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Chapter 1: That Lorelei side of her

Rory was sitting at the bar sipping her Long Island Iced tea and reading her book. The music and coming and going of people around her did not affect her concentration. She had always had a level of concentration that was quite baffling to most people. She did not notice them pass by more or less an hour ago and they did not notice her either. She was after all in the corner sitting at the bar. She came to this place quite often since her divorce. This is where she met with her friends on nights like this one, when they wanted to unwind from the week they had. Paris was later than usual; it did happen from time to time, a surgeon was not always able to leave when expected. Rory just hoped she would make it. She felt lonely today. She did not exactly know why but she did. Finishing a chapter, she downed the rest of her drink and decided to head towards the restroom. She was not sure if she would ask for a second or leave, it was still early and there was still a slight chance Paris would show up.

She and Paris had kept their friendship throughout Paris's years at Harvard. When Paris found an internship in New York, they quickly took the habit of meeting every other week. Rory had other friends although now, after her divorce, she felt some of them were more distant towards her. True they were mostly his friends first. Still, for the last four years, they had been her circle of friends. Now, she mostly went out with Lucie and Olivia and met with Paris from time to time. Just like with Logan, she lost the boyfriend and the friends he had come with. She sighed as she put her book in her bag and was on the way to the restroom. As she passed by a group of men she heard someone whistle subtly but she ignored them and entered the restroom.

On the way out, she put once again a bit of lip gloss. She looked at herself and although she was now 30, she still looked pretty young. She was proud to have kept her figure even though she never exercised. She knew eventually, her eating habit would catch up but if she was lucky, it would be way down the line, just like her mom. She left the restroom and tried to figure out where the guy that whistled at her was sitting. After all, she would need to start actively dating soon if she did not want to spend the rest of her life alone. She was still young, it's true, but still, the biological clock would eventually be ticking and her grandmother kept reminding her.

She spotted the table where she thought the whistling had come from to be shocked by whom she saw. Right there, in front of her, was Logan. They locked eyes and when Finn and Colin realized that Logan was not listening to them anymore they tried to look at what had captured his attention. They followed where he was looking and as they look at the girl both cringed. It had to be her. She had to show up tonight of all nights. At that exact same time, Rory's phone rang and she picked it up looking who was calling and answered it leaving towards the door. Finn and Colin looked at each other and as Logan was about to get up, both of them put a hand on his shoulders and push him down back on the chair.

"What guys, I just wanted to say hello."

"Logan!" Both Finn and Colin said.

"Come on guys. I haven't seen her in 7 years, I am over her. For crying out loud I have been with Christina for over 2 years now. I am getting married tomorrow."

"We know and that is why you are not going to talk to reporter girl."

"I can't believe that all the times we came out here when I was in New York we never saw her. Did you ever see her here, you guys come here every week or so, don't you?"

"Well yes, but no, I had never seen her, Colin had you?"

"No! Never. New York is so big we can have a lifetime and not cross her path again. But that means she does not go to Society events her of in Hartford? Otherwise we would have seen her." Colin added.

"Damn she still looks damn hot." Finn said smirking.

"Finn! Don't rub it in."

"That's alright Colin. As I said I am over Ace. Anyway, she is married already from what I heard. She probably already had a few kids by now."

"She did not look like a mother to me! Or she is one hot mama!" Finn added.

"You never change Finn, and please don't we like you just the way you are... but talking about your flirty way, I need to ask... Stop flirting with my sister in law. She is married after all."

"Come on, it never bothered you that I was seeing married women... Hey it's the best deal, they don't want commitment since they already have it as for the rest, and I am all there to please them. They are willing to try just about anything; it is the best of both worlds."

"You don't think you'll want to settle down eventually?" Colin asked.

"What and get divorced within two years, no! I love my inheritance; I don't want to have to share half of it with my ex and her new hubby."

"God you piss me off sometimes Finn." Colin hissed

"What? You got to admit you were fooled Colin. We told you before you got married that that bitch was after your money. You did not want to believe us."

"Ah but you are wrong. I did write up a prenup and she is only entitled to keep the house and a settlement of 1 million dollars. With the way she spends money, she'll be broke in six months' time." Colin said laughing.

"You little secret keeper, you did believe us."

"I did not want to give you the satisfaction of letting you know that you were right... but thanks for telling me when she made a pass at you. I never was sure our friendship was more important to you then your dick."

"I am hurt Colin! How could you doubt me?"

"Well, what was it you said about married women?" Logan said just to help Colin's case.

"Right, still, your girls will always be off limits to me. I have always respected that even back then. But yes, I can smell a gold digger a mile away."

"So what about Christina?" Colin asked towards Finn

"What about Christina?" Logan asked a bit miffed his friends were bringing her into this discussion

"Well, the beautiful Christina is not after Logan's money, she does have her own. She just succumbed to his undeniable charm." Finn knew to recognize love, he did not mind screwing married women but only when he knew love had died and anyway, never would he go for his mate's girlfriends let along wives.

By this time the three of them had forgotten all about Rory Gilmore. She had come back to the bar and sat drinking her second Long Island Ice tea chatting with Paris. The phone call had been Paris who since she was not finding her at the bar where she usually sat, had called to make sure Rory was still there.

"You mean to tell me you just saw Logan and his two partners in crime just now?"

"Yes... they are sitting in the back. Did you know he was in New York?"

