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Chapter 1

Vongola is a big corporation who has more than half of the assets in the world from electronic, restaurants, clothing stored, territories, shoes, toys, parks, cafés, etc. So it's no wonder why Reborn the President of Vongola Corporation is very popular among ladies since he is not only rich but very handsome as well. He can easily pass as a model since he is very tall and has a mysterious aura surrounding him apart from his sharp facial features and lean but muscular figure. He is well known as a lady killer; many artists and aristocrats had become his girlfriends but they never lasted longer than a month or less.

But many ladies never gave up trying to win Reborn's heart, they're willing to do anything to become Reborn's girlfriend, but once more no one has succeeded.

"Reborn-sama we have a proposal to build a mall in the Shinai (fictional area) region, will you approve it?" A man in black suit asked his boss.

"Hm, as long as it benefits me, I will approve it." Reborn said as he lazily read the proposal.

"But I don't want any mistakes or failures in this project." Reborn continued with a hard, icy voice that made the man in the black suit shake in fear.

"Y-yes sir!" The man bowed at a 90 degree angle and immediately went out of Reborn's office leaving the man wearing a black suit and fedora with and orange strip, alone behind his desk.

Reborn pinched his nose while he suppressed a sigh of frustration. He looked up at the clock and it showed that it was 2o'clock, and with that Reborn got up from his chair and called his secretary.

"Mio-san I will go out to eat, if anybody calls me tell them to call again in the afternoon."

"Yes-s sir." Responded the women he passed by as he walked through the hallways and out of the building.

It was very rare for Reborn to go out, usually he ordered take-out but he didn't know why he felt like he want to go out today. Reborn sighs again as he thinks it's not so bad to go out himself once in a while to get away from the office but there were also the very annoying fans girls that still follow him everywhere, which he still had to deal with.

Reborn makes a sharp turn to lose his stalkers, and then he jogged into a dark alley. He didn't know where this road headed to since he wasn't familiar with it but he didn't care if he got lost because he could just phone his driver and tell him to go through the same road he went to so he could find him.

'It looks like the stupid fan girls are gone.' Reborn thought to himself and looked around, that when his dark eyes found something interesting.

'What the hell is a café doing in this narrow alley?' Reborn thinks and out of curiosity he walks towards the building in question. He entered and stood near the door as he looked around.

Inside café it's not too bad; chairs and tables are neatly arranged as a soft song can be heard from the speakers on the walls and the customers are just a few old people and some old couple.

"Welcome to the sky café." An angelic voice made Reborn fall back into reality after staring at the place from the entrance.

'I see, so that is this café's name…' Reborn thoughts as he ran the name of the place in his head and decided it had a nice ring to it.

"Ano, do you want to come in sir?" Reborn looked at the waiter before him and saw a messy hair brunet with a pair of big chocolate eyes looking curiously at him as he asked him a question.

"Yes." Reborn answered and was guided by the waiter to an empty table.

"What do you want sir?" The brunette waiter gave Reborn a menu.

Reborn pretending he read the menu, but from corner of his eyes he observed the waiter. He had a petite body that can be mistaken for a girl's body, rose color lips, his skin was white as snow, and he also looked so delicate that it seemed if he were to touch him he would break. He's voice sounded so soft and gentle. I wonder what he would like if-

Reborn shook his head in his mind to shake those thoughts away even though on the outside he stood perfectly still with his usual neutral expression. He couldn't start thinking like that.

"Ehm, sir can I take your order later if you're undecided." That angelic voice made Reborn want to shudder as it hit his ears and went down his spine but of course being him, he didn't.

"That's alright; I want a cup of espresso." Reborn flashed the waiter his seductive smile. The waiter blushed a nice shade of red, took the menu from Reborn and quickly bowed before he left.

Reborn was left alone with an amused smirk thinking he looked even cuter when he blushed.

He didn't have to wait very long since his cup of espresso arrived at his table. Not many people know Reborn is coffee maniac and that he is very strict when it's about his coffee. In his office he always makes his own coffee since there is no one who can make coffee that satisfies his taste so he is forced to make it himself.

Reborn slowly smelled the coffee first and was pleased with the strong aroma that hit his nostrils but it's not as strong as the one he makes. He took a sip and discovered it was between a bitter and slightly sweet taste, and even after one single sip he could still feel a lingering and satisfactory taste in his mouth which he couldn't help but fall in love with.

"Ano, how is it? Do you like it?" The brunet waiter asked Reborn, a slightly worried tone in his voice because he thought he didn't like it. Reborn noticed this and was tempted to laugh at the others worried face but held back as he tilted his fedora so it made a shadow, successfully covering his eyes and amused expression.

"Do you the one who made it?" Reborn asked.

"Yes-ss, it was made by me." His eyes went a little teary at the response thinking it was a confirmation that he didn't like the coffee.

"It's perfect, I like it" Reborn said complimenting the coffee, something he didn't think he ever be doing to someone else's coffee making skills.

The waiter's expression turned to a relieved one and the he became happy so he gave Reborn his most bright and honest smile. Reborn had looked up to see the smile and looked down again.

"Can I know your name?" Reborn asked the waiters name before he left.

"Hmm, it's..." The waiter fidgeted and blushed furiously.

"It's S-sawada Ts-sunayoshi, Tsuna for s-short." He finally stuttered out.

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