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"Daryl." she breathed as he thrusted into her again, causing her to moan with pleasure, curving her body up into him as he continued to thrust into her. His breath was hot on her face as he continued, hands on her hips. The cell bed beneath her seemed fragile, like he was going to break it if he kept going. Daryl crushed his lips against hers, groaning in her mouth as he did so. Their bodies were slicked with sweat, the air warm around them despite the chilly conditions outside. Warm heat was pooling in the pit of Carol's stomach and she welcomed it, surprised at the feeling of pleasure that was coursing through her body as he rocked her back and forth.

"Carol!" she jerked awake, looking around with a bleary eye. Tyreese lay next to her, his arm holding her too him and she almost sighed. Daryl was gone. It had been a month since he had gone, being forced out after he killed Nate. He didn't go down without a fight and Rick didn't want him to go, but Tyreese made sure he went. He threatened Rick with throwing them all out.

That day was still fresh in her mind as she got up, remembering the blood that covered Daryl and Tyreese. Daryl had been very quiet about killing Nate, slipping into his cell while Tyreese was asleep and slitting Nate's throat cleanly with his hunting knife. Carol got up slowly, pulling her shoes on. Tyreese had gotten close to Carol when Daryl left, jumping on the wagon as soon as he could. Carol had to admit she felt something for him, something was there, but she was still numb from Daryl.

Carol felt Tyreese's hands around her waist and shivered. His arms weren't like Daryl's. She could tell if it had been Daryl. He had a strong build to him, his arms well toned and strong from years of hunting and other work. Being in Tyreese's arms felt wrong and her heart twinged as he let go, letting her walk in front of him. None of the inmates had bothered her after Daryl killed Nate and Carol thanked her lucky stars for that.

. . .

Breakfast went quickly that morning. Beth offered to watch the dishes for them. Tyreese was talking to Carol about which gun she should upgrade too, seeing as she had mastered the handgun easily. Carol just nodded, looking into her plate gloomily. It wasn't the same without Daryl. His bright blue eyes, thick strong arms and a voice that sent Carol over the dge just listening to it. The day he left still played in her head, the way he kept his chin up as he walked away, the burning gaze he gave Carol as they forced him out and the way Tyreese shielded her from him. Carol had been angry with Tyreese, hell she still was, but nothing was going to bring Daryl back. He was probrably long gone now, surviving on his own without her ead weight weighing him down.

"Come on." Tyreese broke her train of thought, his large hand grabbing her own. He pulled her up and out of her chair. They had a steady relationship, if that's what you could call it. He led her back to their cell, shutting the door behind them as he pulled her up to kiss him. Rick was on watch and he would alert anybody if there was something wrong, so Tyreese took this as a chance to have some time alone with Carol before his turn. Glenn and Maggie had gone on a run with T-Dog, so it was pretty empty in the prison. Emptier then before.

Tyreese scooped her up, carrying her to the bed where he lay her, crawling on top her. His labored breathing filled the cell as he began to fumble for the buttons on her shirt in his attempt to undress her.

The sound of footsteps pounding throughout the Prison stopped Tyreese in his tracks and he let out an agitated sigh, straightening up as he heard Rick calling his name. "What now?" he grumbled, opening their cell door.

Rick appeared, his face serious. "He's back." he said, his eyes a light as he informed Tyreese. Carol's heart stopped.

He's back

Tyreese scowled as he stomped from his cell. "He shouldn't have come back, he's not welcome!" he growled, opening the large doors to the entrance, revealing two figures coming towards them. Carol recognized the second person instantly, bolting from Tyreese's side towards them.

"Andrea!" she shrieked, wrapping her arms around the blonde as she came into view.

"Carol." Andrea returned the hug, her pale face breaking into a smile. Carol was weak with happiness, yet she didn't dare turn to face Daryl. She didn't think she could bear it, but she did anyway.

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked him over. He was dirty and covered in grime and sweat, but he still looked just as sexy as before, the sweat glistening on his well toned arms as he clutched the crossbow in his arms. His shirt was stained with walker blood and sweat from the past month of living. Carol crossed her arms. She ached to have him touch her again, to have him hold her, but she knew it was over before it had begun.

Andrea looked back at Daryl, a sheepish expression on her face as she did, her hand laying on his arm. He smiled a small smile before turning to Rick, meeting his high five, a brighter smile on his face. "Great to see you brother." Rick smiled.

Carol turned away as Andrea smiled again, her arm wraping itself around Daryl's. Carol took on another breath, following Tyreese as he walked back in. He wasn't happy about it, but he would allow them both to stay.

Your face saving promises

Whispered like prayers

I don't need them

I've been treated so wrong

I've been treated so long

As if I'm becoming untouchable

Contempt loves the silence

It thrives in the dark

With fine winding tendrils

That strangle the heart

They say that promises

Sweeten the blow

But I don't need them

No, I don't need them

Later that evening

Dinner was tense that evening as everybody settled in to eat. No doubt Andrea's appearence had caused a great deal of shock and happiness throughout those still in the prison. Glenn, Maggie and T-Dog were still gone from their run to the store, but Beth and Hershel seemed pleased at her appearance after months of death.

I've been treated so wrong

I've been treated so long

As if I'm becoming untouchable

Turns out Andrea had found Daryl as he camped out on the side of the highway one night. She had been sick as hell as she wandered, looking for a safe place to hide and lay low, only becoming even more lost than she already had been. Daryl helped her, fed her and took care of her until she regained her health.

Carol excused herself from the table early that night, unable to watch as Andrea's fingers danced across Daryl's legs. She had felt his burning gaze on her face as she ate, wanting so much to return it, but she couldn't. Carol looked back as Tyreese followed her out of the kitchen, his arms at his sides.

"I don't want you going off alone."

That statement took Carol by surprise. "Why not?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Now that he's back." Was all Tyreese said as they walked in silence through the dark, drafty hallways of the prison. Carol narrowed her eyes, her mouth pressing itself into a thin line as anger bubbled in her chest.

"Just because he's back doesn't mean he'll sweep me off my feet and begin to ravish me in a corner somewhere!" Carol snapped. "You don't have to worry, he looks perfectly happy where he is now."

I'm a slow dying flower
Frost killing hour
The sweet turning sour
And untouchable