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Kurotsuchi: (Outside 12th Squad after battle against Sawatari) Ouch. Ouch!

Ichigo: If it isn't Kurotsuchi Mayuri. What happened? You're in a mess.

Kurotsuchi: Take me inside.

Sado: Should I hold you here?

Kurotsuchi: Owie, owie, owie, owie! Hey! You're going to rip it off!

Ichigo: (Frustrated) Then how are we supposed to carry you?

Kurotsuchi: Carry me on your back.

A moment of silence later...

Ichigo, Sado: First is rock! Rock, paper, scissors!

Kurotsuchi: (As Ichigo and Sado play juken) You guys don't want to carry me? Be honest and tell me you don't want to!

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Chapter 16: Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts

Matsumoto arrived at Keigo's home to find Ikkaku wearing a very uncharacteristic shirt that he was putting up with because he was getting free room and board. She informed them about the Ōken, but first she had to handle Keigo coming after her.

Over at the Urahara Shop...

Yoruichi brought Orihime to the training area where Sado and Renji were fighting.

Having been informed about the Ōken by Matsumoto already, Urahara knew that there would be many casualties when the time arrived, and they would need more fighters than ever before.

Orihime wanted to get stronger too, but to her surprise, Urahara requested her to stay out of the entire affair, citing one of the reasons to be Tsubaki, the offensive spirit of Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka that was completely destroyed by Yammy.

Sado objected to this because Orihime fought with them when they were in Soul Society and because she had healing abilities, but Urahara pointed out the 4th Squad were better suited to that role and explained that a soldiers who had lost his power would just get in the way.

Orihime excused herself and ran out, unexpectedly encountering Rukia on her way out and broke down in tears.

After listening to Orihime's story, Rukia took her side, even though Orihime now seemed resigned to the fact that she was too weak as Rukia felt that it was unfair for Orihime to be excluded now, but Orihime saw the situation differently.

Orihime knew that she would be lonely if she were unable to fight with everyone, however she hated getting in people's way even more, so she was fine with being lonely.

Rukia scolded that it was not the people who did not have strength that got in the way during a battle, but rather those who lacked determination. She felt that there must be something Orihime could do and proposes that they found out what together.

Their conversation was interrupted by Hiyori who jumped between them and carried Orihime off because Hachi wanted to talk with her and the Visored brought Orihime back to the Visored training area.

In the Visored training grounds...

Hachi introduced himself and examined Orihime's hairpins and concluded that Orihime's hairpins were similar to a Zanpakutō and offered to heal it for her since they have similar types of abilities.

Hachi succeeded in restoring Tsubaki, and Orihime was overjoyed, just as Tula passed her mental thanks to the Visored for restoring Tsubaki.

However, Hachi also suggested that Orihime not fight because their abilities were not fit for battle.

When Orihime insisted on fighting, Hachi advised her that what was important was not how she should but rather how she wanted to.

With these words in mind, Orihime stepped out of the warehouse and found Rukia waiting for her.

Rukia did not require an explanation from Orihime because she could feel Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure here and was content knowing that he was safe.

As she left with Rukia, Orihime swore to herself that she was going to move forward without looking back. When she met Ichigo again, she hoped she would be able to fight without hiding behind him.

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo...

Ulquiorra visited Yammy, who was having his arm reattached.

The oversized Espada was not happy with it, but Ulquiorra reminded him that at least they were able to bring it back and had it reattached, unlike Grimmjow whose arm was completely destroyed. Not only that, Grimmjow had been stripped of his Espada status as a result.

Yammy's Espada tattoo, the number 10, was revealed on his left shoulder. To test out his arm, Yammy immediately smacked the Arrancar nurse who healed him into the nearby wall, and still he complained about it.

Aizen, meanwhile, was watching video of Orihime from the previous battle with Ulquiorra and Yammy and was intrigued by her powers.


New Intros: Fused Loop Version, Naruto/Ranma/Bleach/Neon Genesis Evangelion/Harry Potter

Naruto: So Aizen is a Jounin with the Sound.

Ranma: I know. Fits so well. Wonder what plans he has for Orochimaru.

Naruto: Too bad we won't be able to watch.

Ranma: What about Sasuke?

Naruto: He totally threw a fit about getting a cursed seal again.

Ranma: Figures. Damn drama queen.

Naruto: And Nabiki just won. (Sakura collapses under the weight of a Vizard's Killing Intent) I'm shocked she could pull that off.

Ranma: All of them got pretty good since they follow us. (Nabiki dismisses mask)

Naruto: What's Kasumi's Hollow Mask?

Ranma: Resembles a hungry dinosaur. Don't ask about Akane's. She's sworn me to secrecy and threatened death to any who make her show it.

Naruto: Gorilla?

Ranma: Damn, you guessed.

Iruka: Ms. Tendo I don't know why the histories of the Hokages made you feel the need to pull out a war hammer, but put it away!

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