and pushing his sides, trying to push him off the bed. "You're making my bed sheets get a yucky odor," she growled. "I don't enjoy a wolf smell. It's... territorial."

Klaus chuckled as she continued trying to get him off her sheets. "You loved it when Tyler was still here in Mystic Falls," he reminded her.

That pissed her off. Tyler left after the original went out of his mind and fled back to the west, claiming he found a wolf there. Please. Guy did not have guts to stay after Caroline gave him a scowlding. But he deserved it! It was not right of him or Klaus to not tell her. All those kisses they had shared-it was full of.. passion, and -

Caroline screamed at him and pushed once more as she accidently let go, now flying on his chest with her chin ontop of his original chest. She turned her face around 90 degrees and hissed when she faced the original. He had a cheesy smile on his face. Oh, how she would love to hit that grin off his face. She then turned back, not looking at him. "Get off my bed," she ordered.

"Getting off me would help, sweetheart," he laughed. "Unless you fancy laying on me, then have at it."

Caroline quickly got off him and punched his chest. "Stop flirting with me," she quipped.

He popped himself up, leaning on her headboard. He told her, "I'm not flirting with you, I'm telling you the truth."

She rolled her eyes. I hate you.

"The best love stories always start with hate," he laughed. Caroline stayed silent-she read many books and it was true. Most of the books she read had the characters that depised one another will slowly fall for each other, but Caroline promised herself she would not fall for this original. Definitely not him. She'd rather run outside naked.

I heard that, love, Klaus said.

Good! Then you will know to piss off, she glowered.

"You present diffuculty for me, Caroline," he said, getting off her bed. "You challenge me. I won't piss off even in a year, or a century." He chuckled as he moved her curtains aside, opening the window. Caroline hissed at him as he walked out of the window, after he flashed her a smirk. "I'll see you later, love."

She threw a pillow at him, to which he dodged in a flash, laughing. Great. Now she had to go pillow shopping. "Good riddance!" she cried to him. "And stay out of my thoughts, you kitty kat!" she yelled at him as she watched him jump out of her deck.

Really, sweetheart? It's your fault we can hear each other, he reminded her.

She wanted to tell him, "It wasn't my fault! It was Bonnie's!" but she had the knowledge to know that he would've kill her. So she said to him, I still hate you.

See? he chuckled.

Klaus, do me a favour, please. Stop thinking, she whined.

Yes mam, he said with a laugh. Oh, and I think you'd look lovely running outside without clothing, sweetheart.

Caroline gasped, but slowly started to have pink form around her cheek. She fell down on her blankets, sniffing the scent. Not bad a scent for a ripping machine. Once she realised she thought that, she let out a cry. Caroline silently waited for the hybrid to make fun of her, and to boast but gladly, he was silent. She got off her bed and walked around in circles, bored. What to do, what to do. If Tyler was here, I'd be beside him right now. But since he isn't here, thanks to that ugly turd... I have nothing to do.

You could try to keep quit your thinking now, love, Klaus offered to her. And ugly? That pains me. On the contrary, I think you're beautiful.

You look like a rotten banana. And why should I quit thinking, if that even can happen? Am I bothering your "chi" time? Caroline snickered to herself. She seriously needed to stop hanging around Damon with his stupid Damon humor. Actually, he needed to stop bothering her.

No, I am pleasantly enjoying a drink, Caroline. Your thoughts are ruining the moment, he replied, serious.

Caroline smirked, then let out a sound. Wait, you're trying to seduce a girl into becoming your meal? Please. You can't seduce anyone to save a life, she snickered to him. Or drain a life. Her puns were getting worse by the second she hung out with him, and Damon. Her mind raced back to the night when Kol got daggered and he smiled at her. With those dimples. Klaus's voice broke her thoughts and she shook her head violently, hoping that it would help the dimpled smile get out of her brain.

I saved your life love, he chuckled. I think you should be polite to me.

You were the cause of my almost death, turd! She pouted, crossing her arms. She then continued, You offered your arm to me. You insisted I lived, no?

