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Warning: Mpreg, yaoi, cross dresser Harry, and One piece randomness, Dom Ace and Marco, Sub Harry


A flash of white light, another one of made of dark smoke, a powerful gust of wind, two figures fighting against one another in the great hall of Hogwarts. Their battle was fierce but it was clear who was going to be winner. One of the battling men let out of a frustrated roar, full of hatred as he threw another deadly spell at his opponent who dodged it with ease. Everyone around them has stopped their fights against one another to watch this amazing battle, a battle that would decide the fate of the wizarding world.

Here in front of them were fighting two of the most powerful wizards of all time. Those two had met each other a few times in the past, one always managing to escape the other. They were destined to fight to the death against one another. Voldemort and Harry Potter had always been meant to face each other, one of them fighting to stop the other from taking over the world while the latter was fighting to wipe off the only menace that stood between him and his goal.

Finally after two years, two long years ever since he had been told that he was meant to one day face the dark wizard, Harry was finally meeting his destiny. After the horrible episode in the battle at the Department of Mysteries, where the young man had seen his godfather Sirius go through the Veil after having been killed by Bellatrix, Harry had dedicated all his time to find ways to become stronger. He wanted to get prepared for the day he would have to face Voldemort.

In sixth year, whenever he wasn't studying, doing homework and doing a task for Dumbledore, the green eyed youth would go to the library, combing through every single book available to him. When nothing else could be learnt from the books in the library, Harry snuck into the restricted section and looked for other spells, other potions, anything that could help him in the final battle against the dark wizard. He soon stumbled upon a book that taught how to find your animagus form, and so he began his arduous training to become an animagus, not telling anyone not even his friends about it.

In a few months time he had discovered what was his animagus form. And what a discovery that was! If he hadn't had read every single book on magical creatures, the dark haired young man might have not known what kind of creature he was. But since he had, Harry immediately recognized the bird he had turned into as a wind phoenix. Wind phoenixes controlled wind currents and had healing properties in their tears. They were coloured teal and were about half the size of a regular phoenix.

After having discovered this, Harry realized that he could now converse with Fawkes, whom he discovered was a female. The phoenix appeared to consider him as her offspring and acted very protective toward him. This fact had been making Dumbledore look at the both of them curiously every time Harry would be in his office, as the fire phoenix would immediately go perch on the head of the young man's chair, nipping at the youth's hair and fluffing it as she would do with a chick.

But the ability to now talk with Fawkes wasn't the only thing that Harry's animagus had given him. He had now a definite affinity with the air element though he already had it quite a lot, as he had always been more at ease when in the air on his broom than on the ground. He could also use all the powers of a wind phoenix when in his animagus form.

Unfortunately, just a few days before the end of the school year, a surprise attack from a group of Death Eaters happened and Dumbledore was killed by no one else but his "faithful" spy Severus Snape. The death of his mentor and someone he had come to consider as a grandfather figure hit the green eyed young man very hard and Harry began to study twice as hard to vanquish Voldemort.

After that, when he was back for a month at the Dursleys, he spent all the time he could inside his bedroom, reading very old magic books that he had managed to get from Grimmauld place through Kreacher, as he was his new master with whom he had managed to find a common ground on which they got along.

Once at the Burrow it had become more difficult for Harry to study and do research as he was busy with helping people with Bill and Fleur's wedding but also the fact that Hermione and Ron were almost constantly with him and he didn't want to involve them. As for Ginny, she had become even more forward in her seducing attempts, which had rather annoyed the youth as he had not interest in her and actually was more attracted to men.

The time to go back to Hogwarts for his seventh year arrived, and Harry immersed himself once again in his study and training. Though by now he had read pretty much everything that could be of any use to him, the ebony haired young man didn't feel like sitting and waiting patiently for Voldemort to come and find him. He preferred to revise everything and train himself until the dark wizard decided to face him.

Then a couple of months later, just a few weeks before the Christmas break, Voldemort finally decided to attack. And now here they were, facing each other and fighting until one of them was dead. Harry had planned everything, thinking up ways he could trap and maybe kill the dark wizard, imagining diverse scenarios in his head.

Having read about how there was another level above the animagus form, and this form was the hybrigus form. This form was basically a fusion of your human form with your animagus form and it was said to be a very powerful form as you could use your animagus powers while still being able to fight as a human as well. You only had to pay a certain price through your wizard magical core.

