And you thought the first two were short? I guess it's a wrap up? Also known as I got fed up/bored near the end and just wanted it DONE! I hope it's not too sloppy with my attitude-touchy Arthur. Sadly, in almost Everything I make him to feminine~

Mon dieu... Did Arthur just say-

"Yes, I said it!"

Arthur exclaimed, as if he read the frenchman's thoughts. He snapped his head up high to look into Francis' eyes. It was water versus fire and dieu did it scare them both. Francis acted out his best scowl back at the King Of Attitude until he lowered his head once again, clenching and unclenching his fists by his side. Francis couldn't take it anymore and gently took the Brits face in his hands, lifting it so their eyes could meet once again. Arthur opened his mouth again as his eyes grew kinder but Francis didn't want to hear another word.

Je t'aime mon cher.

Arthurs jaw went slack and his eyes bulged as he stared incredulously. "W-what?"

I love you Arthur. And I'm sorry. Please come back to me.

Before the last syllable escaped the Frenchman's lips, Arthur launched himself into his arms. They shared a passionate kiss as the crowd cheered and Francis draped his arms lazily around his British lovers slim waist.

Shall I make it up to you?

Arthur grinned sexily, his breath hot on his ear, lips centimetres away.

"Yes, you shall."

And with that, they walked out hand in hand to start a-new.