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After having calmed them down and having explained everything to them in great details, Luffy and his crew now knew everything about Harry's life and the relationship he, Ace and Marco had. Although he was related to one of the three men, Luffy was the one who was taking the whole news the best. His crewmates on the other hand had a hard time not to stare in bewilderment at Harry and Marco, not understanding the whole situation very well.

"A male pregnant…" the blond man whom they had learned was named Sanji muttered while taking a drag out of his cigarette before exhaling as he continued, "I didn't know it was even possible."

"Indeed." The skeleton whose name was Brooke added in wonder, "My eyes are popping out in shock…Ah, except I don't have eyes. Yohohoho!"

"The sea is really full of mysteries…" the long-nosed kid named Ussop commented with an impressed expression on his face.

This whole situation seemed so surreal to them. However Harry was beginning to feel very uncomfortable under their scrutinizing gaze, feeling like he was some of kind curious animal in a zoo.

"Is it even natural?" Zoro asked rather bluntly, looking at the young man's stomach with a scowl as if he was thinking very deeply.

At this last comment and sensing Harry's growing discomfort, Fred and George stepped up in a protective stance, glaring slightly at the Mugiwara crew while fiddling with their wands threateningly.

"Is there a problem?" Fred asked in sweet voice in which a threatening tone was hidden, his smile extremely fake as he almost gritted his teeth while never stopping to staring at them.

At the twin's attitude, the Strawhat pirates became quiet, Sanji, Zoro, and Franky stepping up as well in front of the others as if to protect them. Feeling like the situation could get out of hand if not handled quickly, Marco stepped up as well to put him in between the two groups.

"I know it might feel unbelievable but this is the truth." He told them looking intensely, his voice beginning to sound more and more frustrated, "It's a reality and it would be nice if you could accept it so that we can work together in order to go save Ace. "

At his words everyone seemed to calm down and actually looked a bit sheepish. The Whitebeard crew was looking with a mixed expression of both annoyance and understanding. They could understand that the whole thing was unsettling but they couldn't help but be annoyed at their reaction. Didn't they realize that acting like this was hurting Harry?

Right at this moment, Luffy appeared out of nowhere next Harry, startling the latter slightly and making him jump in surprise.

"Neh neh Harry." He said as he placed his arm around his shoulders and brought him closer to him with a huge grin, "Since we are like family now, you have to share your meat with me!"

At this comment any tension that was there was relieved instantly and everyone burst out laughing at the young man's remark. After that everyone began to get active to attach at the back of the Moby Dick the Mugiwara pirates' ship, the Thousand Sunny. They then began to plan how to incorporate the Mugiwara crew into their rescue plan.

Right now Harry was leaning against the railing, watching the horizon with a vacant mind. The arrival of the Mugiwara pirates had put things a bit of in disarray on the ship and they were now learning how to work together as they were now spending most of their time on their ship, planning out how they would rescue Ace.

'Ace…' he thought with a heavy sigh.

He missed him so much. He wanted to see him. But all he could do right now was wait. He just wished his daughter would come out before they reach Marineford so that he can fight without worrying about not getting hurt to protect her.

Suddenly, while he was immersed in contemplating the sea, something crashed into him from behind and he barely managed to use his wind powers to protect his stomach. He turned around to tear apart the idiot who had dared crash into him and almost caused him to have his baby hurt. But as he saw that it was none other than Luffy his murderous intent disappeared and his mind went blank, not knowing how to handle this guy who was obviously, completely oblivious to how you should behave around a pregnant person.

"Harry! What are you doing there by yourself?! Kekeke" the young captain asked with a grin, hugging the hybrid while talking.

The petite male decided to let the matter go and relaxed slightly although still wary, putting a hand on his stomach and rubbing it softly.

"I was just looking out at the sea." He answered in a friendly manner.

"Cool! I do that sometimes too!" Luffy replied with a big smile, "You really feel free when you do it. Shishishi"

"You really do." Harry agreed with a smile, "I bet this is why you decided to become a pirate huh?"

"Of course!" the young pirate exclaimed with his usual grin, "You're a pirate too right?"

"Well I'm not sure if I'm really a pirate but I do hang out with a lot of them so I guess I am one in a way." The young hybrid said with a mischievous smile.

"Kekekeke You're funny! I like you!" Mugiwara told him with a big smile.