It was the ultimate animagus form. Harry trained hard to attain this form but it wasn't before he was on the battlefield that he finally managed to do it, his strong will to protect everyone making it possible for him to change into it. Thanks to this form, he was able to fight on par with Voldemort.

Right now, he was beginning to get the upper hand and he could see the dark wizard's face twist in rage and frustration, as he knew that he was being overpowered. After a moment, in a desperate attempt to finish this quickly and kill the young man, Voldemort threw his most powerful curse at the hybrigus. Unfortunately for him, with a gust of magical wind, Harry threw the dark wizard's own spell against him and blasted him into a million pieces.

However, before the ebony-haired young man could fully comprehend what was happening, he felt himself being happed up as if he was apparating. The next thing he knew he was landing on a hard surface that felt like a tilled floor. Coming to and barely standing up, his legs feeling wobbly, the young hero suddenly realized in shock that he was in the Department of Mysteries, standing right in front of the Veil in which Sirius had disappeared in.

"W-what happened, why am I here?" Harry murmured to himself, looking at the Veil and room he was in, in both confusion and shock.

'I wonder if everyone at Hogwarts is all right' the young man thought.

He then suddenly heard the knob from the door across from him creaking. Turning to see who it was, the green eyed young man gasped in shock as he saw Dumbledore, who had died at the hand of Snape a couple months ago, standing here in front of him alive and breathing. Too shocked to say anything Harry took a step back, which brought him closer to the Veil.

"Well hello my dear boy. Shocked to see me among the living?" the old wizard asked, his usually joyful face twisted into an evilly sadistic expression, his usually twinkling eyes now cold and calculating.

"B-but…how…why?" Harry stuttered confusedly, not wanting to believe what he was seeing right now in front of him, feeling like he had just fell into a horrible nightmare.

"Let me explain. Ever since you were born, you have been deceived and manipulated." Dumbledore told him with an evil smirk on his face, as he began to slowly stalk toward the silently shocked ebony haired young man, "Leaving you at the Dursleys, putting you into dangerous adventures at Hogwarts throughout the years, and faking my death. All of this was done on purpose to mould you into a weapon to be used and then later tossed away. All your life, you have never been anything but a tool. A tool manipulated by my skilful hands."

"No. I can't believe it. You wouldn't do that. The Dumbledore I know would never do that. He is on the side of Light." Harry said in unbelief.

"Oh but it is true my dear boy." the former Headmaster said in a twisted smile, sneering at the young man's hurt and lost expression, "You have been very useful but now you've become too powerful. You have even become some dark foul creature, look and see for yourself"

The old man then conjured a mirror for the shocked young man to peer inside and look at his reflection.

What Harry saw in the mirror was different from what he was used to see. Standing at 5'4 was a small petite boy with waist length hair with full red lips, large emerald green jewel like almond shaped eyes and wide hips. Taking all these changes in, Harry realized the most startling changes were a pair of 6 feet long, teal blue-green feathered bird like wings, which sprouted from his back, and feathers that seemed to be braided into his hair as well.

Raising a hand up Harry combed his hand through his hair just to discover while letting out a soft surprised gasp, the new changes that had come to his person. He was still in his hybrigus form. As he searched for his wizard magical core to change himself back into a human, the young man then realised that he couldn't find it. He didn't have a wizard magical core anymore.

All he could feel now was the magical core of his phoenix form. How had that happen? How was it possible? Why had his wizard's powers disappeared? All those question were swarming into the young man's head and making him slightly dizzy. Did that mean that he was not human anymore? Was it possible that he had underestimated the price that came with mastering this form?

Whatever was the reason, Harry couldn't care less as he was more agitated about Dumbledore and all the manipulations he had just confessed to have done on him. How could he have done this to him? During all this time he had worked so hard to study and train himself, preparing himself physically and mentally as well to kill a man for the sake of humanity, just to discover that after the job was done, the wizarding world was going to throw him away like some useless trash. What has he been fighting all this time for then?

"Well my boy it's time to say goodbye I can't have a dangerous creature such as yourself alive," Dumbledore said in a cold unemotional voice, pulling the young man out of his thoughts and shooting a stunner off at him that knocked him off his feet and into the Veil.

As soon as his body made contact with the Veil, a flash of light appeared and enveloped Harry, hearing a loud rumble before losing consciousness because of Dumbledore's spell.

