"Sweetie, I thought we were meant to be going to the Starlight Coninsula, not the London 2012 Olympics" River said, raising one of her elegant eyebrows at her husband, who at last had stopped waving at the crowd. "Are you sure you set the right coordinates?"

The Doctor looked at River, looking faintly annoyed. "Of course I did, River! I always set the right coordinates! Why do you ask?"

River sighed and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Because I know what you can be like, sweetie. Any slightest distraction whatsoever and you end up taking us where we don't want to go. Even if you don't know you're doing it."

At this, Amy and Rory started laughing. The Doctor turned away from his wife to frown at them.

"Whats so funny, Ponds?" he asked, looking at Amy who was now leaning on her husband, snorting with laughter. "Have I become amusing all of a sudden? Because that can sometimes happen."

Amy tried to answer The Doctor's question but was too overcome with laughter so Rory answered for her.

"What River said is true. Remember the time you promised to take us to the broken star of Oslania and you got so distracted by the hat shop you supposedly didn't know you had inside the TARDIS you ended up taking us to Ainran instead."

The Doctor looked puzzled. He thought they had all enjoyed the beach of Ainran, even though it wasn't where they wanted to go.

"What was wrong with Ainran?" The Doctor asked. "It had the most beautiful beach!"

At that, Amy and Rory both started giggling again so River had to answer for them.

"Yes sweetie. It was beautiful. Apart from the fact it was a nudist beach!"

River couldn't contain herself anymore and started laughing too. She leant against the TARDIS to support herself as she was giggling so hard.

The Doctor looked at his in-laws and his wife and started to faintly laugh at the memory too.

"How was I supposed to know Ainran was a nudist beach? I don't have knowledge of all planets inside my head you know!"

River stopped laughing and put her arm around The Doctor.

"I know sweetie. Thats what makes it exciting. To step onto a planet for the first time and explore it is the best feeling ever. To not know whether you're going to be safe or whether you're going to have to run for your life. And there's no one I'd rather do it with than you."

The Doctor smiled at his wife and gave her a quick kiss, knowing Amy and Rory were watching them after they finally regained control of themselves. He knew they would feel uncomfortable watching him being intimate with thier daughter so he started to walk away from the TARDIS towards the middle of the stadium.

"So Ponds!" he said, turning back to his best friends. "Who fancies an Olympic adventure?"

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