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When I was visiting Munich with School Last week we visited Dachau Concentration Camp and walking around the exhibition part I came up with an idea for a New Tricks fic.

As much as I love History and have tried to research it my best I appolgise if it is not all correct! As far as I am aware the case is purely fictional!


Jack walked into the UCOS office to find Sandra heading up the board for their newly assigned case. He was unable to see what she was transferring over to the white board as her silhouette was dancing over the board restricting his view.

Jack could tell judging by Sandra's body language that this case wasn't going to be plane sailing, none of their cases ever were but there was something in the rigidness in her shoulders and her back that told Jack this case would be one of their most challenging ones. Usually when Strickland presented UCOS with a new case Sandra would always seem eager, well at first but not this time, Jack wondered why.

"Morning" he smiled being a bit more cheerful than how he usually was in a morning to over compensate and attempt to find a restoring balance for Sandra's alien behaviour.

"Morning Jack" she smiled just turning her head a quarter of the way round pen still in hand. Usually she would have turned her whole body to face her once mentor.

"Dachau Concentration camp?" He exclaimed in confusion "don't tell me, they want us to find out what actually happened to Hitler"

"Not quite" Sandra sharply replied with the dry wipe marker pen lid trapped tightly between her teeth.

In unison the both turned their heads so that they were facing the door at the sound of the clicking bicycle chain belonging to Brian Lane.

"Ah KZ-Gedenkst├Ątte, Dachau concentration camp, as it is better known, set up on the 22nd of March 1933 just after Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany the Dachau camp was set up to be a model camp for all Nazi concentration prisons which was finally infiltrated by American troops on the 29th of April 1945".

Sandra fully turned around in astonishment even with the nickname Memory Lane it still amazed her how his brain housed the complete encyclopaedia of almost everything.

"Yep that's the one Brian" came her response.

"Now a lot of people wonder why Auschwitz was not thought as the model camp, well it is because Hitler dubbed the city of Munich as the capital of the movement, he even preferred Munich to Berlin, you know". He continued not picking up on the idea that Jack and Sandra might already have known this.

"Yes thank you Brian for that fascinating insight but perhaps I could get on" Her tone of voice showed that there was no chance in dragging out this case anymore than they had to.

"But Gerry's not here yet" Brian argued.

"I can see that Gerry is not here Brian, once again he is late, we can't keep waiting for him" she said almost snapping.

"No, need I am 'ere, sorry Guv traffic was a 'mare" Gerry said as he shuffled into the office trying to hide the embarrassment of being late again.

"Gerry that excuse is wearing thin, do I have to remind you that you live and work in London a city with some of the heaviest traffic on the roads not to mention that with the Olympics finally getting underway you should anticipate a longer driving time to work. I live no more than ten minutes away from you and I managed to get here on time, early even." All three men stared at her in silence, usually when Gerry was late she told him about it but there was never a bollocking like this.

"Well maybe you should give me a lift into work each morning" Gerry pushed aware she may take that the wrong way.

"Yeah maybe I should" she said marching off to the coffee station boy she needed an extra strong coffee today.

"What's rattled her cage this morning?" Gerry scoffed.

"New case" Jack whispered nodding to the white board.

"Oh" Gerry sighed "Dachau, terrible what happened there, it's going to be a bugger of a case but how do we fit into this?"

"I am under strict instructions not to begin briefing you about it until Strickland gets here" she said topping up her morning coffee.

"But you said"Brian cut in.

"Yes I did Brian, did occur to you that I wanted to say all of what you said when Strickland got here"

"Ah, yes of course, Sorry Guv"

"How come we have to wait for him anyway" Gerry added.

"Because this is a very unique case that requires a lot of sensitivity Gerald"

"And he doesn't think that we are capable of that, is that it"

"No Gerry I am sure that is not the case" she said turning to the door as the DAC appeared.

"Sorry I am late Sandra the commissioner does have a tendency to go on, whenever you are ready" he said choosing to stand behind the sofa where Jack and Brian were sitting.

"Thank you sir, right Jonathan Pendle and Ian Anderson were two British Soldiers who fought in World War two. On the 14 of February 1943 they attempted to infiltrate Dachau Concentration Camp with 15 other British troops. Now this operation was kept secret by the British Military and was never publicised for obvious reasons, until now"

"Well how come it's cropped up now" Jack asked.

"Because of this" Strickland said distributing copies of a hardback book to the team.

"It's the official biography of Jonathan Pendle written by his Granddaughter Rebecca Pendle claiming that Jonathan and Ian Anderson escaped the Nazi massacre that was inflicted upon the other 15 British troops"

"Which is why no one ever knew about our plan" Strickland said interrupting Sandra.

"If you turn to page 255 you will note that Pendle writes about Anderson's sudden disappearance in 1943 just six weeks after the failed attack on the camp because of the secrecy of the operation Anderson's disappearance was made public now it is up to us to piece together what actually happened" she finished smiling at Strickland to tell her boss she thought her team could handle this.

Jack, Gerry and Brian's faces said otherwise.

"Well Pardon me but is there some chance he was killed with the other troops if no one knew he was missing" Gerry asked.

"That is a possibility, yes Gerry, but Jonathan Pendle's biography is classed as evidence so the case has been passed down to UCOS to re-examine all areas of it" Strickland said rather coldly.

"But it happened nearly 70's years ago, no one form that time is still alive, it's impossible to find out what actually happened" Jack protested.

"Nah it's easy, Hitler and his crew will have got hold of the poor fella" Gerry said solemnly.

"That is a possibility Gerry, have any of you actually forgotten that solving old cases is what we do for a living" Sandra said.

"No I hadn't but shouldn't we stick to ones from like twenty years ago where there are still people alive to help us with our inquires" Brian joined in.

"Well the first point of call is the Granddaughter, her address is in the files, come one you lot" Sandra said, she felt exactly the same as her boys but daren't show it in front of her boss.

"I suggest you do what Detective Superintendant Pullman says, see you later" he said swiftly exiting the office"

"Thank you sir" Sandra called just in time so that he could hear her.

"Right let's get a move on" she said rolling her eyes in frustration.

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