I've changed the plot slightly after 199th night manga wise. It is a Yullen pairing with mature themes such as sexual references and swearing… Please enjoy!

Chapter One:

Allen watched in absolute horror as Alma exploded before him, his cursed eye trembled terrible as he watched the soul disappear in a blinding white light. The force knock him back as he tumbled harshly across the ground, it didn't help the severity of his injures that just bled more.

'Ow…' Allen winced before a staggering pain rippled through his body, he knew instantly who it was… Neah! Allen pushed him back as his eyes flickered about the dust trying to find Kanda and if possible, Alma.

He eventually found Kanda but the person he loved dearly crumbled as easily as sand and collapsed onto the ground.

'Kanda!' Allen cried out as he jumped down and rushed to the samurai's side weeping heavily as he noticed the strangely marked orb next to Kanda's fallen body. He didn't want to feel this pain again… the pain of losing someone dear to him as he reached the orb with a shaky hand.

'What… what about Kanda? All these years, his been trying to find you and now…'

'I c-can't tell him, I don't know how he'll react to know it's me,'

'But Alma, you both loved each other all those years ago… and now…'

'He has you… doesn't he? That is good enough for me…' Allen blinked away the tears when Alma slowly regenerated in front of him but was quickly engulfed by a black gooey substance.

'Dark matter! But shouldn't it be gone?' Allen called out to Alma but Alma was ignoring him before he heard some muffled words behind him.

'Mo-ya-shi,' Allen turned slowly to find Kanda slowly standing on his feet but his balance wasn't the best as Allen quickly came to his side.


'Stop crying… you idiot… let's take Alma somewhere they will hardly ever find us,' Allen tried to smile but tears fell down his cheeks instead as he activated Crown Clown and latched onto the nearest thing to him… the Earl.

He hurled both of them up into the air with all his strength as the advanced quickly towards Alma.

'Alma!' Kanda called out holding out his arm to catch his past lover as Allen quickly summoned the Ark.

Oh Ark…

Take us to Mater, the abandon city, which like us was abandoned by God…

The white gate opened as they fell into it and the next thing they knew they were plummeted towards the ground. Allen then fainted due to the amount of blood he had lost and darkness claimed him.


Kanda gasped as Allen slipped from his grip but he couldn't let Alma go and shielded the dying person from the ragged landing. He winced when he hit the sandy earth and sat up gazing around just to see the gate disintegrate into nothing.

Allen had landed several metres from him, unconscious and unmoving. Kanda realized that the brat was extremely exhausted, not only from battling him when he had got mad but also from fighting the Fourteenth within him.

'Poor child, he truly is a Noah…' a hazy cough dragged his attention from the beansprout and onto the splaying form of Alma. Kanda cradled Alma in his arms as he slowly leaned against a pillar.

'Don't speak,'

'He… he truly loves you Yuu… treasure that with him, be by Allen's side, he'll need you more than ever…'

Kanda frowned at Alma as his voice turned to whispers, his breaths shallow and painfully drawn into his body.

'Just don't say anymore, Alma…'

'I can't… can't forgive them after all they've done… I deserve this but you… you deserve Allen, he'll be there while I'm gone,' Kanda was mortified when he heard Alma say this but his dearest friend said no more as a last tear fell from his eyes and Alma crumbled into dust in his bare hands.

Kanda curled his hand around the clump of dust that had been Alma's head before letting it fall to the ground and stumbled over to Allen. The beansprout's wounds were just as bad as he thought especially the one where he had pierced him with mugen.

The katana sword glinted in its rusty encasement as Kanda slowly reached over to where it lay beside Allen. His innocence shimmered under his touch and reformed into a black cube… similar to what happened to Lenalee.

Kanda glanced down at the beansprout with a playful smirk on his lips. Man was Allen going to be pissed when he eventually woke up.


And there we go, the first chapter is done… so please tell me whether or not I should continue and me if it's good!