William trailed behind slightly to make sure no one followed them out of the pub after Ron's and Grell's little stunt.

"Oh, let me think about that for a moment…" Undertaker chuckled, tapping his lip with a long black nail.

Grell snorted softly at Undertaker, "You know you'll choose dare. As if there was anything you wouldn't do." He smiled at Ron and Sebastian "You two really are a rather handsome couple. Aren't they, Will?"

"What?" William asked, turning his attention back to the others right before he tripped and stumbled into Ron and Sebastian.

Sebastian looked back just as Will tripped into them, grabbing him by the back of his coat to keep him from colliding into Ronald, sighing. "Please watch your footing better, Spears.."

"You alright there, boss?" Ronald quirked. William, obviously flustered by his tripping, straightened up and pulled his jacket back into place with a huff. "Fine! I'm fine." he muttered, hurrying away. The red-headed reaper grinned and sidled up next to Will to link arms with him as well. "Come here, darling. Thank you for keeping an eye out for us." he cooed, kissing William's cheek.

William gave a quick glance to Sebastian and Ron. "It wouldn't do for us to be followed." he mumbled, looking away.

"Well, even if we were being followed, it isn't anything a few swipes of a chainsaw couldn't take care of!" He grinned at William's look of disapproval. "I'm joking!"

"Ah! I choose dare!" The Undertaker finally declared.

The Phantomhive butler cocked his head in confusion towards William's flustered moment, but brushed it off and turned his attention to Ronald, curious to know what he had in store for the Undertaker.

"Let Grell give you a manicure...and it can't be black."

Undertaker chuckled. "What makes you think he doesn't do that already?"

"I'm the one that insists on black. Fluorescent pink is nauseating." William said with a slightly annoyed look.

"I'd love to! But here? Now? I obviously haven't got any supplies with me.." Grell mused.

Sebastian shrugged. "Perhaps back at the shop?"

"Then make them bright orange." Ronald added with a shrug.


Okay, Hi ^^ So it has been literally forever since I have last had the motivation to work on this, changing it into proper paragraph format and all that. So, after a lot of thinking on it, I've chosen to simply post the rest of the RP *UN-EDITED* On AO3 only for readers (Because FF has rules against scripts). This means it's mostly in script-form, and will likely have typos and misspellings. It is also written in a turn-based format as there were three of us RPing this, so some things may feel a little out of order. But the ending to this RP is well worth it, I think. I just dont have the time or motivation to fix it up like I had with "chapter one"

Please do enjoy.

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