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"So I win again." Akashi grinned smugly and Midorima frowned once he noticed Akashi's smug look. It was a strange hobby the both of them had picked up whenever they held meetings for the basketball club, to play Shogi while they discuss. The both of them forgot when they started it exactly, although how it began was something they both remembered.

A Shogi piece was his lucky item for the day and Akashi had caught sight of it when they were planning to start the discussion for the day. "Shintaro. You play Shogi?" Akashi's voice sounded a little surprised and Midorima nodded his head. "I do. What about it?" Shogi had nothing to do with the meeting they were having after all and Midorima would rather they finish the meeting as soon as possible.

"How about playing a game with me?" It was Midorima's turn to be surprised. The other members were all either only playing basketball or some other sports and he did not expect that Akashi would actually play Shogi. Although it did seem pretty obvious know that he thought about Akashi's tactical mind and how they both of them agreed on strategies at times.

But still, Midorima was not keen in spending any more extra time with Akashi when he could use it to either study or practice. The urge to want to play against Akashi to see his skills in Shogi was tempting too and it had been a while since he played Shogi. Making up his mind, Midorima opened his mouth to voice a response. "I'll have to turn you down."

Akashi seemed amused when he heard his words. "You're not being honest as usual, Shintaro. You want to play against me don't you?" Maybe Midorima was belittling Akashi too much to think that Akashi would not catch that he was really interested to play against him. Midorima refused to go down that easily or prove that he really did want to play. "I'm not sure what gave you that idea."

"Why don't we play while discussing then? It wouldn't waste time and it makes the meeting more interesting." Midorima considered the proposal and it really would not waste his time if they played it while discussing. He barely had people to play Shogi against him anyway and Akashi had enough intellect to be a challenge.

"If you insist." He adjusted the glasses higher and Midorima was surprised to see that Akashi had a board around. Midorima raised an eyebrow when the board was placed on the table and Akashi answered his question once he sat down. "It's a hobby of my." Although Midorima could not really call it to be an explanation as to why Akashi had a board in here. He had a strange feeling that Akashi played against himself instead of having someone to play against him.

Since then, the both of them started playing during their Captain and Vice-Captain and whenever they had free time together. Akashi's strategy for each game was always different and Midorima hated that Akashi always seemed to be one step ahead of him in thinking. Even their test scores had Akashi beating him.

"I do not know defeat." They both of them were playing Shogi again. They had finished the meeting swiftly and since they knew the meeting would not last long, it was decided that they would play at the end of it. Akashi had announced that all of a sudden and he had pissed Midorima off with that remark. It was obvious with the face Midorima had once he heard those words.

The game was not over yet and Midorima was not pleased that Akashi was already so certain of his win. "What? Are you trying to show off?" Midorima knew he never managed to beat Akashi in all of the games they had played and that Akashi had never lost in a single thing before. Akashi seemed surprised by his words and Midorima was even more pissed by that.

"Haha. Nah. Sorry. It just came to my mind. I'm certainly not hoping to lose. I'm just curious because I don't know it. Nothing more." Those words had further pissed Midorima off. Was Akashi gloating to him that he never lost a single game before? "That's what you call a show off. If that's the case, I'll will teach you eventually."

Akashi meant every word he said to Midorima but it seemed like Midorima did not believe him. He really was curious about what it feels like to lose since he never lost before but at the same time he never want to lose and besides, the possibilities of him ever losing was low. He had never even come close to losing before so defeat was not in his dictionary, only victory.

Midorima's words amused him more than anything. But it was possible that the person that would show him defeat one day would be Midorima, even if he highly doubts it to be true. Akashi stood up with a smile and looked Midorima in the eye as he spoke. "You're right. If I were to end up fighting against you, I definitely can't go easy on it. Of course, I have no intention of losing."

No one in their right mind would want to lose and someone like Akashi who had never lost before would want to even less. "Humph." Midorima seemed to have calmed down from his words this time, Akashi had phrased it in a way to inform Midorima that he would always play against him without holding back. It was something he knew Midorima would like.

"By the way Midorima…" Midorima growled and interrupted Akashi before he could finish his sentence. "Shut up. I surrender." Much to his chagrin, the match had ended in his defeat right after Akashi finished talking and his words of how he would show Akashi defeat. He promised himself that he would make those words come true one day.

"Shintaro. Why don't we make the game more interesting? We could have a small bet or wager on what happens when we lose? Unless you're not confident enough to ever beat me? I won't blame you if you do, because I never lose." The both of them had started playing against each other during free times besides during the Captain and Vice-Captain meetings.

