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Carol shivered, pulling her sweater down to cover her more. It had been three days since the group had arrived at the prison, exhaustion weighing down every last one of them. The group had no choice but to go to the prison. Their cars were running on fumes and their food supply was dangerously low, not to mention they only had knives to protect themselves with now. Rick had no choice but to check out Glenn's latest discovery. He had found the prison while he was looking for a place to scavenge.

It was amazing, they were so close to safety for so long and they hadn't known it. Hershel never said a word about it either, which got Rick in a huff. Besides from that, Rick's tired, strained face brightened when the young Korean told him of his discovery, planning out with Daryl and Glenn on their next move. The group wasn't exactly happy with Rick's descion to go to the prison, Lori being the first to object.

She was always the first to object against her husbands plans nowadays, which Carol didn't see why. Rick and Lori were now always fighting about something, mainly because her hormones had made her incredibly annoying and moody. Carol's head spun as she tried to even keep up with her mood swings. Things were still heated over the whole 'Rick killed Shane' thing.

Hershel seemed like the only one that trust Rick one hundred percent and never questioned him, just saying to do what Rick was doing. He had lost his voice. He became a follower. The others still followed Rick, but with caution. He had told them they could go if they ever wanted too, but nobody took him up on his offer, so they decided to keep their traps shut and follow him where ever he was going.

The looks the woman got from the inmates made Carol squirm as she cooked them dinner, or moved to get something. She remembered seeing Tyreese for the first time as he led them through the prison court yard and to safety through a large set of doors, which were held by two other men. Tyreese had a look a relief and surprise when he spotted the group running through the fenced courtyard to get to the doors. Tyreese himself launched himself down the steps of the watch tower, coming to their aid as they tried to find a place to get in.

When they were inside with Tyreese, Carol eyed him warily as Rick had before they were inside. Daryl was walking beside the wall, one of his everyday scowl plastered to his face. He looked back, making sure nothing was coming up behind them, his gaze resting on Carol a moment before Rick asked him something. It was very cold and Carol shivered again. She felt Beth behind her, huddling close for warmth as Rick, Daryl and Tyreese discussed the satey of the prison.

"We cleared out the parts we're living in now." Tyreese's voice carried to the back, as he was quite a large fellow. He dwarfed Rick and Daryl.
"You said 'we'?" Daryl cut in, not letting Tyreese go on. "You mean the inmates, they're still alive?" Daryl growled and Tyreese nodded, which caused a flash of worry to etch itself onto Rick's face.

"Rick, this is a bad idea." Daryl said seriously. "Inmates are bad news!" Rick nodded at what Daryl said, trusting him completely, but after his time as an officer, he knew his share of dark things too. Rick turned to Tyreese, looking up to speak to him. Tyreese was a nice man, he had a kind heart. You could tell by the way he talked to the group and the way he moved.

He was trying to convince them it was safe. "The dangerous one's are roaming the courtyard now." He said. "Except...Nate." he sighed. That man was obviously dangerous. He could have been a murderer or a rapist. Carol shuddered at the thought, missing what Daryl snapped out at Tyreese. They had come to a halt in a small room which was obviously the kitchen of some sort. It was lit up by candles, maybe because they used little power now to save.

The candles flames flicked across the faces of the inmates that crowded around the table. Boy were they a sight. Each one of them had scars, except maybe one and that was Tyreese. Beth's eyes were as wide as the inmates when they saw the woman. Rick had a panicked look on his face and Daryl shook his head firmly.

"Ain't no way!" He growled. The way the men where eyeing the woman were like they were new cars just off the lot. Lori moved closer to Rick, clutching Carl ad placing a hand on her belly as Maggie hovered near Glenn. Beth clutched Hershel which left Carol completely alone and singled out by the rest of the men. She squirmed, feeling their eyes on her. She wasn't a prize, she was human being!

Rick had dragged Daryl away from the group to talk to him and to stop him from saying anything they might all regret later. Carol could hear their snappish tones as they went at each other, arguing about what to do. It was obvious Rick wanted to stay and Daryl wanted to leave. Carol looked the men at the table over, goosebumps rising on her skin as her blue eyes met dark brown eyes from behind a screen of shaggy black hair.

This man screamed dangerous in big bold letters as he looked Carol over. She guessed he was Nate. His face was pale, a long scar running down his cheek, almost covered by the shaggy black hair that covered most of his eyes as he sat at the table. His arms were normal sized for a man, covered in scars from god knows what he had done before he was sent away.

Rick came back over with a not so happy Daryl in tow. "We'll stay." Rick said firmly, looking up at Tyreese. "But you have to keep your men in line."
Tyreese nodded at this and let out a small smile. "I can show you where you'll be stayin. The second floors been cleared. We stay on the first so it's all yours." He led them out of the kitchen and away from the burning gazes of the inmates.

It was freezing in the prison. Tyreese had warned them of that as they walked, telling them about how cold it could get. Tyreese glanced back at the group, his warm gaze finally finding Carol. He gave her a smile which Carol returned. Rick had stopped the group in the middle of the second floor, looking into each of the group members eyes.

"Everyone shares a cell with one person." he said firmly. "You don't go anywhere without your cellmate. We don't know what's lurking in these corners." He told them and it looked like people had begun to pair off already. Carol shrugged. Who she got was who she got, didn't really matter to her anymore. She headed to a cell, seeing as someone will pair with her when there was nobody else to be with.

