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Iemura: We have received a report from Yamada.

Unohana: Is that so? So, what does it say?

Iemura: (Opens report) Yes! That bastard said... (Corrects himself) Ah! Er, Yamada blathers, er, says that he is enjoying a part-time job in the real world. Seriously! We're here handling this kind of drama on a daily basis, and he's all by himself! Having fun! Yes! (Rumples report)

Unohana: Really? Well done.

Iemura: (Bows) Excuse me. Seriously! I can't believe it!

Unohana: It seems he's having fun.

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Prologue: Reopening of the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfer Student

Somewhere in Hueco Mundo, a familiar looking Hollow broke free of his mummification and uttered the name "Ichigo Kurosaki".

Having returned to the real world, Ichigo was reunited with all of his friends, including Tatsuki. She noticed that he was wearing something and asked about it, so Ichigo assumed she was talking about the charm his father gave him. However, she was actually referring to the Shinigami Combat Pass that humans were not supposed to be able to see.

Before they could talk finish talking, their teacher came in and started class. As their teacher was talking about a new transfer student, Ichigo's license suddenly detected a Hollow.

When Ichigo, Sado and Orihime all took off from class to go fight it, Tatsuki saw Ichigo leaving school in his Shinigami garb.

After destroying the Hollow, Orihime noticed that Uryū did not come with them, but Ichigo felt that she did not have to worry about him. In any case, the group returned to class in time to hear the introduction of new student Hiroki Shinji, though Ichigo left again soon after because the license went off again with a Hollow detection.

With Ichigo and the rest at school during the day, Ririn and the other Mod-Souls had taken up residence over at Urahara's shop since their job as Bount sensors was over.

Later that night, Ichigo was alerted to another Hollow, so he was out in Shinigami form, putting Kon in his body for the time being. After finishing off the Hollow, Ichigo was confronted by Kuromadani, the Shinigami in charge of Karakura Town. Ichigo tried to show him the combat badge, but someone suddenly appeared behind him: Shinji.

Ichigo acted quickly and was able to block Shinji's attack, but the blond hushed him, telling to be quiet and keep down his Spirit Pressure lest someone sensed it. However, at this moment, two Hollows had appeared in the world: one near Uryū and another near Kon. The latter wore a familiar mask and had his sights on Ichigo, not knowing that it was actually Kon inside. Upon being attacked, Kon identified his enemy as none other than the Grand Fisher.

Meanwhile, Ichigo demanded to know who Shinji really was. In response, Shinji pulled out a Hollow mask and pointed out his own Zanpakutō, explaining that he was a Shinigami who went into the world of the Hollows and calling himself a Visored and since he felt that Ichigo was the same, he wanted Ichigo to come with him.

During this time, Uryū had started attempting to fight the Hollow after him with some special tools he kept on him that he could still use without his Quincy powers. He managed to blow off the Hollow's left arm with special canisters, but the Hollow simply regenerated. Uryū then tried to use some trees to swing around, but found that the top half of the Hollow had disappeared. With the Hollow actually behind him, Uryū realized too late the two halves of the Hollow were actually two different Hollows. The upper Hollow's tongue nearly hit him, but someone suddenly fired, shooting the tongue off, and the shooter commented that Uryū's appearance as unsightly. Uryū recognized this person is Ishida Ryūken, his father. Ryūken lamented on how Uryū had no changed, still calling his father by his first name.


New Intros: Infinite Loop Version, Naruto/Ranma, Part Two

Saukra: HE'S LATE!

Ranma: He's always late.

Sakura: Wait, you know our instructor? What; did you prank him or something?

Ranma: He's a local legend, so to speak, but he's the type who would be late to his own funeral, coming up with the lamest of excuses.

Sasuke: What are you doing, Dobe?

Ranma: Target practice. (Tip of index finger begins to glow and obliterates the eraser furthest on the left) Damn, too strong.

SailorStar9: Welcome to the insanity of time loops where anything under the sun is possible. In the next chapter, after rescuing Ishida from the arrancar attacking him, Ryūken offers to restore his powers on the condition he never associates with Shinigami. Kon continues to flee from the Grand Fisher; despite receiving help from Ririn, Kurōdo, and Nova, he is caught. Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo's father, arrives to save him. Ichigo and Shinji recognize a new presence, and neither can identify that it is Isshin. Before leaving, Ichigo declines Shinji's invitation. The Grand Fisher draws his Zanpakutō, transforming into a stronger state, and Isshin, identifying the Grand Fisher as an Arrancar, dispatches him in a single attack. Now that's done, read and review.