Lloyd Sanders stood in the centre of the crossroads. In his hands he held a box containing a photograph of himself, a bone from a black cat and dirt from the graveyard where his Mother had been buried. He ran his hands through his short black hair and let out an aggravated sigh. He was a man of god, just like his Mother had raised him, and yet here he was, standing at a crossroads and preparing to make deal for his immortal soul. Lloyd could only imagine the venom his Mother would be spitting if she could see what he was doing. But none of that was her concern anymore, he was free of his dear Mother and he intended to make the most of the remainder of his life, starting with a certain acquisition. Lloyd dropped to the ground and began to dig a hole at the dead centre of the crossroads. He deposited the box into the hole and back away slowly. He could not be certain if this would work, but there could surely be no harm in trying.

"Hello," came a female voice from behind him.

Lloyd shrieked and fell backwards landing roughly onto the gravel. His eyes were wide in a mixture of disbelief and fear and his mouth hung open gaping and sucking in air like a fish out of water.
Before the stunned man stood a small woman with short light brown hair and wide innocent looking blue eyes. The woman smiled wickedly, fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the mortal man. No matter if the one who called was a fully grown man selling their soul for fame and glory or a whimpering teenage girl hoping to change her awkward body for something more resembling a supermodel, every last human was the same. They all shook in their boots when they saw that the summoning actually worked, almost as if they never wanted the demon there in the first place. The demon could only imagine how the human would have responded if he had turned up in a male vessel. After all, sales were definitely easier to make when you could simply bat long, fake eyelashes, bend over slightly and give the male clients something to ogle while they sold their lives away. Female vessels definitely have their benefits, there was no doubt about it. The demon curled a piece of his female vessel's hair around her finger, trying to look as unthreatening as possible while waiting for the mortal man to regain his composure.
The human took a deep breath, looking as if he was about to say something, but the demon spoke first.
"What can I do for you on this fine October evening?" the demon asked in a sickly sweet voice.
"I - I did not think that you were real," the mortal man stammered.
The demon fought the urge to roll his eyes again, different human, same abysmal level of intelligence. "Well obviously you thought wrong Mr. Sanders."
"How do you know my name demon?" the man squeaked. He tried his best to sound unafraid, but his attempts were in vain.
The demon flicked dirt from under his vessel's long manicured fingernails, looking utterly bored. Humans were tiresome, it was just fortunate for this particular mortal that he was a patient demon. "Did you summon me here to make small talk, or is there something that you want from me?"
"I want something from you!" the man cried, terrified that the demon would leave without fulfilling his request.
"Well then, sweetheart, why don't you tell me whatever it is that you want and I will see what I can do about making all of your dreams come true." The demon walked closer to the human, making sure to sway his vessel's hips as seductively as possible.

The man fished through his pockets and pulled out a crumpled photograph. He passed the photograph to the demon, smoothing out the edges as it left his hand. "Can you make her fall I. Love with me?"
"I can do anything," the demon replied with a cocky grin. The demons eyes flicked from the short, balding and somewhat overweight man before him to the gorgeous young blonde haired blue eyed woman in the photograph. It was obvious to the demon that this woman was in a league far above the man who would sell his soul for her love.
"Then make her fall in love with me," the man demanded.
"There is a price of course, nothing is for free Mr. Sanders," the demon explained.
"What is your price?"
"In ten years, your soul will belong to me."
"Fifteen years, give me fifteen years with her."
"Now why would I want to do that?" the demon asked.
"I will give you our firstborn, be it male or female, our baby will belong to you."
"You would care nothing for a child?" The demon asked, genuinely interested in the humans suggestion.
"All I want is Andrea," the man replied with a certain nod.
Again the demon looked at the photograph of Andrea, she was indeed beautiful, but to call her such would be a drastic understatement. If Aphrodite ever came across this woman, jealousy would certainly ensue, perhaps murder, Aphrodite was indeed known for being a quick tempered and brutal woman. Despite what the human was obviously thinking, the demon would not eat the child. No matter how delicious an infant can be, he would not season it, fry it and and swallow it whole. "Alright then, I will give you fifteen years with the woman who will soon be yours."
"How do we seal this deal?" the human asked.
The demon smirked wickedly, "with a kiss."
Lloyd inched forwards with his lips puckered up slightly, preparing for the demon's kiss. The demon lurched forwards, pressing his vessel's lips to the mortal before forcing his tongue between the man's teeth. The human was obviously unskilled in such an art for his body stiffened and his mouth lay open slackly as if he were afraid to move. There was no going back now; the deal had been sealed for eternity. Hurriedly the human broke away, wiping his lips on his sleeve to remove the taste of the demon. No matter how beautiful the vessel, the taste of sulphur was always present when a deal was sealed.
"When will I have her?" he asked. The human tried to sound confident, but his voice still came out as a squeak.
"She will come to you soon Mr. Sanders, you just need to sit back and relax. Go home, make yourself a cup of tea or something, we have a deal and my kind can never go back on their deals."
Before the human could protest the demon had disappeared.

The demon would not eat the infant, as great a loss that would be, he would father it. He would use the mortal's soon to be wife as a vessel in which to create an Antichrist. It had been done before and it could be done again, but he would have to keep his plans quiet. The boss never liked it when demons got thoughts of their own independent from his agenda, but soon enough he would not have to follow anyone's orders but his own. With the birth of this child he could finally claim the position in hell that he was entitled to. No longer would he be a lowly Crossroads demon serving under a demon who sold his soul for an extra three inches below the belt, no, he would crown himself King and be free from servitude once and for all.

So this is another new story that I have been thinkng of for a while now. Please feel free to tell me what you think!