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Lar'ja POV

As we walked aboard the small ship, I looked around at the interior, and saw almost only stasis pods, a cockpit, and a small storage area.

"When you said a small ship Blooded Warrior, you were serious, I doubt we will be able to fit much more then we take in the storage area." I commented looking at the small storage area.

"Good, I wasn't planning on bringing much back." he said dismissively, beginning to load the equipment into the storage area.

I shrugged, and started helping him as Thwei-de went up, and sat in the cockpit to initiate the start up sequence.

"Lar'ja, Thwei-de, listen to this, it is very important that you hear this before going on this hunt." The Blooded Warrior said, us now finished packing everything into the ship.

Thwei-de turned around in her chair, and I watched him intently.

He nodded, and said "Good, it seems I got your attention. Now, before we leave out for this hunt, there is something you must know. The Pyode Amedhas are not mindless animals like anything else you've hunted thus far, they are sentient beings, with slightly less than, or maybe even equal the amount of intelligence we have. But they have yet to advance this far as of yet, but that's besides the point. The point is, expect the unexpected. They have been known to have capture Yautja hunters before they had the chance to activate their wrist computers bomb to initiate the self destruction sequence. Meaning, they have knowledge of our weaknesses, our abilities, and even some of our technology. Now, do you still wish to continue on this hunt? There is no lost honor for turning back now, for you normally wouldn't even be sent on this high level of a hunt, but The Elder has decided that you are ready, do you wish to prove him right?"

I, and Thwei-de were shocked, and disturbed that some of the Yautja hunters had been experimented on.

Thwei-de blinked, and said with full determination "Yes."

I nodded, and also said "Yes."

He nodded, and said "Good. Thwei-de, start up the ship, and dial in the coordinates."

She nodded, and the ships main door closed, and I heard the engine start up. She type in the coordinates for the ooman home world. She then got up from the seat, and walked over to her stasis pod, and opened it up preparing to into it to decrease the time their journey would take.

"Lar'ja," she started.

I turned towards her, and she continued "what do you think will happen on the our hunt?"

I stared at her in thought for a moment, and said "I don't know, hopefully we'll be successful, and our hunt will go as planned."

She nodded, and got into her stasis pod, activating it. I watched as L'ulij-bpe, our Hult'ah, got into his stasis pod as well. I sighed, and followed their idea, and got into mine activating it. I closed my eyes, and fell into the coma-like sleep the pod induces upon those who are inside the pod.

Back on Earth...

"Mr. Weyland sir, we recaptured the last of the escaped Xenos." the voice of Weylands research facilitys head security officer.

"Good, find out how they escaped, and plug the gape." Mr. Weyland said hitting the button on his desk.

"Yes sir Mr. Weyland sir." the security chief said, cutting transmission.

"Ugh... Just what we need, another escape, how do they keep doing it?" Mr. Weyland asked himself.

"Mr. Weyland sir," his secretary said, walking in the door.

"Yes?" he asked.

"sir, Prof. Hawk just arrived, and is requesting a meeting with you, should I let him in?" she asked, checking over the clipboard in her hands.

"Yes, send him in." he told her.

She nodded, and went back outside where Prof. Hawk was waiting.

"You can go in." she told him, not sparing a glance, returning to her work.

He smiled, and said "Thank you."

She didn't reply, and he walked in the door.

"Hello Ian." Mr. Weyland said.

"Hello Mr. Weyland." Ian returned to his boss.

"You requested a meeting with me?" Mr. Weyland asked.

Ian cleared his throat, and asked "Yes sir, I've been hearing rumors that we will be getting in new specimens in soon, is that true? and if so, how soon?"

Mr. Weyland sighed, and said "Yes, the rumors are true, but they aren't Xenos this time, they're the ones we originally got the Xeno queen from."

"Wait, you mean this time it isn't a Xeno?" Ian asked raising an eye brow.