Akashi wanted to see if pressure would affect Midorima's playing and having a wager was indeed more interesting for him since there was no way he would lose so he gains more than he loses. Midorima's pride would not allow him to back down from it and that was why Akashi said it in such a way.

Midorima understood that and that was precisely why he was glaring at Akashi. It was not something he could say no to. "You already know my answer, don't you?" Akashi smirked and that was the first time that had started playing with a wager system. "Hmm… Why don't we both decide something for the loser to do."

The wager system continued as they continued playing, the form of bet differing at times. Sometimes, the loser would decide what would he do and sometimes it would be the winner to decide that or something completely random that Akashi thought of. Even now, Midorima had not won against Akashi yet. His pride refused to let him ask Akashi to forgo the wager system and he continued on with it.

"You like me don't you, Shintaro?" Akashi asked out of the blue one day when the both of them met up during their break before practice started. Midorima blinked once before he stared at Akashi like he grew an extra head. He scoffed and shook his head. "Not at all." His response seemed to cause a smile on Akashi's face. "No? Well then, for today's wager, I will have you kiss me if you lose. I would rather have you voice your true feelings to me but I know you will find a loop hole and get out of it. It's much better to wait for it to come out of your own mouth without me making you do it."

"You're insane, Akashi. I don't like you in any way." Midorima repeated his words again, although from the expression on Akashi's face, it did not seem to have any affect. Midorima was not going to think too much about it or even ask himself if there was any truth in Akashi's words. "Oh really? I see you haven't kicked the habit of not saying what you really think yet. I will make realise it and admit it one day."

Akashi knew it would take more than a push to get Midorima to ever say anything he honestly think and Midorima being a Tsundere had always entertained him. It should be interesting to try and get Midorima to admit it. Since he always win, he is always right. That was Akashi's mindset and explanation whenever someone tried to argue with him.

Hence, Midorima knew better than to say another word about it. "…" He would just get even more irritated if he said anything else and he wondered what brought this about and why Akashi thought that he liked him. Another thing was that he was not a Tsundere! Midorima had a feeling that was what Akashi was thinking in his mind. People often liked to call him a Tsundere and that was no way true.

"I surrender." He had lost again. During a time like this, he actually lost. He was reprimanding himself mentally for not trying hard enough to beat Akashi. "You do remember the wager right?" Akashi questioned with a playful tone and that was when Midorima understood that Akashi was not kidding around when he said that was the wager.

Akashi was serious over what he said. It was much too late too back out from something he agreed on and Midorima would never go back on his word. The expression on Akashi's face reflected that he knew what Midorima was thinking and that in turn made Midorima even more annoyed. Without another glance or word at Akashi he had leaned forward to get it over and done with so that they could just go for practice.

What was Akashi's purpose in this was something he did not understand and asking Akashi would not even help. Akashi was almost the same as Kuroko, both being someone he was unable to comprehend completely. He caught sight of Akashi's eyes widening when his face grew closer and he frowned. Did Akashi think he would go back on his word and chicken out from the wager he agreed on?

Akashi would be proven wrong if that was the case and it only hardened Midorima's determination to finish it. It was not as bad as Midorima first thought when his lips finally came into contact with Akashi's, the feeling did not seem to disgust him. Since it probably would not count if he pulled back immediately, he lingered a little longer before pulling away. That was the only reason why he allowed their lips to stay connected for a few seconds more and no other reason. At least that was what he told himself.

Akashi was grinning when he glanced towards him again. Frankly, Akashi was not expecting that. He was the one who suggested that wager but there was a loop hole in his words and Midorima usually found them and got out of doing what Akashi actually wanted him to do. They were always there intentionally and yet this time Midorima did not notice it. Either that or he decided to do what Akashi wanted for once.

"Why are you grinning?" The grin widened at Midorima's question and he opened his mouth to answer it. "Shintaro. I didn't know that the wager I decided on was something you really wanted to do." He was going to tease him for a little while and there was still some time before they had to leave for practice.

"What are you talking about? The one who suggested that wager was you." Midorima responded indignantly. "Indeed. But I never specified where you had to kiss me." Because Akashi was curious to see how it would end and his words hit Midorima hard. Without letting Midorima react, he continued his speech. "The one who decided to kiss me on the lips was you. To think that you said you didn't like me."