She set her bag down on the beg, sifting through its contents and looking for something to change into. When Glenn and Maggie had made the last store run, they found a good supply of clothes. Most importantly to Carol, panties. She needed underwear badly, more than any pair of clothing. Glenn had also found her some pajama shorts to wear. Everybody had new clothes, which Carol was sure everyone enjoyed.

A noise behind her where the other bed was alerted her that somebody else was in the room. Carol looked back to check her new partner out and almost ad heart failure when she saw it was Daryl with his back to her, setting up camp. Lovely. He was the last person Carol expected to be in the cell with her as her cellmate. Then she thought to before they had found Sophia in the barn. Carol had unlocked a whole different side of Daryl. A hidden one that no one else knew about.

"Everybodies taken a shower." Lori had appeared at the entrance of their cell, looking excited. "Rick told me to tell you guys to stay with your cellmate and keep watch for each other as they shower." Lori's eyes flickered to Daryl and she gave Carol a sly smile that made Carol's face flush..
"Showers yours first. Hot water!" Lori said before turning and walking off. The fresh clothes Carol was going to put on for the night were gathered in her arms and her and Daryl made their way through the prison with Tyreese, who was showing them where the bathrooms and shower areas where.

Carol could sense Daryl hovering protectively around her, but she ignored him. He often ignored her too and they ignored each other for long periods of time before they finally spoke to each other about some stupid shit. The locker rooms where large as the two looked around. Tyreese left after getting enough glares from Daryl. It was warmer in the locker room then anywhere else it seemed and that was fine by Carol.

"You go first." Daryl grunted, leaning against the wall. He looked slightly uncomfortable, but there was another emotion on his face that Carol couldn't quite put her finger on as she passed him, entering the shower area. Gripping her shirt, she began to peel her old clothes off, grimacing as they hit the tiles with a gross smacking sound, reminding her of all the sweat the fabric had absorbed from longs months of wear in the Georgia heat.

Turing the water on, she flinched and let out a small laugh as the hot water hit her gross skin. Such a luxury as hot water was rare now, impossible even now as all the water lines were down. They had to survive like the first people on earth and Carol had no idea it was this hard. Carol began to wash up, using the soap that was there, scrubbing it up and down her body, thankful for soap.

She shut the water off, towelling off before starting to get dressed, her skin tingling with cleanliness as she pulled her pajamas, slipping her socks on. Carol was much happier leaving the shower then coming out, passing by Daryl wordlessly. He didn't say anything either, passing her as he took her towel to use after he was done showering.

Later that evening

Carol tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Her eyes flitted to Daryl's sleeping form in the bed next to hers. He looked happier in his sleep, peaceful. His mouth hung open slightly as he snored softly, his face relaxed. His arm was bent under his head to support it. He was facing her, which Carol kinda found as odd, but dismissed it. Her heart clenched as she remembered his face, twisted with anger as he yelled out her that one night after they found Sophia. She felt one lone tear roll down her face but she brushed it away, kicking the blankets back silently.

If he was angry, let him be angry. She had to pee now. No way she was getting to sleep with peeing, so she slipped her socks on, gripping on of the pocket knives Rick required everyone to have on them and began to tip toe out of the cell as not to wake a sleeping Daryl who would be furious to be woken at this a time of night. There was a slight draft that made Carol shiver, rubbing her arms as she retraced her steps back to the bathroom to relieve herself.

As she made her way back, something snagged her arm, tugging her into one of the vacant cells with a quick jerk, a hand slapping across her mouth to muffle the yelp that slipped from her mouth. Her attacker was strong and kept her in a tight grip as they took her into the cell. She let out another yelp and began to kick him, struggling against his arms.
"Damnit woman, be quiet!" Came a hiss in her ear, making her struggle more against her attacker.

"Carol!" The voice grunted as she kicked him. "It's me damn it!" He growled in her ear. He released her slowly, letting her calm down. Carol's heart was beating a mile a minute. Her fash flushed as she realized how she must of acted. She should have known it was just him by how strong he was and the feel of his arms around her. He's held her before, she should have known it was him

"What the hell are ya doin' out here alone?" Daryl scolded her. She could feel how tense he was backing away slightly. She could barely see his face in the dark, but she knew those blue eyes she came to love where now holding irritation and annoyance for her wandering away at the dead of night without a word to him

"You shouldn't be here alone, 'specialy with them inmates runnin around, making themselves known." Daryl tugged her back by the arm as she tried to turn away from him. Carol rolled her eyes.
"What exactly is wrong?" she asked him. Now she was tired and just wanted to curl under her blankets and fester until morning.

"Them inmates haven't seen a woman in god knows how long. Use your damn head woman!" He growled again, pushing her onto one of the beds in the empty cell. Great, he was going to lecture her now, wasn't he? She got up from the bed, wanting to stay here with him.
"Now listen here," He tugged her arm back when she tried to walk away. He pulled her closer to him. She could see his eyes from the moonlight shining faintly through the bars of the small window of the cell.

"They ain't anybody to be buddies with. They were put away for one reason or another." he said, releasing her arm. That seems to be what he wanted to tell her. Well, that seemed important. He then took her arm again, leading her back to their cell, his hand gripping her arm firmly so she couldn't away. Carol followed, sighing as they went. As they neared the cell, he looked back, releasing her arm.

"Jus' get some sleep." He said, shiffling tiredly to his bed. As Carol pulled the sheets over her, she noticed he was facing her still and she nodded, knowing he probrably couldn't see in the dim light. She closed her eyes, skin tingling as she remembered the feel of his arms around her.

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