Mr. Weyland then said "Yes, but this time we're dealing with something much more dangerous, we're dealing with a race that originally used us Humans as breeders for the Xenos, or for their perfect prey. We've used the information we've gathered on them, and from previous specimens, and decided to nickname them Predators, but their scientific name is homo-sapiennosaurus. (Human lizard)"

"Predators huh? I guess it's a catchy name, but how do you know they will be landing here so soon?" Ian asked his boss curiously.

"Around 6 months ago, one of them crash landed about a mile away from this facility, that's where we found the big Xeno, the one we nicknamed "Queen" because of it's egg breeding capabilities. We estimate it would take around 6-7 months for the next of them to arrive, and we were right, one week ago, our long range sensors have spotted a small ship around 150,000,000 miles out in space, just passed Mars. They've passed The Moon now, and are around 100,000 miles out. We expect them to land in the morning, or late at night, we'll be waiting for them. We've also been able to estimated the interior size of the ship being around 50 square foot, just enough for a small crew, meaning we have more of a chance to catch them alive." Mr. Weyland said, looking over data on his computer screen.

"I would estimate there are around 2-3 of them, depending on their size." Ian told Mr. Weyland.

Mr. Weyland nodded, and said "Their height is between 7-8 feet from every specimen we've seen, so your estimation is probably correct."

"For all of our sake, I hope we're all right, any more then 2, or 3 would land a devastating blow on the facility, and its "inhabitants"." Mr. Weyland said, looking over a map of the solar system which had a blip on it slowly creeping towards earth.

Thwei-de POV...

. . .

"Stasis chamber deactivated, releasing cyro-gel from stasis chamber." the mechanical voice of the stasis pod computer said.

. . .

As the cryogenic gel fled from the inner tank, filling into the outer tank for later use, Thwei-de started to awake from her 6 month cryo-sleep. She opened her eyes, and saw that Lar'ja, and L'ulij-bpe were already out of their tanks, stretching their muscles for the hunt. Her stasis pods door opened, and she took a few steps out, and joined them in their stretching.

"Are you ready Thwei-de?" Lar'ja asked me as he finished his stretching, and began to gather his equipment.

"Yes, I'm ready for the hunt." I told him as I, and L'ulij-bpe too started to put on our masks, and armor.

I put on my mask, and activated thermal view when suddenly a thought occurred to me.

I turned towards L'ulij-bpe, and asked "Blooded Warrior, what spectrum of light do the oomans see in?"

"They see in the visible light spectrum, but a few of them also have masks that allow them to see in thermal spectrum, but that is the only other one we currently know they can see in." he replied as he activated his plasma caster on his shoulder, and started testing its controls.

I nodded, and check through my masks visual modes, looking for the visible light spectrum. I soon found it, and looked around the ship which was hard to see in with that spectrum of light.

"They have very limited vision." I commented, switching my visual settings back to thermal.

"They do to us, but to them it is their greatest advantage over us who almost never use that setting of the bio-mask. With their visual light sight, they have figured out ways to hide from our thermal view using wet ground to cover themselves in to appear to be the same heat level as the ground. Their vision is one of their less thought of advantages over us." he replied now happy with his plasma casters controls, and attaching his wrist blade, and computer gauntlets.

"I see, I'll remember that. Thank you Blooded Warrior." I told him taking in what I have just learned.

"We're approaching the planet, should we pick a landing location close to where the Yautja ship crashed?" Lar'ja asked.

"Yes, but not too close." H'ulij-bpe told him walking over to watch as he entered the coordinates.

"Okay, coordinates set, are we ready for landing back there?" Lar'ja called out laughing slightly.

"All set back here, we are ready for the hunt upon landing." I called back as the ship hit the atmosphere, the friction causing fire to burn around the outside of the ship.

Back on earth...

"Mr. Weyland," the security chief called over the intercom.

Mr. Weyland hit the button next to the intercom, and asked "Have we figured out where they're going to land?"

"Yes sir, troops are already mobilized to the probable location, all troops are go for Operation: C.A.T. to initiate. (Catch. And. Trab)" the chief replied.

"Good, when you catch them, let me know how it went." Mr. Weyland told him.

"Yes sir." he said, cutting transmission.