Midorima had turned away from him and he only managed to catch his expression for a few seconds. "You—" Midorima realised too late that he had missed out the loophole. Now he understood why Akashi seemed surprised by his action, Akashi had not expected him to kiss him on the lips. He could not say that he wanted to do that and neither could he say that he had missed out on the loophole earlier. How did he fail to notice it earlier?

"For the last time, I do not like you. I'm not going to stay here and tolerate with any more of your nonsense." With that, Midorima had left the room with the door banging shut. Midorima knew his face was red and now he had given Akashi another chance to say that his words were correct about Midorima liking him and he did not want to face Akashi any longer. "I definitely do not like that egoistic guy." He muttered to himself softly and walked further away from the room.

Did his brain bypass that loop hole for some reason? When Akashi reminded him of the loophole, the first thing his brain thought of was that he had to kiss him on the lips. He had thought that that idea disgusted him and he did not really want the first person he kissed to be Akashi and yet when he kissed him, those thoughts had been replaced and it felt sort of pleasant.

Midorima willed his brain to bury this memory at the bottom of his mind. He never wanted to recall this memory ever again about his slip-up and whether or not Akashi was right. He was not being dishonest to himself, this was just something he did not want to remember and it was not worth his time to think so much about it.

Akashi glanced at the spot where Midorima was a moment ago and laughed. The response was much more than he thought. Midorima had blushed after he pointed out that he was the one that chose where to kiss him and he bolted out of embarrassment. His finger traced his lips for a moment and he whispered softly before he left the room. "That's why I said I'm never wrong. I knew you liked me. You will admit it sooner or later."

Midorima had not mentioned a single thing about that incident ever again and he acted the same as always and Akashi was willing to keep quiet about it too. They still had their usual game of Shogi and the wager system as normal. The only change was that the wager that Akashi decided on were getting more and more at Midorima's expense.

An example would be having Midorima to eat with Murasakibara for the whole day and going with him whenever he needs to buy snacks. Thanks to that, he had to eat many times since Murasakibara pretty much snack almost the entire day. The other members were puzzled by that and thought there was something wrong with him. Akashi would keep silent about it and merely watch him.

There was no need to say anything and letting things take their own course was more fascinating since you will never know what would happen. Akashi teased Midorima at times about him still being in denial about liking him but nothing more. That incident would not be mentioned till Midorima talks about it because Akashi wanted him to come to terms about it.

Time had passed by quickly and they were still keeping their habit of playing Shogi together. It was their third and final year and maybe that was why the both of them chose to keep everything the same as before. The exterior of the room had remained the same as always and neither of them changed a single thing about it. The normality was kept and neither of them said anything about it going to end soon.

They still had their meetings and planned strategies for the team even if they were strong enough to be able to win without all that anymore. Perhaps it was all just an excuse for them to continue this normality of playing Shogi together since they were both from different classes. That was not completely true since there were always other things such as funds for them to discuss about so no one questioned them why they still had meetings together.

A strange sight greeted Akashi as he entered the room for his meeting with Midorima. "Shintaro?" When he walked closer, he realised that Midorima was asleep. If he recalled correctly, Midorima was made to stay back later for one of the last minute meetings they had yesterday and Midorima had a class test earlier. Knowing Midorima, he must have stayed up to study and Akashi did mention that he would be slightly late for the meeting today.

Akashi took his usual seat across Midorima and watched him for a few seconds before amusingly playing with his hair for a while. Midorima's face was peaceful unlike the usual stoic expression that he has on his face. "Hmm? It's rather soft. It's so like Shintaro to even take proper care of his hair." He commented with a laugh before his expression grew serious.

"How long are you going to deny that you like me? You should just admit it and listen to me, I'm always right after all. We're all going to go our separate ways soon, this is the last year already and I know that the six of us are probably all going to attend different High Schools. It's my last chance for you, Shintaro. I'm giving you time until we meet on the opposite teams in a match and when I win…" Akashi cut off his words and he pressed his lips against Midorima's for a few seconds before pulling away.

Akashi was back to usual self instantly, with no hints of what happened earlier. "Oi. Shintaro. Wake up." He shook the slumbering Midorima up to finally start their meeting. For now, Akashi was content with just their usual routine. Up on till the time he mentioned earlier, he would not press Midorima for anything, even if he knew he was right.

Before long, the day when they graduate arrived. Akashi knew that Midorima agreed to come to the meeting room to appease him when they had nothing to discuss and it would be time for them to leave soon. He had merely called Midorima over for one simple reason. "Shall we play a game?"

