It had been only a couple of days since Crowley began his lessons with Evangeline and already he was surprised with the progress that she was making. For such a young child, she was remarkably good at containing her emotions and good at concentrating on seemingly boring tasks for a long amount of time. Lessons had begun with Crowley porting them away to an abandoned oil rigging platform in the middle of the North Sea. They needed to be far away from the general population just in case something went wrong and it didn't get much more remote than the North Sea. What Crowley thought was a simple act of moving across great distances in the blink of an eye had astounded Evangeline, but she wasn't ready for such things yet. Every time that Crowley showed her how to do something, she looked up at him with awe in her eyes, it was the kind of look that one gave their idol upon meeting them. Such a look did a brilliant job of inflating Crowley's ego, not that it needed much help in the first place. It had taken several tries, and the need of a fire extinguisher, but Evangeline could summon fire into her hand at will, her aim at directing said fire needed more work though. On the positive side that issue had nothing to do with her abilities in all things demonic and had more to do with her athletic abilities, or lack thereof.

Every afternoon when Crowley would deposit Evangeline back home she would be exhausted. She would run upstairs and sleep for a few hours until Lloyd came home and then go about her normal routine of being present for dinner and then making herself scarce again. Even though Crowley had told her not to practice summoning fire where she ran the risk of burning her home down, she just couldn't help herself. Sometimes Evangeline sat up all night just concentrating on setting fire selected items in her room and then extinguishing that same fire with her mind. The first few times almost ended in disaster, but Evangeline wasn't stupid. Just like Crowley had a fire extinguisher handy, Evangeline kept a large bucket of water beside her just in case. Growley would watch from the foot of her bed as she tested her boundaries, the hellhound ever vigilant as always. If either her Mother or Lloyd suspected she was doing something that she ought not to be doing, they never said anything about it. Most of the time Evangeline hated that her Mother paid so little attention to her, but now that she had Crowley's seemingly undivided attention, she didn't care anymore. She didn't need her parents, all she needed was him. She noticed that during her lessons Growley was never around and although she wondered why this was, she didn't feel that it was her place to question Crowley. As long as the hellhound was there when she got home and it wasn't injured in any way, she didn't care what Crowley had ordered it to do while they were gone. She may be able to summon fire at her own will, but that didn't mean that she didn't still harbour a small amount of fear for Lloyd. Fear that was balanced with equal parts hatred and disgust.

On the third night of her lessons Evangeline ran up the stairs as she always did after dinner and threw herself on her bed. Lloyd hadn't showed up for dinner tonight, he had called about an hour beforehand and announced that he would be working late so there was no reason to wait for him. Evangeline had done her best to conceal her smile upon hearing that information, but she wasn't sure if she had been all that successful. Instead Evangeline and her Mother had a nice, quiet dinner together, and it felt for a moment like she had a normal family. That was until Andrea had decided that wine was for dessert and she wanted a second helping. When Evangeline had left her, Andrea was passed out on the couch, an empty wine bottle cradled to her chest. Evangeline had taken the empty bottle from her and draped a blanket over Andrea before she had gone upstairs. It wasn't Andrea's fault that she was like this, it was all Lloyd's selfish fault. If Andrea hadn't been forced to love Lloyd and live the life that he wanted for them both then she would have been happy, she could have been anything she wanted. It was just another reason for Evangeline to hate Lloyd. She wanted to destroy him, but that could wait, she was patient.

Despite the fact that Evangeline had slept earlier, for some reason she felt like she hadn't slept in years. Crowley had told her that all of the work they had been doing would make her tired, but she honestly hadn't expected anything like what she was feeling in that moment. She rubbed her eyes and slowly made her way to her bedroom. Evangeline didn't feel like practicing anything Crowley had taught her earlier, she just wanted to go to sleep. When she crossed the threshold into her room she immediately felt that something was off. The small lamp which stood beside her bed was turned on, but it had been knocked over. Trapped within a circle of salt in the middle of her bedroom was Growley. There was blood around his muzzle and more splatterings of the same crimson liquid across the floor and some on the once white walls of her bedroom. Either the hellhound had taken a chunk out of someone, or someone had hurt Growley. The spikes along his spine were taller than Evangeline had ever seen them and his eyes were glowing a bright, ferocious red colour. Within the circle the hellhound was pacing, pawing at the ground and trying to find a way to escape. A low growl could be heard coming from his direction, but nothing loud enough to wake Andrea downstairs.

"Growley? What happened?" Evangeline questioned, darting forwards to free the beast. The mere thought that someone had hurt her hellhound was enough to set Evangeline's blood boiling.

She curled her hand into a fist and concentrated on it, forcing heat to gather there. Her fist light up and was engulfed in flames, she stepped forward, but before she could make it more than a couple of steps into the room, something solid collided with the back of her head. That something was a thick baseball bat made out of metal, it made a sickening crunching sound as it connected with her skull. The flame in her hand was extinguished before she could hit her assailant with it. She hadn't been expecting the attack, she had made a mistake and now she was going to pay for it. Instantly Evangeline crumpled onto the floor, spots of white light exploding before her eyes. The spots grew and merged together until they disappeared and Evangeline could see nothing. Her hearing was muted by the ringing in her ears, but she could just barely make out the sound of footsteps coming towards her. Evangeline rolled onto her side, barely managing to dodge another blow which this time had been aimed at her stomach. She struggled to get to her feet but someone else kicked her back and she went sprawling across the floor. She hadn't realised that there had been two people attacking her until that moment. They were bigger than her, and stronger, but if they had been demons she would have been dead the minute she walked through the door. Crowley had made sure that she understood just how dangerous contact with demons other than himself had the potential to be. However, her attackers were human, if she could get away or distract them for long enough then she might be able to escape. She focused her anger into a ball and pushed that feeling down through to her fingers until she felt fire form in the palm of her hand. Before she had been able to do any sort of damage with what she had conjured, the baseball bat slammed down on her hand, extinguishing the flame and shattering several of the bones in her hand. Evangeline let out a scream of pain and pulled her injured hand to her chest. She was furious that anyone would dare to hurt her like this, especially in her own home, but she was more terrified than anything else, and that terror made it difficult for her to do anything constructive. Evangeline knew that she had to get out, get away, but every time she struggled to her feet she was knocked back down.