Mr. Weyland hit the button again, and said "Ann, tell Prof. Hawk I wish to speak to him."

"Right away sir." Ann his secretary replied.

A few minutes later, Prof. Hawk walked in the door, and asked "You called for me sir?"

"Yes, have a seat." Mr. Weyland said, pointing to the seat in front of his desk.

Ian walked up, and sat down waiting for Mr. Weyland to continue.

Mr. Weyland stood up, and walked around the desk, and around Ian saying "We've already sent out a recovery team to capture the specimens, I want you to get your lab ready for anything, okay? I want the examination tables reinforced, and the doors sealed from the outside, within the hour, I don't want these things to escape understand?"

"Yes sir Mr. Weyland." Ian said, standing up to return to his lab to prepare for the experiments.

"Ian," Mr, Weyland began.

Ian turned back to him waiting for him to continue.

He turned back to his him, and said "Make sure everyone on your team is ready to preform a live dissection, we've seen them dead, but I want to know how they work when they're alive."

"Yes sir." he said slightly disturbed by a live dissection himself.

"Good. Now go on, and get ready." Mr. Weyland told him sitting back in his chair hoping, and waiting for the news that it had gone off without a hitch to come through the intercom.

With the recovery team...

"Do you have the perimeter secured?! I don't even want an ant to walk through without a bio-scan, and finger prints do you understand?!" the leader of the team screamed at everyone as he turned back to look over the plans one more time before the operation began.

"Sir! We see the fire from the ship as it's breaking atmos, you better hurry!" one of the solders from outside screamed as ran into one of the nearby bushes, his thermal proof suit shining in the light.

The leader quickly stuffed the plans in his suit, and ran over to hide in a far away bush.

"Get ready!" he screamed/whispered to everyone else as the ship landed right where they planned, but one thing they didn't plan on was the ship being invisible.

Lar'ja POV

"Alright, we've landed." I called out to the others as I got up from the cockpit chair.

"Okay, set your visions to the mode you want before we go out, and we'll start the hunt. Also, remember I'm your Hult'ah, I'm only going to help if the situation gets out of hand." H'ulij-bpe told us.

"We would like it any other way." we both told him at the same time, setting our vision modes.

"I'm going to use visual light just to see as the oomans see on their world." I told them.

"Okay, I'm going to use thermal then." Thwei-de said.

"I'll use electronic encase there's a Pyode Amedha nearby, they almost always carry electronics on them." H'ulij-bpe told us.

"Okay, everyone ready?" I asked them.

They both nodded, and we activated our invisibility cloaks, and opened the door on the top of the ship. H'ulij-bpe jumped out first, and I went second, and Thwei-de went third. As soon as I jumped out, I looked around at the trees, and sky of the planet in awe. It was so colorful, and cheerful. I looked around near the bottom of the ground as a shiny white ooman sat hiding. I quickly looked around us, and saw there was more of them, around 20 others surrounding us. But before I could say anything H'ulij-bpe uncloaked, as did Thwei-de the oomans quickly pulled out weapons, and aimed at them.

"Get down!" I yelled pushing them down as the oomans shoot a barrage of darts where their heads were.

Their eyes went wide, and H'ulij-bpe activated his plasma caster.

"I can't see them!" Thwei-de screamed.

"Neither can I!" H'ulij-bpe also roared switching his visual mode to try, and find the correct visual mode to see them.

"Use visible light!" I yelled as I pulled out a shuriken throwing it into two of them pinning them to a tree.

They complied, and switched to visible light, but by the time they did, they got hit with darts, knocking them out instantly.

"Thwei-de, Blooded Warrior!" I screamed to them, enraged at the oomans.

I pulled out two more shuriken, and threw them into a few more of the oomans, but then one of them yelled "We got two, that should be enough for the scientists, this one can die!"

My eyes widened, and they pulled out a large gun wth multiple barrels, and pulled a trigger. It started turning, and soon started shooting out metal projectiles. I jumped into the trees, and jumped from tree to tree trying to get behind the gunner, but he then hit my side causing my cloak to disable. I roared in pain, but jumped again to avoid getting shot again.