Midorima nodded his head to show his approval. "The wager?" The form of wager varies at times, mostly based on Akashi's mood and it was only out of respect that he had allowed Akashi to pick. This would be the last Shogi match they would have for a while and maybe the last game too. Regardless, it would be the last game they would have in this room where they had been playing for a long time.

"The loser can decide. You're still going to think that you have a chance of winning?" Akashi had always been amused that Midorima always believed that the end result was not definite yet and that he might beat him. Midorima adjusted his glasses and Akashi knew the answer to his question already. "Of course." Midorima answered swiftly, his answer matching with his answer belief.

That was one of the things that he liked about Midorima, the fact that he always give his all. Even on days that Midorima knew his luck was not good, he would not use that as an excuse to do things in a sloppy manner. Midorima was always serious unlike the others and the one who would get his intention faster than the rest.

From Midorima's expression, Akashi knew that Midorima understood his reason for his choice. This was the last time that they would be able to play here and while they were still teammates. The next time they meet, they would be on the opposite team. And most of all, he wanted to see if Midorima would finally admit it.

Inwardly, Midorima frowned. He had a hunch why Akashi chose that form of wager. Akashi was the same as always, expecting that he would win for sure. He knew he never won against Akashi before but that did not mean that he would not try his best.

Besides, Midorima did not want to give what Akashi wanted. If he gave in that easily, Akashi would just be even more cocky. Akashi played with him not only because he was one of the few people he knew that played Shogi, it was due to his stubbornness and refusal to give up. One of the things that made the game more interesting for Akashi since Midorima would not give up halfway through like some of the other people he played against.

"Shall we start?" Midorima was not going to follow what Akashi wanted even if he did lose. He would never agree to say that he like Akashi and Akashi would not force him to say it since it would be less fun for him. Why should he say that for Akashi's own personal amusement? Things like that were never meant for someone's amusement, especially a person's feelings.

"You seem eager to lose." The game took longer than usual, each of them taking longer period of time before they moved their piece. They both knew that it did not take that long for them to think of what to do but they quiet about that. This was the last game and they wanted to enjoy it as much as they could. It would no doubt be one of their memories that they would want to remember.

The silence was there for the first ten minutes before Akashi broke it by asking Midorima a question. "Do you still have that Shogi piece I exchanged with you?" Midorima answered him without even looking at him. "You mean the one you forcefully had me exchange with you. I had to buy new Shogi pieces because of you. No, I don't have it anymore. I threw it away with the rest of my Shogi pieces since they didn't match."

"How mean. To think I still kept the one I exchanged with you." Midorima did not know whether he should believe him or not. It was strange how Akashi insisted that he swapped the Shogi piece he brought along that day with one of Akashi's. The one he had was a 'King' and the one that Akashi gave him was a 'Bishop' after he had asked Midorima which one did he think of himself more of.

Perhaps the both of them would not even play against each other if it was not for that Shogi piece. Unless one of them mentions that they play it which was unlikely since they rarely talk about anything not related to basketball. They do talk about Shogi at times but that was only since they both knew they played it. Murasakibara should be the only one to know about it, at least that was what Midorima thinks.

He never asked and it was not something the both of them hid from the rest. "You were scouted weren't you?" Midorima had not asked Akashi which High School he was going to yet, the only thing he knew that they were scouted by various schools. Chances were that the one that each of them picked would be something different from the rest.

"Rakuzan High school. What about you?" He should have known that Akashi would be scouted by the number one High School in basketball. The one that Midorima decided to attend was one of the top basketball schools too. There was no reason why he would pick a normal school with his skills. "Shuutoku High School."

Akashi's expression remained the same and he moved his piece. "We're both in different districts then." The chances of them seeing each other outside of tournaments were rare unless they had a reason to travel all the way to where the other was schooling and neither of them would do that. "Atsushi's choice isn't in Tokyo too."

"The same goes for Kise I believe." They were all splitting up like what Akashi assumed. There was no reason to stop them and lots of people would be happy to hear that the Kiseki No Sedai were all in different schools. It would be nice to see how all the rest grew the next time he meets any of them in a match.

The rest of the conversation was all pretty random since they were jumping topics often and it grew silent once the game ended. "I surrender." They had dragged the game long enough and they both thought it was stupid that they prolonged the game just to talk about a bunch of random things. "So, have you decided what to do?"

Akashi waited to hear what Midorima had in mind for the wager. The thing that he wanted was something he probably would not get but even so, he left the chance with Midorima anyway. Midorima pushed his glasses higher and locked gazes with him and Akashi returned it with a curious one.

