I know that I said I wouldn't post more then one story at a time, but I had a burst of inspiration, and this came out of it.

Unknown POV

"I can't believe we're being sent on an off world hunt early! This is going to be our best hunt yet!" Thwei-de-sain'ja (Bloody Warrior) nearly screamed in excitement.

"I know Thwei-de, I know. But I just can't help but wonder where we're going though, or who our Hult'ah (Observer) will be." I told my friend.

She nodded, and said "Yes, they are both very curious thoughts."

I looked around the crowded trails, and said "Come on, we better not be late for the meeting with the Elder."

She nodded, and we started walking fast, and we took a few short-cuts we knew of. We made it there just in time, and went straight to the Elders office.

We knocked on the door respectfully, and we recived the Elders voice calling out "Yes, come in, come in..."

We opened the door, and walked up, and bowed to the Elder, who bowed back in response.

"Thwei-de-sain'ja, Lar'ja-th'syra (Dark Skull) I hope you know why I have summoned you here?" The Elder asked kindly.

Thwei-de nodded, and said "Yes Elder, you summoned us, because you have an off world hunt for us."

The Elder nodded, and said "I also summoned you here to congradulate you on going on this hunt. An early off world hunt is a rare, and highly honored hunt, but not unheard of."

I nodded, and asked "Elder, if I may ask, where will the hunt take place?"

The Elder sighed, and said "Well Lar'ja, that is a question for your Hult'ah. But this isn't a regular hunt. On this hunt, you have a goal besides collecting trophies."

I looked to the side in thought for a moment, before looking back at the Elder, and asking "Elder, I don't understand...?"

He simply nodded, and said "Your Hult'ah will explain the details. Speaking of which, he should be here soon, why don't you go outside the temple, and wait for him?"

We bowed, and walked back outside the temple. We sat on a nearby bench, and waited for our Hult'ah to show up.

"So, what do you think our Hult'ah will be like?" Thwei-de asked me.

I thought a moment, and said "Very honorable, and courageous."

She nodded, and said "Yes, very honorable indeed."

15 earth minutes later...

"Okay, where is this "great, and honorable" warrior?" Thwei-de sighed out.

I opened one eye, having leaned back against the wall to rest some, and said "I don't know."

"Greetings unblooded warriors." an unknown voice called.

I sat up, and looked over at the blooded warrior.

"Are you our Hult'ah?" Thwei-de asked.

He nodded, and said "Yes, I am. My name is L'ulij-bpe-H'dlak (Crazy/Mad Fear). I will be the Hult'ah for your Pyode Amedha Chiva. (Soft Meat Trial/Test)"

"You mean our first off world hunt, is on the ooman planet?" I asked completely ignoring Thwei-de glaring at L'ulij-bpe.

He nodded, and said "Yes, but as the Elder might have said, this is no regular hunt. This is actually a very important hunt, and mission. This is an important hunt, because this is your first off world hunt, but it is an important mission, because 3 days ago, a young-bloods ship failed somehow, and caused him to crash on the planet during atmospheric entry. This is near unheard of, because as you know, our ships are near perfect. But, when he crashed, he died, but most of his technology survived the crash. Meaning, we need to activate his wrist-bracer bomb, and study his his ships Gkinmaru (Sensors.), and remaining technology for evidence as to why it crashed."

Thwei-de seemed to be over her anger at his lateness, and asked "If this mission is so important, why send two unblooded warriors, and a Hult'ah to do it?"

"Because, this is a great time to teach you that all hunts may require more then brute strength, but mind power as well. ... And, well all the other blooded warriors are too busy..." he told us.

She nodded, and seemed to take that as a good answer. She then turned, and started walking.

"Where are you going?" L'ulij-bpe asked her.

She turned her head back, and asked "I'm going to the shipyard, how else are we getting to the oomans world?"

I sighed, and followed along with her. L'ulij-bpe opened his mouth to say something else, but just gave up, and followed after me.

"What other hunts have you been on unblooded warrior?" he asked me.

"Nothing really exciting, a few simple hunts, nothing as big as an ooman hunt." I told him.

He nodded, and said "I can see why you would be excited to go on such a glorious hunt then."

"Blooded warrior, what size of ship will we need on this hunt?" Thwei-de asked, walking closer to the shipyard.

"A small one, just big enough for the three sleep pods, and our gear." L'ulij-bpe called over to her.

She nodded, and walked into the shipyard temple, leaving us to wait outside.

"So Lar'ja, how did you become hunt partners with Thwei-de? And what happened to your third hunt partner?" L'ulij-bpe asked me.

"Those honorable warrior, are both long tales." I told him.

He raised an eyebrow curiously, and said "I have plenty of time young one. Please, tell your tales."

I sighed, and looked up at the sky, its tan, blue, and grey colors, intermixing, and swirling about.

"Well, it all started when we where no bigger then two, and a half Nok, (A unit of mesurment, about 13 inches.) tall, ..."

Back on Earth... 3rd person POV

"Sir, we've picked up accounts of flaming objects falling out of the sky in the woodland areas just north of New York city." an unknown worker called out to his superior.

"Can you get a trace of extra-terrestrial radiation?" his superior asked leaning over to look at his screens.

"Yes sir, they are small amounts, almost non-existent, but a small amount of it is heading into the city." he told his superior.

"Inform Weyland-yutani, they'll want to look into this." his superior stated standing back up, and walking away towards some other workers work area.

"Right away sir." the unknown work said.

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