They kept on discussing together and getting to know each other more, the young hybrid starting to appreciate more and more his "brother-in-law" as he got to know him. They were getting very comfortable with each other and didn't have any restraint with each other. This is how Fred and George found them sitting comfortably in the petite male's bedroom, talking away.

"Hey guys! What are you doing?" George asked with a grin.

"Not having fun without us are we?" Fred asked rhetorically with a mischievous glint in his eyes with the same grin as his twin.

"We were just talking." Harry replied in an amused tone, "You can join us if you want."

"Gladly." The both replied in unison coming immediately to sit beside them.

" So Luffy," Fred began to say, "How come you are so different from your brother?"

"We don't have the same parent." The concerned one replied bluntly, "But we have spent our childhood together with my grandfather."

This reply left the twins silent for a moment before they recovered. George was the first one to speak again.

"Your crew says you have an ability what is it?" he asked very curious.

"I ate the Gomu Gomu devil fruit so my body is elastic." The straw hat wearing youth said, pulling on his cheeks in a rather rough manner, making it stretch a lot in an unnatural way.

"Wicked!" Both twins exclaimed amazed as they stared at Luffy before beginning to have tons of fun probing him and pinching him everywhere to test his elasticity.

Two days went by and the Whitebeard crew was slowly learning to work and cohabitate with the crazy and quite unpredictable Mugiwara crew. They were to say the least quite an atypical crew even from a pirate view. None of them were alike each other, and everyone one of them had a different story to their life.

There was first Luffy's first mate, Roronoa Zoro. This guy with green hair and a rather buff physique, and was a maniac of weight lifting and training his body in any way possible in order to get stronger. Although he was very loyal and close to Luffy, it was clear that he had another agenda on the side of becoming the greatest swordsman, and as such to defeat Mihawk. He was also a heavy drinker who loved a nice bottle of rum. However, under his rough attitude and blunt words, he had one weakness that made him show his soft side. This weakness took the form of Nico Robin.

There was almost nothing known about this woman. It seemed the Mugiwara crew knew more than others about her story and acted protective with her, especially Zoro, fervently. Nico Robin was a very mysterious woman. She would help quietly and stay on the side when not needed either reading or observing everyone as if she was studying them. At first she had made everyone very nervous but they were now very comfortable with her.

Then there was also orange haired girl called Nami. It was hard not to think SHE was the captain. 99% of the orders and decisions came from her and she would regularly scold Luffy for his silly and childish attitude. Despite her rather cute and thin figure, she could be very scary and everyone, except sometimes Zoro who would grumble and complain but those who would soon be chastised, and would quickly do whatever she ordered them to do.

And the most whipped of them when it came to the authoritative orange haired girl it was Sanji. This tall blond guy, although he was adoring and pampering ladies in general, he had a very special place in his heart for Nami. It was not uncommon to see him turning around and helping her at anything even when she hadn't said anything. As he was the cook of the Mugiwara ship, he was now cooking along side the cooks of Whitebeard crew, causing sometimes some rather heated arguments between them as they sometimes didn't see eye to eye.

The long nosed young man called Ussop was apparently the sharpshooter of the crew. He was very skilled at everything that concerned shooting and making gadgets of any sort. He was also very skilled at making up stories and other sorts of lies that never failed to amaze the very gullible Luffy and the little reindeer called Chopper.

Chopper, despite his very cute appearance and manners, was the official doctor of the Mugiwara pirates. He could be quite persuasive and severe when it came to health and didn't care to scold anyone who didn't listen to him on their health. He had a rather naïve personality and was very helpful to anyone who needed help, having the ability to change form if strength was needed for a task.

The last two members, Franky and Brooke, were in a way the oddest of the lot. Franky was the ship's carpenter. Although he had a slightly perverted look and had sometimes a rather loose mouth, he also had a very sensitive personality. As for Brooke, the skeleton had a very gentleman look but was a complete pervert. He was the musician of the group and would often play his violin and sing along with Luffy and anyone willing to sing and dance.

Although they were an odd bunch, Marco had to admit that they were bringing a surprisingly boost of energy and joy to everyone. And they definitely needed all the energy possible for when they would have to finally face the Marines and fight for Ace's freedom.

A few days later they had finally arrived at Marineford. They were now only a few miles away from the big entrance gate that they could see from where they were. Soon they saw ships appear and begin to approach them. The Decalvan brothers and the Spider pirates were the ones to first reach them.