The room was quiet and Midorima seemed deep in thought before he finally opened his mouth. "I'm not going to give you what you want." The blunt answer brought a smile to Akashi's face despite that a small part of him had wanted Midorima to make use of that chance. "I'm giving you this." Midorima took out the red strap he had attached to his phone.

It was something he bought before without knowing that it was something that Akashi had been trying to find. He had refused to give or sell it to Akashi when he asked for it since he was still irritated how Akashi always seemed so cocky. The strap was removed and he handed it over to Akashi.

Akashi raised an eyebrow and took it. "I thought you said you were never going to give this to me?" Midorima kept his mouth shut and Akashi continued. "To think that I would get this from our last wager from this room. But shouldn't you offer something more? This is the last—" Midorima scowled and retorted quickly. "Aren't you too greedy?"

He should have known better than Akashi would want to mess with him even on the last day. With a hiss, he had tugged Akashi by the tie and pressed his lips against Akashi's. This should be enough to shut Akashi up and to show that he wanted to put an end to whatever Akashi wanted to play with him about. There was no way he would like Akashi, Midorima refuse to believe that Akashi was correct.

He pulled away swiftly and just like before, his back was facing Akashi's again. Midorima argued with himself that it was the best choice to shut Akashi up instead of some other possible reason why he chose to do that of all things.

"I guess this is farewell. Good bye, Akashi. It was fun playing Shogi with you. The next time we meet, we will be opponents on the opposite team." The door closed and Akashi snickered. "So that's your answer, Shintaro. Right to the end you refuse to admit it. That's alright. Your actions are good enough right now." His lips were still a little warm and hearing that Midorima enjoyed playing Shogi with him was good enough with Midorima's personality.

The fact that Midorima had chosen to do that showed that he was contradicting himself. He did say that he would not give him what he wanted and yet he had given him the strap that he had wanted along with the other thing that he was going to tease about before Midorima interrupted him. Midorima was wrong if he thought he could leave his past behind that easily.

It was more than he expected and Midorima was right. They would be on the opposite teams in High School. "I will still have you admit it, even if we're not on the same team anymore. You can't bid good bye to your past that easily." His fingers grasped the strap tightly before he left the room without turning back to spare a last glance at the room he used to spend most of his time with Midorima.

Midorima had no idea what to think when his lucky item for the day turned out to be a Shogi piece of all things. This was the same as before, the time when they both of them started playing Shogi together. Was this some ironic turn of events? For the item that's associated with his opponent for the next game turns out to be his lucky item of the day. That had caused him to recall some of the past memories he had with Akashi when the both of them played Shogi together.

How the both of them ended up spending so much time together was because of a Shogi piece and now a Shogi piece is his lucky item yet again. This was really unexpected and the one he should bring with him was decided on immediately.

Regardless, he chose not to think too much into it and simply went to take the single Shogi piece on his Shogi piece was of a different one than the ones on his Shogi board. Akashi would not be able to see it anyway so it would not matter whether or not he took this piece with him instead of the others.

His reasoning was that this was the only odd piece that did not fit in his Shogi set so even if this goes missing, he would still be able to play Shogi. Not that he would let his lucky item go missing anyway. The Oha-Asa was always right and he was not going to question it if it says a Shogi piece is his lucky item.

This was a match that Midorima had to give his all, Akashi was not an opponent he could go easy on. He of all people should know his previous captain's strength and he was certain that Akashi had grown even stronger during the time that they had no seen each other. Neither of them had kept much contact, merely text messages to greet each other on holidays and such besides the other text message that Akashi sent to call them out a few weeks ago.

Akashi recalled that his coach was surprised when he requested to be part of the starters for the match when he rarely took part in matches, much less the starting ones. But this match was different. This was Midorima, the member of his previous team that came closest to him in intellect and Midorima was much stronger than the other teams that they had played against.

The last time the both of them played together was when they were both still in Middle School and the last time they played Shogi was during their graduation day. The match for today had him remising some of their past memories and that he had not made Midorima admit those words yet.

Akashi did not think he would lose of course, even if Midorima tried his best. That was the truth and there was no need to speak out something so bluntly to someone who knew his strength. That would piss Midorima off and although he would like to see an irritated Midorima again, he decided against it.

He had asked himself mentally why it had to be a Shogi piece to be his lucky item. 'What sort of fate is this…?' He was not doubting or questioning Oha-Asa but wondering why it just happened to be it. At least his rank for luck was pretty good, second for today. He would be able to play at his best and he had his lucky item with him just in case.

