Theme Fifty: True Friendship

We walked out of the gates, my Naminé and Ven. The two of them had dragged me to see the school Nativity (I both kicked and screamed), where I saw my work. Mine, Riku and Sora's.

I knew it was going to all be taken down when we got back to school, but I didn't really care.

We headed through the snow, squinting to see through the semi-blizzard that had overtaken the town. What could be better than snow on Christmas Eve? In my opinion, no snow at all.

I walked behind my twins, silent in my dark clothes, hands buried in my pockets. I guess the dance has ended... I thought. The dance had ended, and I was coming to a stop. I had never thought it would end. Maybe I was at my end as well. I sighed, my breath a misty patch in the air. Maybe I should have played my part in the dance, stuck to the routine. Maybe that would have been better for everyone...

I shook my head, noticing that we'd arrived at Sora's house. The entire ground floor was lit up, the lights reflecting off the necklace Naminé was fidgeting with. I sighed, preparing myself mentally for the overwhelming party Sora had thrown for Christmas. I knew I'd skip on the egg nog and just find a quiet corner and be alone with my thoughts. Maybe Riku would track me down. Neither of us liked Christmas, not seeing the point of it.

Naminé knocked on the door. I hadn't noticed my two siblings head down the drive. I walked up, and was half way there when the door flew open. It was Sora, obviously just after a song (his microphone was in his hand) and practically shouted a greeting to the two of them.

Then he saw me. "Roxas!" He cried, happily, waving. I raised a hand in response, heading forwards. He ushered us in quickly, taking our coats. I saw Riku nod me a greeting as he walked over (kiss on Naminé's cheek, friendly hug with Ven, along with a whisper about not setting Aqua on him) before turning back to me.

He smiled. "I'm glad you came." He gave me a hug, brief but friendly.

"Me too." Sora added, hanging the last coat before walking over, giving me a friendly slap on my back.

I managed a smile, a genuine smile. Our friendship really was a true friendship. It hadn't failed, hadn't faltered at any low. I was happy.

Who am I kidding? It would have led me to insanity, would have hurt Naminé, Ven, my parents. I'm glad I broke the routine.

Because maybe I'm still disturbed what happened, all those years ago, on that terrible Christmas. Maybe I still hurt, still carry all of those wounds. Maybe I still cry myself to sleep. But my mask has finally fallen, and no one minds. Maybe I was the only one still dancing. But not any more. Maybe I'm no longer the only one left, the rest of the dancers had gone, but others had taken their place. So what if that dance had ended? It's time for a new dance begin.

Word Count: 534

Well, there it is. The end of The Only One Left Dancing. I hope you enjoyed. I know I did.

Anyway (I say that a lot, don't I?), I thought I should tell you my original idea for this story. It was going to be just Roxas/Sora friendship, and to be honest, up until the Party theme, it was going to be generally happy. And then, Sora was going to confess a crush on Roxas, which would destroy their friendship and plunge Roxas into depression.

... I like writing Angst, all right! It's who I am.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this story and will review and tell me what you think!