Ah, you remember. Wonderful, he said. Caroline rolled her eyes. How could she forget? It was her almost death. My word stands true-if you ever want me to show you the world, all you have to do is simply ask.

Don't count on it, she replied hastily. It was tempting, if she was being honest-travelling to see the world, yet there was a downer. She would be with him.

The next morning, Caroline awoke to the voices of a thought. Look at that-so round and silky. If I could get my hands on that and taste it-

Caroline quickly shot off her bed before thinking in a loud, mean tone, What. The. Penguins. Are. You. Talking. About?! That is no way to talk about a girls breasts, you perverted.. hybrid!

Klaus chuckled.

Breasts? I'm not talking about breasts, love.

Caroline sat up and wiped her eyes. Really? Round and if you could get your hands on it and TASTE it..

I was talking about Bekah's cupcakes.

Cupcakes? Of Rebekah's?! Going so low to touch your own sister? She let out a whimper.

Klaus laughed. Actually laughed.
What the bloody hell are you saying? I literally mean cupcakes.

Caroline bit her lip. Ooh. You could have just said so.

Ah, always quick to make judgments, love, Klaus hollered out.

Caroline walked towards her closet, offended by his statement and went to get ready for the morning. She flashed all the way to Bonnie's house, knocking on the door. "Bonnie!"

Bonnie took her time to answer the door with a grin on her face. "What is it?"

"Oh, don't act like you don't know! He is making me go nuts! Like coocoo-in the head! Literally!" she cried.

Bonnie sighed, drumming her little fingers on the frame of the door quickly. "Don't worry, it should wear off soon."

"Should?" Caroline quipped. "That is like saying what if! What if we suddenly switch bodies and he-he," Caroline stopped midsentence. She couldn't dream about him taking control of her body.. Caroline began a new sentence, "Having your thoughts being shared is like someone is going to control us and-"

Her witch friend had a horror stricken face. She quickly looked around, then she calmed down, grinning at her. "Caroline, are you giving me suggestions?"

Caroline glared at her. "Of course not! Bonnie!" she yelped.

"It may be useful," she offered. "You can tell whenever he is planning something to hurt us, or whatever."

Caroline rolled her eyes. "So far, all he is thinking is "cupcakes". Cupcakes, Bonnie! Cupcakes! Why does an evil hybrid even want to think about cupcakes?!"

"Do I look evil to you?" she asked Caroline. She looked at her with such a lost look, Caroline felt pity for yelling at her friend.

"Of course not, Bonnie," she muttered shakily. To be honest, she was scared of Bonnie now. She was so different-much more confident, and she talked back. Only Caroline talked back, mind you! "And, you do not look like a hairy hybrid," she smiled.

Bonnie looked surprised, then she growled. "You do not look like you have wings, too, my friend."

Caroline gasped, as to Bonnie shut the door in her face. Jerk. She walked out of her lawn, not looking back, growling to herself. She should go to Damon, yes. Annoy him, and relief herself of all this anger. But of course, he would just sigh, shaking his head and walk away from her.

Not thinking of where she was going, her legs walked her to the originals' house. Caroline hesitatingly knocked on the door, unimpressed when no one came to the door. Open your door, turd! Caroline did not wait for him, as to she twisted the door, walking in as she searched for Klaus. Since the ball, she never walked in his house, and she was breath taken again by the grand halls.

"What are you doing here?" Rebekah wailed.

Caroline opened her mouth to reply, when Klaus walked in. "Ignore her. My sister has been edgy after Kol told her her cupcakes were, and I quote, "unbelievibly the most, out of all cupcakes I had tasted in my existence, in the ENTIRE world, ever, from Newark to Singapore, Brazil to Austrailia ...""

Rebekah flashed to him, angry. Her cheeks were red from anger or embarassment, Caroline did not know. Rebekah warned, "Don't say it, Nik!"

Klaus smirked at his angry sister. "The most disgusting cupcakes I had ever eaten."

Rebekah punched him in the guts, before flashing away. Caroline giggled, whilst Klaus rubbed himself. "Well," he grinned. "What brings you here? Definitely not to try her cupcakes, I suppose."

"I need to tell you something," she began, as Klaus showed her the sitting room.

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