Monday morning Jack walked into the UCOS office to find Sandra heading up the board for their newly assigned case.

"Welcome back" he beamed heading towards her with his arms stretched out wide.

"Thank you Jack it's good to be back, great work with Rebecca Pendle by the way" she smiled before taking up his offer of a hug.

"Thanks, brilliant work figuring out what happened to Ian Anderson" Jack complimented her back.

"Thanks but that was all Gerry he got the fun part I was just lying in a hospital bed bored out my mind" she muttered.

"But you're okay now" he asked like Gerry he too was overly concerned with the woman he thought of as his own daughter.

"Yeah I am thanks Jack" she smiled.

"Good because you gave us all a fright" he said causing her to let out an embarrassed stifled laugh.

"Morning, Sandra your back" came the familiar voice of Brian Lane.

"I am indeed Brian"

"How are you, any better" he asked.

"Fine thanks" she said hating that all her boys were fussing over her.

"Ah Sandra" Strickland said as he entered the room.

Sandra turned to face him "Sir, and before you ask I'm fine".

"Good well shall we get on with it" he said handing her the case files.

"Well Gerry's not here yet" Brian reminded them.

"Yeah I'm here sorry I was late Guv the traffic was a real 'mare this morning" he said using his daily excuse.

"Gerry you know that excuse does not work on me, sit down and let's get started shall we".

Even though she would never say it she was pleased to see things were back to normal.


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