A/N: This came to mind after I watched Sukisho for the second time. This is sort of from Yoru to Sora or from Ran to Sunao, your pick.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think :D

Shadows creep up your spine

You sprint away from them,

They follow.

You run.

Your feet leading you to a destination only they know

Or maybe they don't

It doesn't matter

Only running does.

Your crying

They're prying open your past

Your memories escape

You're losing your way

And your mind

(Don't let go)

But you do

And then you're spiralling

Deeper and deeper into reality




Your fall seems to never end

And then it does.

Don't looks back!

They're gaining speed

Never look back.

Your footsteps echo in your ears

Or maybe they're theirs

A heart beats against a ribcage

Mine? Yours?

It wants you to unlock its cage

Let it free

Will you?

You're tired now

And so terrified

Sweat glistens on your face

Runs into your eyes

Dripping down, drop by drop

Like the sands of time

Or the ticking of a clock

Your eyes droop

Your mind wavers

Calloused hands cover your face,

Shielding it from the world

You sleep

Drifting off to your sauncity

Deep inside of me

To rest.

The shadows have caught up to me now

They encircle me

Cackling and jeering

Their nails graze my skin

Leaving bloody trails on yours

I don't wince

I'm the strong one!

I stare into their sockets

Void even of eyes

And smile

Hah! what a funny sight.

You would have shuddered


You would have cried.

I don't

I'm the strong one...?

They're angry now

Growling, they envelope my form

And seep inside

Can you feel them enter?

They're coursing through our veins

Stop! Hold your breath

Or they'll find you

And seize you

Claw at you

And drag you out

So hide

And stay, forever...

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