"I thought you were over Logan Huntzberger?"

"I am."

"So why do you look so affected by this."

"I am not. It's just brought back some memories, that's all."

"Yeah! Sure. So if I was to tell you I knew he was in town because he is getting married on Saturday you won't" she was cut off by Rory

"He's getting married? How come I did not know that?"

"Probably because your grandparents thought you would react to the news."

"I gotta call Lorelei"

"And you are not affected!" Paris answered looking at her friend who was leaving the bar to go outside calling her mother at the news that her ex was getting married. Paris knew this would happen.

"Lorelei's erotic palace, mistress of ceremony speaking how may I help you?" Lorelei answered her phone knowing it was Rory.

"Lorelei, you couldn't answer your phone properly like everyone?" Luke asked but smiled anyway.

"Mom! How are you, should you answer the phone this way with young children in the house?"

"Well, daughter of mine, it is 10 o'clock and kids, at this hours are sleeping sound and safe..."

"Oh, sorry to call this late, did I wake anyone?"

"Only Luke."

"Tell him I am sorry then. Guess who I just saw at the bar."

"I don't know, Oh-oh, what is the name of that actor in the movie, you know the one we saw..."

"No, no one famous mom."

"Then how do you want me to guess, was it Michael? OH, honey was he with someone?"

"No mom, it was not Michael. And yes, he did meet someone; it seems I am pretty forgettable." Rory said suddenly feeling like going home and having another wallowing night.

"So who was it?"


"Who? Logan as in Logan Huntzberger?"

"Yes, one and the same with both Colin and Finn."

"Wow. Are you OK?"

"Yes. Did you know he was getting married?"

"Hum... well yes I knew. It was all over the papers in Hartford Hun."


They did not say anything for a minute or two.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because Hun, you were right in the middle of your divorce. I did not want to bring it up and make you feel worse."

"Why would it. I am happy he is getting married. What, am I that selfish, I want him to be happy."

"I know Hun. It's just..." Lorelei gets then cut off by Rory

"Why are you all assuming I am not over Logan? I have been for a while. For crying out loud, I was married for 5 years to Michael." Rory answered loudly. Not realizing that people were hearing her as she was talking on the walkway in front of the bar.

Finn that had gone out to make a call making sure everything was set up at his loft for the second part of their evening heard her.

"Well, reporter girl, are you over my mate there? I am quite curious myself?"

"Hey Finn! Mom, I am going to call you tomorrow OK."

"Yes fine. Bye Rory."

"How are you doing? Long time no see!" Rory said smiling and kissing Finn on the cheeks.

When she stepped out of his embrace he checked her out intensely.

"I see you haven't changed? Still quite stunning doll!"

Rory blushed. "You haven't changed either I see."

"Well, I am perfect as I am; you should ask any ladies that had the privileged to experience a night of lust with yours truly... unless you want to check for yourself?" He answered and wiggled his eyebrows.

"I am going to regret saying that but I missed you guys you know." She said ignoring his question.

"All of us or only my handsome blond mate?"

"All of you Finn. You guys were my friends also you know. When we broke up Logan and me, I just lost all of you."

"Yeah... I guess so. But you never answered. Are you over our mate there?"

"Yes Finn. I am over Logan."

"Good, cause he's taken now. Well, he'll be on Saturday to be precise."

"Good for him. Wish him the best on my behalf would you?"

"You don't want to do so yourself?"

"I don't know, I don't think it would be the best idea, he is getting married in two days... I know I wouldn't have wanted to see him the right before my wedding."

"Ah, so you are married?"

"Was married." She replied showing her left hand where now ring could be seen anymore.

"Ah, divorced... just like our mate Colin. Pity. Kids?"

"Nope. And you Finn, I see you are not married."

"Are you really surprised doll?"

"Right... "

"Well, I need to go and get me mates so that we can go to phase two of our night... Miss Gilmore, how about we catch up on some other time?"

"Could be fun Mr. Morgan. Let me give you my number." Rory picks Finn's cell phone and enters her number before dialing it.

"This way I also have yours."

"Ah, very clever and what if I did not want you to have this number?"

"In that case, you can always block my number..."

"Hadn't thought about it. Well reporter girl, it was nice chatting with you... But entertainment is waiting..." And with that Finn goes back in while Rory watches him going in...

She follows a few minutes later and join Paris once again at the bar.

"That took you long enough." Paris complained.

"Well, since I waited for you for over an hour, I don't think you should complain." Rory answered.

"Geez Gilmore, relax."

"Shut up and drink up Geller." She answered back and saw Logan and Colin pass by without noticing her while Finn smirked at her on his way to the door. She and Paris finished their drinks and went their separate ways. When she got home, she went to her Logan box. It had been close for almost 6 years now. She opened it and a wave of nostalgia surrounded her. She was over him; she did not lie to herself and others when she said it. But she missed the friendships with all the limo boys. They had opened a side of her she had since then pushed back again. A more adventurous side, one that right now, screamed to get out again. She really needed to learn to live once again. The Lorelei in her just wanted to get out. Right then, she decided it was time, time to face life, time to take risks. She closed the box again, put it back on its shelf and she headed to bed. She did want to take more risk, but now, she was completely beat.

The next morning she received a text message on her phone:

"Doll, it was a pleasure to bump into you last night. I'll call you later this week."

Now, Finn was just the person that could help her be more adventurous... But will she dare letting herself finally live a little.