To reply to some reviews, Emily died because I wanted to bring out a sensitive side to Matt but I may bring her back and I still have no idea who Abby will go for…

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Chapter 4

"Anomaly at the local park about 3 miles north" Jess said through her comms as the anomaly alarm rang through the A.R.C.

"Thanks Jess" Cutter replied, Matt hated it, he was always the leader, he made the decision but now he had to give up his leadership to Cutter without warning.

"On our way" Stephen replied, he, Connor, Abby and Becker where at the menagerie with Rex and the other animals.

"All secure and locked" Cutter said

"How the hell did you get there when we haven't even left the arc?" Stephen yelled

"I was in the area" Cutter replied

"You should have waited for backup!" Stephen added angrily

"O god how I missed you to arguing" Connor butted in "Ow" was the next as Abby hit him over the head.

"If I had waited for back up a creature may have come through!" Cutter yelled

"I'm sorry Cutter but you should have waited for back up, we have a creature incursion and you don't even have your E.M.D" Jess' voice came out of nowhere.

"What do we have Jess?" Cutter asked

"it's a, just give me a sec, oh no."

"What?" they all said simultaneously

"We have 2 future predators; I think we should use guns this time"

"Yes!" Stephen and Becker cheered and high-fived each other. Abby smiled, she always knew if Stephen and Becker met they would be best of friends just because they both love guns.

"We are on our way" Stephen said and within 10 minutes they we're at the anomaly.

"Where are they Jess?" Matt asked

"They are still at the park, ABBY WATCH OUT!" Stephen and Connor both turned around and Connor ran for Abby as Stephen shot one of the predators square in the face.

"CUTTER WATCH OUT!" Jess yelled as Matt dived for Cutter as Becker shot it.

"Are you guys all ok?" Jess asked

"Yeh we're fine" Abby replied "thanks Connor and thanks Stephen"

"No problem" they both replied as they helped her up.

"OH MY GOD!" Abby screamed as she got up and she ran over to Matt who had a big gash across his back and it was bleeding heavily!

"Jess we need medics now!" Becker commanded

"On their way" Jess replied, scared for Matt's life.

Will Matt survive? TBC…..