With satisfaction, the old Headmaster watched as the ebony-haired young man disappeared through the Veil, a twisted smile on his face. Then he heard a loud shrill coming from behind him, and when he turned around to see what it was, he barely had enough time to register what was happening as Fawkes appeared from out of nowhere and clawed at his face in a furious shrill.

"Aaargh bloody bird!" Dumbledore yelled in pain, swishing his wand blindly in an attempt to keep the fire phoenix away from him.

In one last tempestuous shrill Fawkes threw a ball of flames at the old man, setting the latter on fire before disappearing in a flurry of flames, letting Dumbledore being consumed by her magical fire as a revenge for having sent the one she considered one of her offspring through that Veil.

When Harry woke up, the green eyed young man found himself lying in a bed that he knew was not his. When he looked around at his surroundings, the young man saw that he was in a room that looked to be out of some of the samurai movies he had watched, with the tatamis and the shoji walls and the minimal furniture inside it. He could hear birds singing outside and it felt like the weather was nice outside. Trying to remember how he had gotten here, Harry's eyes suddenly widened as his memories came flooding back in at full speed. His fight against Voldemort, his hybrigus form and the repercussions on it, his new body, Dumbledore, him going through the Veil… Everything came back to him.

As he remembered everything, the ebony-haired young man sat up abruptly, immediately lying back down with a moan of pain as his head spun and made him lightheaded. At that moment, one of the shoji doors slid open to reveal a woman of average height with light brown hair in her early thirties. She had a slightly rounded face and sharp brown eyes in which you could feel warmth and concern in the depths of them as she looked at Harry.

"You shouldn't move too much," she told him in a voice that sounded authoritative but was also full of concern, "You have a really nasty bruise on the back of your head. I'm actually surprised it is not fractured. You also have a few cuts on your body as well as other light injuries."

Putting his hand on the back of his hand, Harry winced at the sharp pain that he felt going through his skull, seeing that the mysterious woman was right, he then raised his arms to see that some parts were all bandaged or had band aids. The green eyed young youth began to slowly turn his head toward the woman who entered the room with a platter with food on it as well as a big glass of water.

"Thank you for having helped me and having treated my wounds. I'm very grateful." Harry said softly, his voice a bit raspy and his throat parched as if he hadn't drunk for days.

"Don't strain yourself too much, you have been asleep for three days straight." the mysterious woman said, gently propping the young man slightly up and giving him the glass of water, which the latter accepted gladly as he took large gulp of the deliciously fresh liquid that soothed his aching throat, "Your body is very weak right now. You need all the rest you can get."

"But I do appreciate the words of thanks. Thank you. You are really polite. That's a quality that seems to be fading more and more throughout the generations." The light brown haired woman said with a smile, tucking one stray lock of hair behind the young man's ear, "What's your name?"

"Harry Potter." The ebony-haired youth answered smiling back at her timidly, "May I ask what's yours?"

"Inari Okami." She told him, before adding, "Nice to meet you Harry Potter. You can call me just Inari."

"Only if you call me Harry." Harry replied with a slight smile.

Inari grinned at this and extended her hand and shook the young hybrid's bandaged one.

"Deal." She told him joyfully.

"I have a question I would like to ask you though." The former human man said as Inari helped him lie back on the bed.

"Sure, what is it?" the brown haired woman said looking down at him curious.

"Where am I exactly?" he asked with a frown.

"You are on Hanami Island. It's a Spring Island on Grand Line. I found you on the beach, you were lying unconscious on the sand covered with cuts and bruises so I decided to take you to my house and to treat your wounds." Inari explained, though from the lost look on the young man's face she had just confused him even more.

"Hum what's Grand Line?" Harry asked feeling completely lost, not remembering in any of his geography classes of a country, sea, ocean or archipelago called Grand Line.

The light brown haired woman then began to explain to the young man everything about the Grand Line, Red Line, and the four blue seas (East Blue, West Blue, South Blue and North Blue). As the woman went along in her explanation, Harry realized that he was in a whole other world. That fact both fascinated and scared him. Did that mean that he would never see his friends again? But at the same time did he really want to see them again after the act of treason toward him from Dumbledore? Maybe they would treat him the same way if he came back. They would treat him like some tool that had done its time and now needed to be getting rid of. On reflection, being in a whole other world was actually a golden chance to start anew. Nobody knew him here. He could do whatever he wanted without people watching his every move. No mob of fans or hungry and vicious news reporters to ruin his life.

"You are not from this world are you?" Inari asked rhetorically, pulling Harry out his thoughts.

