Slightly later than I promised, you, but here is Chapter 1 of The Only One Left Dancing.

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Theme One: Hello

"Hello. Nice of you to come."

I smiled that fake smile again as shook the man's hand, ushering him into the school for the open event, giving him a hopefully good first impression of the school.

Not that I was really all that suited to the job. The smile was a complete masquerade, a mask that hid my real emotions. Ones that rarely saw the light of day. Ones that not even my sister knew about...

"Hello. Nice of you to come." This was a very stern looking woman followed by two ugly girls in gaudy outfits. They looked ridiculous.

"Move aside." Came the stern reply. The trio stalked past, the two girls instantly walking over to the first good looking guy they could see, a silverette boy whose name I couldn't remember. I did remember that he was patient enough to deal with them fawning over him though.

My sister, Naminé. She was definitely the person I had the highest respect for. She's kind and understanding, as well as a great artist. Some of her work was in art galleries under the alias Xeniman. All it was was her name backwards with an 'X' at the beginning. She didn't actually know I knew, but it was painfully obvious, especially after seeing a painting I knew was her's in one of the exhibitions.

"Hello. Nice of you to come."

"Why thank you." The girl smiled, blushing slightly as she shook my hand. I couldn't help but notice how worn it was.

She looked nervous, almost unsure, so I played my part."I'd recommend the tall brunette over there." I pointed at him. Terra was well known for being serious and dark, but he was also quite friendly when you gave him a chance. He was also my twin's best friend.

Yeah, younger sister beats identical twin by a long way. It shouldn't be too difficult to notice just how different we are from each other.

"Hello. Nice of you to come." Nami or Ven would be so much better at this job...

"Hello... Roxas!" I blinked back my surprise at the cheery outburst, fighting back the urge to ask him how he knew my name. Stupid tag... "I'm Sora!" He grinned.

He's the first person to notice...

He walked past, patting my back. "See you Roxy!"

Barely past hello and he's given me a nickname? I watched him pass through the doors before I turned and recycled.

"Hello. Nice of you to come."

Word Count: 422