Midorima felt like laughing when he overheard his teammates talking. They found it weird and abnormal that Akashi would be the captain of the team? Who did they think Akashi is? If people wanted to lead him, they would have to be able to defeat him in a match and prove to him that they had the right to command him around.

Knowing Akashi, it was easy for him to have everyone acknowledge him and not question him. Those poor unfortunate people who had to learn not to disobey Akashi would be crushed completely and they would lose the guts to even glance at Akashi. It was not a surprise that those people accepted Akashi as their captain without any discontent, that would be cleared a long time ago when he first stepped into the team.

Even if the Upperclassmen are unhappy with it, they would have to accept and acknowledge Akashi's skills. Even those 'Crownless Generals' would be no match against Akashi, Midorima was sure of that even though he was not entirely sure how strong those people are. If they were overshadowed by the Kiseki No Sedai, that would mean that their skills were not on par with theirs. Besides, if they let their pride get in their way, they would lose even more if they fought with Akashi.

Akashi gives off a natural commanding air that irritated a lot of people but those people would learn that Akashi has the skills to back that up. As much as Midorima hates to admit it, Akashi is strong. Even in their game of Shogi, Midorima had never won against him even once. Akashi's skills in basketball was just as good as his skills in Shogi and Midorima knew this match would not be anything easy.

He refused to lose though. Midorima remembered announcing that to Akashi that he would let him taste defeat before, although he probably meant Shogi at that time. It should be alright to take it for basketball too since he never did say it out exactly and he hated losing. The way that Akashi speak that he was always right because he always win was annoying to hear too.

The one who first started speaking between them was Midorima. "I'm going to win, Akashi." Akashi faced Midorima with his usual expression and responded with words of his own. "That's impossible, Shintaro. Was there even a single match where you managed to make me surrender?" Akashi knew that his tone of voice would irritate Midorima but he used it anyway.

"Shogi and basketball are different." Midorima replied, hints of slight irritation present in his voice. "It's the same. There was never a single time when I said anything wrong. I, who wins everything, am always right." His gaze grew more piercing to emphasis his point and to remind Midorima that he still had not lost once yet. Midorima eyes narrowed in response and Akashi merely smiled as he chose his next choice of words. Midorima was just as easy to predict as usual and he knew his offer would be accepted.

"Shintaro. Why don't we have a wager like what we always do when we play?" Akashi was aware that it was something they usually only do for Shogi since they rarely did play anything but Shogi against each other. "Why not? This time won't be the same as usual. I'm going to win." It was something that Midorima had expected to happen, Akashi had always preferred to make things more interesting. If he turned Akashi down, it would seem like he lacked the confidence in winning so he could only accept it.

The main point currently was what to wager since they had different systems back then when they wagered something. "Let's leave the wager a secret. The winner gets to pick what that is at the end of the match." Akashi answered his mental question instantly before Midorima managed to ask. A nod was his answer and Midorima turned away from Akashi to face his team.

There was nothing else he had to talk to him anyways. Takao approached him immediately when he turned around and greeted him in his loud voice as usual. "Shin-chan. Done speaking to your ex-teammate? You sure had a lot to say to him, were you two close? He's even calling you Shintaro." He ignored him and Takao was quiet for a moment after he turned around for some reason and Midorima chose not to question it to keep the peace.

If he had turned around, Midorima would have realised that Takao was silenced by the piercing death glare that Akashi had directed against his back. The glare had caused Takao to turn around and he regretted it instantly when he felt the full force of the glare and a chill went down his spine when he locked gaze with Akashi's mismatched eyes. Akashi's eyes narrowed and Takao swiftly turned away and kept his mouth shut. Akashi was smirking when he watched Takao's retreating back before his expression turned back to his usual one as he went back to his own team.

Midorima caught the ball that Takao passed to him, much to Akashi's surprise. "I'm always right? Don't make me laugh, Akashi. Don't talk as if you know everything, when all you've had was victory." Once he released the ball and shot, Midorima changed his attention towards Akashi and continued his speech.

"Come, Akashi. As promised, I'll teach you defeat." The memory he recalled earlier reminded him of the words he once said to Akashi during one of the match when they played Shogi together. It was something he did not manage to do back then and he wanted to make it succeed this time. "Hmm." That was the only response he got from Akashi and he knew Akashi was amused by his words.

Even so, he was determined to win no matter what this time.

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