A Lesson On Pride 4


The feasting lasted a week and now it is done, Sif stretched and smiled at her coming assignments. Odin Allfather managed to keep the peace with the Alfars by promising compensation and the Aesirs as tools to help them rebuild the city they destroyed and anything else in the Realm. It felt good to help those she wronged and she hoped that they will forgive Asgard for their sins. Sif found herself walking towards the dungeon and wondered why she was there in that direction in the first place. She realized she wanted to see Thor and tell him how they are making up for the damage they have caused.

She walked down the dark narrow hall and noticed that the temperature was rising rather than dropping. Once she passed the guards and entered Thor's cell, the scent of burning flesh hit her and she covered her nose with her hand. The sight of Thor will never leave her and shall stay in her mind. It was imprinted forever in her memories and the rush of pity and anguish of Thor being there and helpless.

He was on his knees and his arms held up by chains that radiated heat and they were wrapped around his body. Above his head was a bowl that was tilted enough to allow a drop of the molten rock drip down and land on his back. Once the drop touched his skin, it made a sizzling sound and when it harden, it would fall off and the burnt skin would heal. Thor looked so defeated and he did not even bother to lift his head when Sif walked in.

"The Warriors Three and myself are leaving soon to travel to Alfheim," Sif spoke and Thor made no motion that he heard her, but she continued anyway, "We are to help them until their city is repaired and with anything else in their realm. I thought you should know that Asgard is going to help the Alfars and fix the damage we have caused. Your father is very fair Thor, do not be upset at him. It is yourself that you have to blame." Sif then turned around and exited the cell.

Before she left Thor's line of sight, she glanced behind and saw that Thor lifted his head and was staring at her. Sif felt her body tense and she quickly walked out and away from Thor. The temperature dropped and it gave Sif goose skin as she made her way to her room. Once there she dropped to the floor and covered her face with her hands and shook her head.

How, how is it possible? She thought, what did I just see? She replayed the image over and over in her mind before she convinced herself that it was a trick on her mind and her eyes. There is no way that what she had seen is true. Thor's eyes must have been affected by the lighting in his cell. There is no way for his eyes be green when they are in fact, blue.

Hello, author here (Or you may call me Kimblee) and just an FYI, this is only part one and part two will be posted ASAP so keep an eye out. Also, here is a fun fact: if you know what the Daughter of Evil is, you will most likely understand the entire structure of this story and perhaps the plot itself.

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