In Which There is a Mistaken Identity

(Author's Note: I don't own these characters or anything and I am not Ms. Jones in any way, shape or form, so please don't compare my writing to her's (I am nowhere near as great a storyteller as she). Just enjoy the story! Okay?)

I burst into the flowershop after a long day of doing important stuff, arms overflowing with bags, to find Michael looking rather upset in the general direction of the front of the shop. Now, Sophie should have been, uh, manning the shop at this hour. "Where-?"

"Please go sort out Sophie," Michael pleaded. "She's threatening to put out Calcifer."

I dropped my many bags and sauntered to the back of my shop. "Sophie, darling? What's wrong?"

Calcifer burned in the fireplace, visibly irritated. "You should know."

"I should know what exactly?" Sophie was nowhere to be seen. "Where's Sophie?"

He, the ever-helpful fire demon, was caught in a stony silence. He pointed to the cupboard under the stairs where Sophie had formerly slept.

I tapped the small door. "Sophie, darling?"

"Go away you rotten-" The sound of choked sobs flowed through the door. "Jerk!"

"Sophie, you might get bitten by something if you keep hiding down there. Come out and tell me what's wrong." I impatiently tapped my foot on the floor.

"Why would I tell you of anything? You'll just go and betray my trust again!"

"Betray-Why would I do that?"

"I don't know, Howl, why would you?" asked Calcifer.

"No one asked you. Sophie, please come out, darling."

"How dare you call me that!" The door opened a crack and I saw Sophie's wet blue-green eyes looking up at me. Firey anger that I hadn't seen since she had created some terrifying weed-killer shown through them. She stood up and walked out, head high, over to Calcifer's hearth, where she collapsed into a chair and began to let out tortured sobs onto the stones.

"Now, darling-"

She looked daggers at me.

"-Sophie, please tell me what's going on." And what it has to do with me.

She turned away from me and hid her face in her arms, resting on the hearth. "Hmph."


"I hope that girl I saw you kissing is enough to take my place!" she yelled sharply, letting out a fresh wave of tears.

"I-what? Sophie, you know when you-"

"I thought you'd changed, Howl! I loved you!"

"Past tense?" I asked weakly.

"And you go and make yet another girl fall for you? Just for fun? Am I not enough for you?"

"I did no such thing!" I stomped my foot, causing some dusty substance to rise from the ground. "You know for a fact that I decided I wasn't going to love any other girl than you and I never break my decisions!"


"The only people I've spoken to are a couple old shop keepers and Michael and I would not kiss any of them!"

She raised her head a tiny bit.

"How dare you believe that I would be unfaithful!"

"Pfft..." said Calcifer.

"Shut. UP!" I glared at the room, at Sophie, at Calcifer. "It's not FAIR! Why won't you believe ME?"

Sophie raised her head entirely. "Don't you dare, Howl."

I glared at her. "I didn't go kissing any girls today! I haven't even kissed you today and I don't think that's fair at all!"

"Don't. You. DARE!" She stood up very quickly and forcfully. "I will not clean up after you again!"

Michael's head poked in. "Sophie? Howl? Uhm-"

The two of us spun to look at him, death glares in our eyes.

"Sorry, just, I think it's rather, uh, urgent..."

"It can wait!" snapped Sophie.

"We're in the middle of something!" I hissed.

"Sorry, but-"

"Terribly sorry, but am I interrupting something?" a voice similar to my own asked.

A carbon copy of myself stepped past Michael and into the room.


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