This idea has been bugging me for awhile. I know it has been overdone because it is just so fun to play with, but I had to take a crack at it.

Disclaimer: Dr. Horrible was created by Joss Whedon.


His mission was complete.

There will be blood, it might be yours. So go kill someone.

He did. It just wasn't who he expected. Or who he wanted.

Heroes were over with. Captain Hammer stood over him prepared to kill with no hesitation while Dr. Horrible—Billy—had to motivate himself to even near his nemesis with such a vile intent. Who was the real villain? Hammer fired, but the weapon belonged to Dr. Horrible. He had the intentions to kill the so-called "hero." Maybe they were both villains.

He stood there looking down at the only girl he loved, the only thing keeping him from being a true supervillain. He couldn't help but notice how the blood seemed to match her hair. All he wanted was to tell her that he loved her hair.

His world was a blur of flashing lights from the photographers and the rambling questions of the reporters. He didn't hear or see anything except for the bloodstained girl and her matching blood-red hair. He couldn't focus on a thing. He couldn't feel a thing. He carried the girl he loved and couldn't feel that love. There was nothing left to love. Her world no longer existed. Dr. Horrible took it from her.

An anesthetized feeling flooded over him, if such a feeling could do that. He didn't feel though.

As the bloodstained girl with the blood-red hair rolled away on a gurney all he could do was watch, numb.

The last song just basically screamed a plea of I-lost-the-girl-of-my-dreams-and-I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life. Poor Billy.


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