Yay for short chapters~ ;) I have big handwriting so when I write it, I'm boggled at how much it is. Then I type and I'm like... oh. That's when I indent every sentence to make it look bigger. Tom Foolery! First try here~ Hope you enjoy!

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Francis opened the dingy doors of a "popular" bar, cringing inwardly at the stench that assaulted him.

He wasn't normally a bar person but he needed to get a certain face out of his head.

The love he could never have.

Shaking his head he squinted at the flashing lights and, with a quick glance around, his rattiest clothes made him feel over dressed.

Don't get him wrong, the woman (and men) were extremely attractive as they danced to a song about "apple bottom jeans", boots with fur, and making people moan.

It would not be hard to pick up a distraction at this place but, with a surprise, he didn't want anyone in his bed that night if it wasn't him.

His heart beat faster as he thought he saw said males head but, alas, his crazed mind had caused another hallucination.

His Angleterre would not be in such a cheap place either unless he was upset as well.

Francis seated himself hesitantly upon a bar stool and called for a shot of the strongest they had.

He didn't care what it was, he wouldn't taste it.

The bartender slid it his way quickly and Francis threw him a was of cash to signal he wanted more until that money was out.

Within about five minutes of downing shot after shot, a perky female sat next to with an attempt to flirt.

She stayed even after his explanation to her that he was drinking to forget.

"You live around here?"

Not at all, mon ami.

"Well, you came on a great night! It's karaoke night here and our best singer is here drinking after a lost cause too! Obviously that woman was dumb to let

you go.."


"Oh!" she blushed, her short black hair losing its spike which caused disgusting hair gel to drip down her young face, peeling away layers of her heavy


He held back a disgusted snort and gave a smile instead, tilting up another shot and basking as the hot liquid burnt away the haunting image from his mind.

The music silenced and a short, stout man went on-stage, his balding head winking in the dulling lights.

He introduced everyone to karaoke night and asked for volunteers.

The man who Francis had spotted earlier rose a pale hand, a few silver scars stirring up empathy.

The man on-stage gave a huge grin and introduced the man as well.

With great bravado, the mans name was spoken once, already drowned in the cheers.

The man waited for the crowd to silence and the volunteer walked the stage with familiarity as if he'd done it a million times before.

Finally Francis heard the name that stabbed his heart as the man turned around to face them.

"Arthur Kirkland!"