I saw them loading Thwei-de, and H'ulij-bpe into a vehical, and tried to get to them, but then the ooman ordering my death called out once more "We got the others, blow him up!"

They pulled out a large single barrel cannon, and it shot out a fuel propelled missile. My eyes went wide once again, and I jumped as hard as I could away from where the missile was heading, but escape was impossible as it hit the tree I was just in, the resulting explosion threw me far off into the forest away from them. I flew for a few seconds, and eventually I flew into a tree limb probably breaking a few ribs, and fell around 6 foot to the ground. I blinked my eyes a few times as shock set in, causing my wounds to go numb. I sat up, and tried to stand, but failed falling back to the ground. I pulled out my medicomp, and activated my arm computer to see what my damages were. The metal projectile that hit my side went straight through me, and the explosion broke 3 of my ribs. I pulled out the heated wound closer, and pinched the wound on my side together. The heat burning my bare flesh, and melting it together caused me to roar in great pain as I came out of shock. The front of the wound healed, I quickly closed the back part of the wound, roaring in pain once more. I quickly got to my feet shakily, and too injured to jump to the trees, I activated my cloak, and walked as fast as I could in the first direction I could think of, the pain clouding most of my thoughts. I tried to switch visual modes, but my bio-mask was slightly damaged by the explosion causing it to get stuck on visible light. As I walked faster, I soon saw a ooman home not far ahead. I saw an open window near the bottom, and slid into it into an underground room. I breathed heavily, and gripped my side in pain, but soon my cloak deactivated, and the a door at the top of a stair case opened. I looked through the door to see an small female ooman pup standing there looking at me. I quickly switched translation drives to English.

"Hello... Ugh... What... What're you doing here?" I struggled to ask as my English was still rusty, and in as extreme amount of pain.

She stared at me for a moment before saying "It's my basement silly, we are you here?"

"I'm... I'm hiding." I told her gripping my side in extreme pain.

"Oh, like hide, and seak?" she asked.

I wondered what this "hide, and seek" she asked about was, but nodded through the pain, and agreed with her "Yeah, ... don't tell anyone I'm here okay?"

"Okay, I won't tell anyone." she told me, nodding her head causing her fur to shake up, and down in a fluid motion.

"Ugh... Do you think you could leave me alone for a few minutes?" I asked her, not wanting her to see me repair myself, as it would most certainly be scaring for that young of a pup.

"Aww... Alright..." she said sadly, walking back up the stairs which she came from.

But she stopped at the top step, and turned around to ask me "Will you come up here with me when you're finished doing what you're doing?"

I thought for a moment, and realized I would need to ask her about the city as I knew nothing about Earth, or any of its customs, or city designs. I would need that knowledge if I were to find Thwei-de, and H'ulij-bpe.

After moments consideration, I groaned in pain, and said "Yes, Ugh... I'll be up soon."

She nodded, and ran through the door at the top of the stairs. As soon as she closed the door I let out a small scream of pain. I clinched my eyes shut for a moment, and reached for my medicomp for the cauterization gel. I quickly found it, and picked up the metal bowl which was collapsed next to it, and grabbed a chunk of the rock the floor was made of, I smashed it into a lot of pieces of it, and put them in the now un-collapsed the bowl. I poured about half of the gel into the bowl with the rubble, and watched as it melted it into a grey sludge. I reached back into my medicomp, and grabbed the flat metal plate, and used it to pick up the grey sludge to smear it on my wound. The sludge was going to be used to keep myself from bleeding to death, but it was extremely painful. It felt as if I had put fire into my wound, which would have also worked, but I didn't want to, nor did I need to start a fire. After I put the sludge on both ends of the wound, my breathing became ragged, and uneven as I waited for the pain to subside. Soon, it subsided enough for me to think cognitively, and I slowly got to my feet, holding my side in pain as I did so. I slowly limped towards to stairs, and grabbed hold of the railing to support myself as I start my ascent into the little oomans home.

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