Again the baseball bat swung down upon her, this time connecting with her jaw. Another sickening crack resounded across the room accompanied by a muffled scream of pain, and Evangeline knew that whoever had swung at her had just broken her jaw. She tried to make a sound, to call out for Crowley to come and help her, but even opening her mouth to breathe caused her great pain. Evangeline's mouth filled with blood which began to overflow from her lips and drip down her chin. She had never felt pain like this before in her life and she never wanted to feel this way again. The man without the baseball bat was kicking her, nudging her into a circle which had apparently been painted into the carpet. Evangeline recognised the symbols and the circle almost instantly, it was a Devil's Trap. Crowley had taught her about those the first day of her lessons, but he hadn't known what kind of effect they would have on her considering that she wasn't a proper demon. However, the effect became immediately apparent. Evangeline tried to crawl out of the Devil's Trap, but when she reached the edge of the circle it felt like there was an invisible wall around her. She was effectively trapped in one place while her attackers could roam free. Across from her inside a trap of its own was Growley. The hellhound was pacing and growling, but there was nothing either of them could do to change the situation.

The man with the baseball bat didn't seem satisfied with the pain he had inflicted on Evangeline and took another step forward, closer to the edge of the Devil's Trap. He widened his stance and raised the weapon high over his head. Evangeline let out a tiny whimper, the hit her assailant was planning on delivering would kill her. She closed her eyes tightly, praying for someone to save her would be useless, but she found herself silently calling out for Crowley to save her.

"Stop! Stop!" came a command from the man who wasn't holding the baseball bat. "We can't do this here! I told you, we have to stick to the plan. There is already too much blood spilt around this room. Have you forgotten that everything that we discussed earlier?" The man stepped further into the light and snatched the baseball bat away from the other man. The blow that Evangeline had taken to the side of the head had effectively swollen one of her eyes shut, but she could just make out that the man was wearing a suit all in black. For a moment she was reminded of Crowley, until she spotted the heavy cross and priests collar around his neck. "Now do you need me to restrain her or are you capable of doing it?"

The other man didn't say a word, but Evangeline could make out the shadow of him nodding in agreement. He stepped inside of the Devil's Trap, if Evangeline had any of her strength left she would have been able to seize the opportunity, but as it was, she was struggling to breath.

She looked up into familiar light blue eyes and was struck with the sudden realisation of the situation that she was in. Evangeline knew who those dull blue eyes belonged to. That was the last thing that she saw before a bag was placed over her head and another sharp knock to the back of her head sent her into unconsciousness.

Evangeline was terrified and there was nothing that she could do to change her situation. She was going to die here in this run-down old church in the middle of nowhere and no one would even notice. No one would even care. She should have known better than to let her guard down around him and now she would have to pay for her mistake in the worst of ways imaginable. Evangeline wanted to scream but she had been gagged and her hands and feet were bound so she could barely move. Her captor had allowed her to see what he had in store for her, oh how merciful he was. Above her head she could see the wooden spine of the church she had never, until then been inside of, and to her right a broken stain glass window with a judgemental saint forever immortalised watched over her. From her position she could tell that she was laying on the altar. If Evangeline could have moved she would have laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. Her captor was an idiot, but he had managed to get a hold of her, a thought which gave her absolutely no comfort. She sighed through her gag as she wondered how long he would keep her waiting. If she was going to die, then she was going to do it with whatever dignity she could muster. She would never give him or the priest the satisfaction of seeing her cry or beg for mercy.

In those moments while she waited she decided to take stock of the injuries she had sustained. The first thing she had noticed the minute that she had woken up was that it felt like her body was on fire, almost as if she was burning from the very inside. She knew that the building was the cause, or rather, her presence inside of the church was the cause. The pain of her broken jaw had dulled down to a persistent throb and she could feel blood dried onto her skin all around her mouth and down her throat. Every time she took a breath inwards her chest hurt, so Evangeline guessed that the priest must have broken at least one of her ribs when he kicked her. There was an excruciating pain in her head, and she couldn't tell if it was due to the blow she had taken via the baseball bat or if it was her previously experienced reaction to sacred ground. Either way she was in so much pain that she had trouble keeping any of her thoughts in a coherent line. After what felt like an hour of just lying there in the darkness Evangeline felt the pain began to dim, she was getting used to it, adapting. Finally, her thoughts were beginning to fall into place. Evangeline understood everything now. Why the lights flickered when she was angry, why bad things happened to those who upset her and most importantly, why she was here in the first place.

Her captor had also managed to figure out what she was and he intended to rectify the mistake of her birth. Evangeline was the Antichrist and her Father, Lloyd Sanders was going to kill her.

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