"How do you know?" the young man asked.

"Intuition." The woman replied with a wink before adding in a more serious tone, "At first I thought you might have been from Skypea, the sky Islands, since you have wings. But at seeing your expression about what I just told you, you have not even the slightest knowledge of this world. Though it is a rather crazy hypothesis, you being from another world is the only plausible explanation I could think of."

"Oh." Was the only thing that Harry managed to say as he looked at the light brown haired woman who looked rather smug of having found out the fact that he wasn't from here.

"But what happened to you exactly? How did you arrive in this world?" Inari asked looking at the young man in curiosity, a frown on her face.

At these questions, Harry's face became sombre and he stared at the ceiling in front of him with a pained look on his face.

"I'd rather not talk about it if that's okay." said Harry with his green eyes filled with sadness.

"No problem." The light brown haired woman said with an understanding expression, feeling like this was not a happy story and it would do more damage by being told than anything.

A silence settled between the two where each of them was deep into their thoughts. Then after a moment, Harry turned his head once again toward Inari, a determined and extremely curious light in his eyes.

"Could you tell me more about this world please?" he asked.

With a smile on her face the woman nodded, looking happy about the look on the young man's face.

"All right but you will have to eat while I talk." She replied mock authoritatively as she helped the young man sit up so that she could put the tray full of different food on his laps, "Skinny as you are you need all the nutrients that you can get."

And so, as Harry was eating dutifully his food under the watchful eye of Inari, the latter told him all about how this world was right now into the golden age of piracy and how right now every pirate was trying to get their hands on the famous treasure of the late pirate king Gold D Roger, the One Piece. She told him all about the politic of this country the different, species and animals you could find, telling him tales of great explorers, marines, and pirates.

As he listened to the woman talking, the young man couldn't help but imagine all the places she was describing, feeling a desire to travel and see all those places with his own eyes. Though the thought of being stuck in a whole new world had scared him a bit, Harry was beginning to be more and more thrilled about the new place he was in. His new life was surely promising to be exciting and full of surprises. Just like a phoenix, which he had partly become, he had been reborn in a way and had now the opportunity to live a whole new life, and the young hybrid couldn't wait to live it.

*At the same moment somewhere in the kingdom of Alabasta…*

"What? You are leaving already?" Luffy exclaimed with a disappointed pout, him and the rest of the Mugiwara crew looking at Ace as he jumped over the rail of the Going Merry and landed in his fire induced speedboat.

"Yeah." The dark brown haired young man said, while pulling the anchor that kept his boat in place out of the water.

"You can chill out a little longer! I haven't seen you in so long." The straw-hat wearing pirate protested.

"I told you, I only came to do that." The freckled pirate replied, referring to the Vivre card he had just given to Luffy as he kept on securing the anchor on his boat and preparing to leave.

Indeed, Ace was on a mission. He was chasing after one of his former crewmembers, a subordinate who had assassinated another crewmate. This scum called himself Blackbeard, though his real name was Marshall D Teach, and it was Ace's duty as second commander of Whitebeard's float to punish him for his crime.

He had just made this detour to quickly see his little brother and give him a Vivre Card so that they could meet again someday. Now he had to go back on the road and search for Blackbeard to administer justice for the murder of one of his crewmembers.

"See you at the top!" Ace told Luffy with a winning grin before leaving.

"See you later!" he heard his little brother say, while he was leaving on his speedboat.

Unfortunately for him, a float of ships from the Baroque Works decided to try and capture him by putting themselves in his way. Sighing in slight annoyance at those fools who thought they could defeat him, Ace leapt and spun in the air over the ships until he was on the other side, landing safely on his speed boat before sending a Fire Fist that destroyed all of the ships at once. Once he had done this, the freckled pirate sped away once again, in the direction one of his sources had said that Blackbeard had last been seen.

As he was speeding away on the sea to the next Island to try and see if Blackbeard might still be on it, the dark brown haired young man thought about his crew that was waiting for him as well as Whitebeard, oyaji. But also he thought about his friend Marco.

They had all had tried to discourage and stop him from going after Teach. But even if he respected Whitebeard a lot, if there was one person who could discourage him from going after Teach it was Marco.

His crewmate and best friend had always been the only one capable of calming him and making him change his mind, but not this time. Whatever Marco had said, the blond pirate hadn't managed to make him drop the idea of going after Blackbeard. Ace had a duty as commander and he was dead set on making sure to avenge the murder of one of his comrades.


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