"Pops! We came as soon as we could!" the Decalvan brothers exclaimed both at the same time.

"Thank you for coming." Whitebeard said, giving orders to his men to give everyone a drink.

"Well we had to come to save this stupid kid." Squard, the captain of the Spider pirates grumbled, "I still can't believe he got caught by the Marines."

One after the other, the allies who had been able and willing to respond to the call arrived. Once they were all there, captains and commanders gathered together to decide on how they were going to do it.

"So when are we breaking in?" Whitey Bay, the captain of Ice-Flakes pirates, asked in an almost bored voice as if she wanted some action.

She was a girl from the New World with a rather impressive icebreaker at the front. She was a very confident looking and rather laid-back person who was more about action than words.

"We need to settle up on a strategy first." Doma, a famous swordsman from the New World, said calmly with his arms crossed, his monkey comfortably scratching its head on his shoulder.

"Well let's get it over with quickly so that we can go." She replied with a yawn.

"Here is how it is gonna go." Marco told them after everyone had quieted down a bit.

He then started to tell everyone how they would have to coat their ships in order to go under water and break into Marineford from below, explaining how it would take too much time to force the gates open and then get to the port.

"There will be two teams formed," the phoenix man continued, quickly drawing a map to show them his plan, "one will take care of the Marines and keep them occupied while the other group will get to Ace and free him."

"But what about if some admirals are there?" Doma asked with a very serious tone of voice.

"This is where you all come in." Marco replied immediately without any hesitation, "Since admirals are rather hard to deal with we will need you to team up together and defeat the ones who might be here."

"Count on us!" Whitey Bay said with a lazy smirk, "It will be fun to go against an admiral."

"Yeah leave it to us!" the Decalvan brothers exclaimed with matching grins, pumping their fist in the air.

And this is how they started the preparations to put in action their plan. Everyone was getting busy coating the ship and preparing for battle while Marco was trying to deal with one very stubborn and angry hybrid.

"I am not letting you go rescue him by yourself!" Harry said loudly with a determined glare.

"I'm not going to be by myself." Marco told him softly trying without any success for the moment to soothe his mate, "There are 300 people with me who are going to help me save Ace."

"But still…" the young man tried to argue some more but was interrupted before he could."Harry!" the blond said losing his patience and putting his hands on the petite male's shoulders, "Please I beg you… Stay on the ship and stay safe while we get Ace back for you. You need to think of our daughter."

At this, the phoenix hybrid stayed silent with a resignated pout on his face, not looking happy about the whole situation at all.

"Thank you." Marco said with a relieved sigh, taking the other's silence for an agreement before calling two men to him, "Daisuke, Hiroshi! You will be in charge of taking care of Harry while we go rescue Ace."

"You are going to put me under surveillance?!" Harry exclaimed in an outraged tone of voice.

"It is only so that someone can help if you go into labor." The blond man quickly replied to calm him down not wanting to feel the wrath of the young hybrid.

The petite male huffed while glaring at his mate, not completely convinced but deciding to let it slide for now.

"Then go and come back quickly." He told him with an unhappy voice.

"I promise we'll be quick." Marco said quickly, happy that he had managed to convince him, and leaning over to kiss him softly on the forehead before then rushing to the rest to finish preparing for the rescue.

When they were finally all prepared all gathered, the ships next to one another began their descent into the water. A few minutes later they resurfaced on the other side of the gate, inside the fortress of Marineford. But what met them on the other side far exceeded what they had expected. They were met with the sight of quite a considerable amount of Marines and a lot of high ranked Marines, with the whole lot of Admirals and Shichibukais waiting for them at the port.

"Well that's one bloody hell of a reception wouldn't you say George?" Fred commented, whistling in awe at the number of Marines and enemies in front of them in general.

"Couldn't have said it better Fred." The other twin replied, transfixed by the scene in front of them.

"Well I guess it won't be easy as we had fought it would be…" one of the men said, others agreeing with grunts and murmurs as they were all watching the Marines on the port.

'They must think they can eliminate Pops while rescuing Ace…' Marco thought with frown that quickly turned into a glare toward the assembly of Marines in front of them, 'But we will certainly not give them that pleasure.'

And with that last thought Marco turned to his men and began to quickly give orders, preparing for the big encounter that they were soon going to have.


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