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The nineteenth of July was cool but clear, the early morning sunlight dancing off the marble stone. Harry checked for the hundredth time that the cap over Teddy's constantly changing hair was well secured before kneeling to place the wreath. Aspen and willow to match their wands intertwined with forget-me-nots from Andromeda's garden. Teddy had inadvertently collected the latter when his foot slipped from Harry's arms and dragged through the garden bed, but they took it as a sign and added it to the wreath.

It should have been so different, their first anniversary. With the war over they would have lived happily, he was sure, in this new and better world. Tonks would surely have been promoted to a senior Auror position and Kingsley had already done away with the laws preventing werewolves from working. Remus would have been back in the classroom, getting ready to teach his own son in eleven years time.

Instead it was Harry as the Auror, holding little Teddy while Andromeda charmed the white marble to a gleaming finish and completed her silent conversation with her daughter and son-in-law's shades.

Harry hadn't been raised religious, but Andromeda, through Ted was, and he saw that it comforted her these last few months that her loved ones were looking down from a better place. He had debated returning to the forest to search for the stone for her, so that she could at least say goodbye, but eventually realised that that was the trap of the Hallows; how could you ever learn to move on when your loved ones were half-there. Besides, the stone was one amongst thousands, quite possibly crushed underfoot by Death Eater or centaur.

They all had to learn to live on, and he would make sure that Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks would not be forgotten, and that their son would have a long and happy life.

The boy in question reached out a chubby hand towards a brightly coloured butterfly and Harry swung him carefully around to have a closer look. The few strands of hair peeking out from under the cap turned a vivid turquoise, just like the spotted wings and Teddy laughed as it flew away.

"I believe Molly is expecting us at ten?"

Andromeda was standing ready, one arm outreached and Harry handed her grandson to her, then offered her his arm as they headed back towards the kissing gate. They passed his parents' marker on the way out, the fresh roses bright against the white stone, and turned together to apparate to the Burrow.